Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy Bee & a Clean-a-holic!

Oh what a weekend! Got bit by the Spring Cleaning bug, bitten in a bad way!!! Every cabinet in the kitchen was emptied, wiped clean and sorted thru before anything went back in. That process took place everywhere in the house (living room, bathroom, you name it)! Name it & it was edited with a heavy hand- only area remaining  is the closet! Once that was done, I rounded it out with laundry (oh clean sheets! Da Best!) and mopping!

Then somewhere in there, there was a salon visit - more ombre-ing, a fabric run, trying to get through some work and major time in front of the sewing machine. There is a fresh new load of clutches listed!! Go get yours! ;)

 Days with a simple white T and comfy flats - the best! 
 Cinco de late? Better late than ever! Love tacos!!
How does your garden grow? (Hoping for some home grown herbs!)

How were your weekends loves? 


  1. So excited about the success of your clutches!

  2. I haven't planted anything yet for my garden, and I am running out of time!
    <3 Cara
    Lilac and Grey

  3. Aww very sweet- wish I had a spot to garden!

  4. I love a good spring cleaning! Just makes me feel so accomplished.

  5. My go-to is a Hanes tshirt, jeans and flats - but I have been wanting some Toms!

    In Pursuit of Style

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend!! And love all of your new clutches

  7. Sounds fabulous! We were busy this weekend as well! Went to a conference at the Palmer House and a reception at the Glessner House Saturday, and we spent yesterday with my fiancé's family and went to the Cubs game- yay!

  8. Nothing like a good spring cleaning. A perfect way to prepare for lots of lazy summer days :).

    Our garden grows really well, but of course we're still learning each year. Fresh herbs on hand are one of the very best parts.

  9. I love your little TOMS -- so cute!
    xo Josie

  10. I love weekends like that! We did some of our spring cleaning 2 weeks ago and still have more to do!
    Have a great day!


  11. I need to get my clutch!

  12. i love your little herb garden!! i have a window box off the kitchen and want to give these a try. here's hoping for a green thumb :)

    ps-um can you head west for a closet shakedown? i feel a purrrrge coming on.


  13. Spring cleaning always feels good...and with HGTV playing in the background? Perfection! lol. I'm coming over for taco night soon!! xo

  14. Seriously, clean sheets are some of the best things on the planet. FEELS SO GOOD! Sounds like such a fun weekend. I'm longing for a day or two off to do things like cooking, cleaning, organizing, etc.!

    Tacos--yum! I eat mine veggie but delicious nonetheless. :)

    So glad your clutches are doing so well! Yay! I saw your mail bag on twitter--looked very full. :) BTW I have a super cute giveaway on my blog right now for handmade jewelry--you should check out the seller!

  15. Great pics! I thought I was the only one who actually enjoyed spring cleaning =)

    ♥ Gina Michele

  16. Im feelin the shoes, and I am so happy that your clutches are selling so quickly! YOU GO! Ahhh nothing like fresh sheets....

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