Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vintage Market

Opening weekend of my favorite vintage market - Long-weekend Perfection!!!! The Randolph Street Market had it's opening weekend this past Memorial Day Weekend, it was a bit rainy but still open for shoppers galore!!!

Saturday afternoon I took the short walk from my house to the market, and got my shop on. The rain and humidity did not deter me one bit (though it did on Sunday!)!! I had a blast - and YES I am totally regretting not getting 2 items, I was going to go back Sunday - but torrential downpours literally made a river grow between me and the market...alas I hid out with my Hubs in the movie theatre! I pray those vendors and items are back next month...I'm getting them, no matter what! (They are shown below, but I'm not telling which. That's just because I don't want any of you to come steal them from me!)

The market's goods range from clothes, to housewares, and amazing nibbles (crepe cart and the vintage kitchen - BEST!) !!!! There is something for everyone, I could spend hours meandering around...oh wait I did and do every time I go! :) 

**Sorry for the tour via iPhone photos, as I was walking out the door realized my camera battery was dead. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get ready! Get Set!

Clockwise: Flat Sandals. Floppy Hat. Playful Jumpsuit. Cat-Eye Sunnies. Straw Tote. Cut-Off Denim. Blowy Soft Blouses. Panama Hat

Perfect for a summer vacation, trips to the beach or the never-ending-yet-oh-so-perfect circuit of Summer BBQ's!!!! I have a bunch of these staples already in my closet....Bring on that Blouse!!! And maybe a new panama hat, since the hubs has taken over ownership of mine! ;) 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

watch out...move over...

Newest style!!!! (Available now, more versions to come!) 

 images {via}

Do you love as much as me???? So excited to show off more versions soon!! 

PS- Excuse the neon PJ shirt....late night sewing & modeling! ;) 

Monday, May 23, 2011


Snapshots of the weekend.

Hot Pink Pants {Zara} & finally some warm weather- sporting new wedges {Urban Outfitters}. Hot Pink + Lace. Work. Doggie Snuggles. Watching my seedlings grow. Super Sunny Bike Rides with new vintage inspired cat-eye glasses {Forever 21}. First time trying out eye-brow tinting, kinda love it. Aftermath of the super sunny bike ride, whoops!

A great weekend!!!! {There was sewing in there, and new clutches are now listed!!! And I got a bunch more fabric, so more through out the week! Check back if you missed one you were looking for}

Friday, May 20, 2011

it been a loooooooooong one baby!

This has been the most epic-ly, exhausting, loooooooongest week eva in the history of  long-work weeks. And it is Friday loves, thank gawd!!!!!!!!! 60+hours in office, 29+hours on conference calls (yes, I double checked both those numbers!) so, you can sure bet I would love to lots of this (see below), however my agenda is already pretty packed. I already have about 8 hours of work to get done, and even more sewing for the shop!!!! Going to continue the exhaustion I guess!


And rumor has it Sunday will be gorgeous, and nearing 75....Hello BIKE RIDE!!!!!!!!!! Til next week loves....enjoy your weekends!

{However please note: I will be sleeping in and waking up without an alarm, you can mark my words!} 

Thursday, May 19, 2011


The big question here is.....DO YOU DUEL?

First Round....DUEL - Cocktail (Drink) or Cocktail (Ring)?

drink image via, YSL ring via

Second Round...DUEL - Military (Geek) or Military (Chic)?

Military Issue Glasses via, Military Jacket via

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

found it!

I finally made a decision and purchased new perfume this past weekend!! I finally found one I would pull the trigger on! Yippee!!! This was a much longer process than I anticipated (I started searching back here & yes I realize that was 5 months ago...I am completely out of everything semi decent not even sure I came into ownership of some random Kenneth Cole, which I have been rocking, sigh.).

After amazing assistance at my local Nordies by a Scent Master (hey, her words not mine) I chose. She was the first person who turned all my descriptions into a real scent! I was determined to not go back to my regular. I am a happy girl! I have been smelling my wrist ever since!

Has anyone else struggled with this? Or was is it in-N-out and I'm just finicky? (wait don't answer that!)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mixed Prints

Rainy Day Date Night. No better time to test out one of my new style clutches. She was a MAJOR hit!!!! Easy to tuck under my arm & still able to clutch my umbrella - while making sure to still keep the cute factor! She got more than a few stares! 
 Purse: By CurlyInTheCity on Etsy. Blazer: Urban Outfitters. T: Nordstrom. Necklace: F21. Watch: Michael Kors. Jeans: Joe's Jeans. Flats: Tory Burch. Nails: OPI-On Collins Ave.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

ME+THE Jenna Lyons

As I mentioned on Tuesday, it was a big big day for me. I met my boss for the first time and then the day got even better! drumroll please........I MET JENNA LYONS! Ok, take a breath, are you still there? I know, I'm still in that same state of shock.

