Friday, May 6, 2011


I'M BAAACK!!!!!!!! Since yesterday was all sorts of outta-wack with the blog and all, let's try this again!!! 

Hellllooo lover!!!!!! I love you in a BAD way! But why are you 5inches tall?! I can easily mange that height but you make a cute everyday sandal far too tall for everyday- more going out level (5inch heels in Corporate America aka work, might draw more stares than I want!). Not sure shopping all day that high up will work...cuaz we all know that is my favorite weekend past time!! LOL....but I might need to sacrifice and do it. Do it, like real fast!


*Orange is my Fav color (here) &  I have been staring at these ladies for daaaaays! I need! (these too!) 


  1. i think i would have loved these even more without the ankle strap- its too thick for me and i can see then making my legs look like stumps

  2. Oh I love those Topshop shoes. Though I also love the JCrew sandals. Hmmm... decisions!

  3. Wow. These babies are HIGH. You could totally handle 'em though.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo, and yes- I'll take ya up on that margarita (wish it was cocktail hour already). =)

  4. Oh my gosh. I had not seen these. You are a bad influence. Orange is also my favorite color! NEED. But you're right they are a tad too high for daily wear. Dammit adulthood. I just wanna be fashionable and fun.

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  5. Tres chic!!! Love them although don't think the day job would approve.. boo!

  6. You're all official now...and you need those shoes to match!! WOW

  7. Those shoes are out of control! I have been searching for amazing orange shoes...please post if you get them :)

  8. I LOVE these! Perfect for summer. And congrats on the domain name; that's so exciting!
    xo Josie


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