Monday, April 25, 2011


The Past four days have just been BEYOND!!! Beyond Perfect!!! I am not ready to go back to work - not one bit!  Here are some bits of our stay-cation: Meals out at a few of our favorite (and delish) places around town {The Gage, Cafe Lula, Bongo Room, Paramount Room & of course home!}. Nights out with Friends - drinks & laughs always make for a great night!  Some serious games of Categories & Would you Rather. We caught a hilarious comedy show - I had never been and I loved it!!!!

And the best part were all the miles we logged on our bikes. We rode Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (Friday was rainy, I laid on the couch and literally did nothing but cook some lunch all day - glorious! No laundry no nothing!). My thighs are beyond fatigued - Flats will be my best friend for the next few days. Just to fill you in Sunday's ride - 52 miles!!!!!! The other days were 20 a piece. Yes you read that right we biked 52 miles yesterday!!!!! I doubted it myself, and recalculated it with Map my Ride twice!!!!

Clutches are made, so get ready loves!!!! I want to keep them all - so if the run out, I'll be more than happy to make some more! ;) Cuz I need one of each and I'm giving you first dibs!

I was a bad blogger, no outfit pictures - which makes me sad now but you know how it is - darn life and a hungry stomach in the way! I will work on it swear! Til then more pooch!

Doggieman - jealous of Mommy's clutch time gets his own super-doggie-cape! 

How was your weekend????


  1. ADORBS!
    M weekend was lovely-i have the best fam ever!

  2. I want a pooch- you're so lucky! He's adorable.

  3. Cant wait to see your clutches and your little pup is so adorable, I love his cape!!

  4. That cape is just beyond!

    Have a great week dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. love your pup! too cute :)
    and the bongo room is one of my favorite breakfast places! YUM! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  6. So jelly of your downtime...but so happy for you too. 52 miles?? My *ss would be on fire!


  7. Yay for super long bike rides -- so impressive! And I'm CRAZY excited about your clutches!
    xo Josie

  8. sweet jesus 52 miles?! You are my hero T! So glad you enjoyed your mini vacay...sounds like it was perfection! xo

  9. Wasn't the weather AMAZING?! 52 miles. That's INSANE. I want a bike! Know a good bike shop?

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  11. Glad you had such a great weekend! I love the Bongo Room- Yummy! Can't believe you biked so much, but good for you! I'm waiting for the weather to warm up so we can start playing beach volleyball- until then, we're stuck inside.

  12. 52 miles?! Holy cow! That's so impressive!!! Can't wait to meet you on Thursday - I'm familiarizing myself w/your blog. Can't believe I hadn't "met" you until now!

  13. sounds like you had quite the weekend!! very impressed by the 52 mile bike ride!!

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