Danielle, JENNA, Alaina, Me {Photo from Alaina}

I was invited to attend a private event at my local J.Crew store for a menswear event. The grand marshals, or event main attractions were the Jenna Lyons and the head of Menswear design Frank Muytjens. WOW!! I went to the event with Alaina, Danielle and met up with Sarah too! After spotting her across the store, literally! We made our way over, waited patiently in line (behind the cutest little girl decked out the best little crewcuts' outfit, who brought her latest catalog for an autograph!!! Man, smart little chick-a-dee, souvenir!) for a chance to speak to her!

Jenna Lyons (not sure I can refer to her as 'her' or she, so she is full name here on out!LOL Star struck yes!) is just as polite, friendly and down to earth as you hope your icon to be! Jenna graciously took time to engage and talk to each and every person who waited in line to talk or take a photo with her! I wanted to fold myself up and hide in her pocket! She was beyond amazing!!! Through our candid conversation I learned Jenna is a fellow curly haired California girl. Ffate, right!?!? She mentioned she obviously battles with it as much as i do, since we both were wearing it straight!

She asked how survival of the first winters here were, we discussed how hats and gloves aren't just fashion statements, but real necessities! I wanted to ask her a million questions, like could I borrow here shoes (She was rocking Valentio Rockstud's!) When I complimented her on her outfit, she proudly explained she was wearing all JCrew mens items - in support of the boys. I was in awe, you would have never known! It did reassure my love for stealing borrowing my Hubs watches, shirts for a relaxed look and knowing I wont look horrible!

{Photos by Me}
Deep in conversations..about 'Crew and Jenna I'm sure! (Or our blogs!) {3 Photos above by Danielle}
{Photos by Me}
Fab Chicago Blogger Friends: Danielle, Alaina, myself and Sarah {Photo from Alaina}

Man I want to go to one of these events monthly! Shoot, Weekly! It made my day year - and will be a day that is not easily forgotten! Go see Alania's and Danielle's recap of the night, more pictures!!!

Dress: JCrew. Shoes: Sigerson Morrison. Bracelets: Crew, Tiffany's (x2), H&M & Gift. Watch: Vintage.
{Photo's by Danielle}

I'm still in shock!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Double Duty

Would you find it odd if I told you I never met my boss? Weird that I've never sat across the table from someone that has been my direct supervisor for just shy of a year? Well, tis true!! (Crazy I know!) This is probably the first time in history where you can be a so close in your day-to-day yet so far in actual distance. Gotta love a virtual workplace! 

Well today that all changes! My boss is in town for the next three days - while we start deploying nationwide trainings. I am very excited, and oddly, very nervous. I know she likes me, she promoted me just a few months ago - but somewhere in the back of my mind I am wonder 'what if she doesn't like me?' Silly I know. 

And this evening also happens to be an event I am VERY much looking forward to!!! I am on the guest list and get to attend a private event at J.Crew, which will be attended by none other that THE Jenna Lyons! Fashion Icon, must dress in Crew and be CUTE! 

Now enter the BIG Dilemma. What does one wear?! Fashion Girl Problems, for sure!! LOL I am coming straight from work, no time to change, as I have meetings til about the time I need to hop in a cab and run across downtown. I need to be Corporate America & first-time-meeting boss cute aka appropriate, ie no jeans. And totally adorable for Jenna! (Plus whoever said dressing for the office to out after work was easy is a liar!) 

I'm hoping/planning to channel something like this! Layered up - sweater for work, off after. Lots of accessories, tons of bracelets and cute shoes! Plus, fun bright nails in OPI On Collins Ave {I'm heading to the J.Crew event with Danielle and Alaina, and we have permission to shoot pictures in the store, I'll share how it all turned out soon!} 

Clockwise: Grey Boyfriend Cardigan. Pyramid Heel Sandals. Layered Inspiration via Atlantic-Pacific. Geeky Watch.  Navy Dress. 

Am I the only one who has never met their boss? How do you dress for work to play?  

Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy Bee & a Clean-a-holic!

Oh what a weekend! Got bit by the Spring Cleaning bug, bitten in a bad way!!! Every cabinet in the kitchen was emptied, wiped clean and sorted thru before anything went back in. That process took place everywhere in the house (living room, bathroom, you name it)! Name it & it was edited with a heavy hand- only area remaining  is the closet! Once that was done, I rounded it out with laundry (oh clean sheets! Da Best!) and mopping!

Then somewhere in there, there was a salon visit - more ombre-ing, a fabric run, trying to get through some work and major time in front of the sewing machine. There is a fresh new load of clutches listed!! Go get yours! ;)

 Days with a simple white T and comfy flats - the best! 
 Cinco de late? Better late than ever! Love tacos!!
How does your garden grow? (Hoping for some home grown herbs!)

How were your weekends loves? 

Friday, May 6, 2011


I'M BAAACK!!!!!!!! Since yesterday was all sorts of outta-wack with the blog and all, let's try this again!!! 

Hellllooo lover!!!!!! I love you in a BAD way! But why are you 5inches tall?! I can easily mange that height but you make a cute everyday sandal far too tall for everyday- more going out level (5inch heels in Corporate America aka work, might draw more stares than I want!). Not sure shopping all day that high up will work...cuaz we all know that is my favorite weekend past time!! LOL....but I might need to sacrifice and do it. Do it, like real fast!


*Orange is my Fav color (here) &  I have been staring at these ladies for daaaaays! I need! (these too!) 

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sorry if you got worried that I left ya!!!! Nope, not yet! hehe! I went and got all fancy and bought a domain name!!!! Look at me go! I just needed to get the 'tek' out of there since I'm married an all! Just trying to eliminate the last bits {lets not talk about the personal email address...Hubs I know! But do you know how many online stores, and email lists I would need to update :S crazy..not that committed to that just yet!} ....

So come tomorrow I will be located at www.CurlyInTheCity.com ...queue the sparkly lights and glitter! Not. But well... that was fun!!! Make sure to update anything in your reader if you need to, keep in touch! I'm not going anywhere but maybe one step (you pick the direction) ____ ! Ok, meet me one step that'a way!!!!!

Til then see YA'S!!!!

PS- I guess while the interwebs are moving me you can't comment...So catch me on FB or Twitter!!! Ciao Beautiful's!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blogger Meet-up

Last Thursday evening, after a long day of work I had the pleasure of attending a local Chicago Blogger Event. Rockit Bar and Grill was kind enough to host us, and it was a perfect venue. Downtown hot spot, some delish food and drinks, & a great scene! Definitely one of those seen and be seen at kinda places - perfect for a night out!! I plan out heading there again soon!! Especially once the temps get warmer & the rooftop is in full swing!!!

I had a blast meeting so many Fabulous ladies, so many of who I read regularly and didn't even realize were Chicago ladies until the planning got serious! A big thanks to Danielle, for organizing this! So excited to get working on the next one!!! And if you are in Chicago and want in, let me know - I'll get ya on the list! hehe!

Here are a few shots from the evening (excuse the weird look I have in every shot, I am blaming it on the exhaustion from a near 11 hour day of work before heading there). And BIG Thanks to Alaina and Danielle for taking and sharing some photos!!! I was a rockstar and realized halfway through the day my camera was sitting at home! wa-wah! Wearing Zara shirt, high-waisted jeans and wedges...yes it is like it is still winter here!
Truffle Fries, SO GOOD!!!! 
'Grape Nuts' - my new fav snack, going to try and make at home soon! Grapes covered in goat cheese dipped in crushed pistachios! 
 {Photos above by Breakfast at Toast, Danielle}

{Photos by LCY, Alaina} 

And here is a list of the lovely locals! (HA, love the way that sounds!) Go visit!!! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

reasons and pretty things

Well work is really letting me have it. My department is about to launch a new program to the firm, I'm testing and retesting to make sure all the flaws are bye-bye. All while holding down the normal day to day. Then add life, sleep, the Hubs, food, CLUTCHES, the pooch and more life some days I get home & I just want a pint of Ben & Jerry's and all the to-do lists to disappear from my head!


Fear not I'm here!!! I'm just exhausted. So I wanted to warn you in advance if I miss a day here or there in the next month, all is well. I have already been asked to work OT & weekends. I'm just going to be over worked. But gurlllllll those OT checks will be pretty NICE when they start rolling in!!! HA!

{via} I used this to inspire my birthday outfit, pictures coming! 

Thank you ALL for the birthday wishes it was an amazing weekend!!! There was ample shopping, Lunching at RL Grill, shopping, clutch making, a day at the Trump Hotel Spa!!! A wonderful birthday weekend!!! I was so relaxed after the spa on Sunday I couldn't muster the strength to write or post yesterday!!!! :) I missed ya!!!

PS- Lots more clutches went up last night!!! New colors!!!

PPS- I just like all these pictures so...there. Come follow me on Pinterest!