Tuesday, April 5, 2011

IT'S coming.......

{via} Chicago Summer of '41

IT'S coming!!!! "It' being summer!!! Sound the alarm, alert the presses - its time to rejoice!!!! Ok, now that I'm done with that...hehe. Seriously though Spring and summer are finally getting here!! Our days are hovering between mid forties to mid fifties - this past Sunday was even a glorious 65 (abet completely overcast and dark - I stayed indoors and had no idea! Sad - The Hubs and I did do a evening bike ride though so that was a treat without jackets!!!!)

With the coming over summer, there are a few inevitable things that will head my way. The palest of pale limbs will be exposed to any form of light after 5 months of solid layering! And better than pale legs (wait there are better things?! Gasp! Sorry I am fully on the start of the work week sarcasm train!), a sure sign of spring and summer here in Chicago....the announcement of the summer street festivals.

About this time each year the palest of the limbs start to reemerge (not only mine, there is a whole city full!!!!) and us Chicagoans get ready to celebrate the summer season with our almost weekly street festivals!!! Street festivals - art fairs, beer fest's, Sausage fest's.... no joke & one of every kind will be on the list! After the painfully long and bitterly cold winter thankfully the city lets us live it up just about very weekend, in different parts of the city absorbing the food, drinks and fun!!!

The first of Summer 2011 listings just came out, here, and you are sure to bet this is now bookmarked and I will be sure to show you my many trips and drinks along the way!!!! (Our first summer here we didn't go to any, the second summer just one or two, last year our number increased even more...and you can sure bet with our new bikes and renewed passion for riding & exploring the city we will be riding to them all!!! Even if it is just to ride to grab a bite to eat and then continue on!)

Do you frequent street festivals and farmers markets in the summer???? I love them!!!

But wait how could I forget, the pale legs! Sigh. Being a beach girl, growing up I always had the perma-bikini - you know the tans lines that never fully went away because you were always out in the sun in some form or another....not these past couple years. I am now in the stage of life, I can barely get tan. A- I know the effects it can have so I try to slather with SPF, B - I work full time and no longer have hours to lay in the sun and bake (man I miss those days!) C- tanning beds...umm not going to say I never go in them (read pre-wedding)...but I am trying to be good.

So enter my dilemma. I can't self tan [it is similar to my love hate relationship with eyeliner - darn thing only goes one straight for one eye at a time ;)]! I hate the smell (blame it on the years of working in a tanning salon...yeah I told you I was a California girl through and through!) and I always seems to end up with a weird spot. I have tried the spray booths, with OK results but wanted to have an at home method as well. So yesterday I grabbed this....I am hoping all the online reviews I read were true and I am just as golden as they say.

Do you have any tricks? A fav I should try? 

Oh, and quick question (man I asked you three today, jeeze I am demanding! HA!) - I had such a positive response from yesterday's clutch post & from the Proenza bracelet -  I was thinking of listing in an Etsy store or listing some on my blog for sale. Is anyone interested?? Let me know! 


  1. I think you totally should list some items for sale. I love that clutch but am not a sewer and would love to buy one! :)

    I can't wait for summer in Milwaukee. Like you guys in Chicago, we love our summer festivals! Whether they are down by the lake or in a neighborhood, we try and hit as many as we can to enjoy the music, weather and food.

  2. Omg that picture is hysterical. There's nothing better than Chicago summers- the best. Will have to plan some trips home :)

  3. I do not tan well at all. So I will love to hear what you think about that product.

    And in terms of the Etsy store/sale, YES! I think you are super talented and I would love to get a clutch made by CurlyInTheCity.

  4. I've always thought spring in Chicago would be amazing. After a long winter everyone is ready to be outside. such a great city. I can't wait to go back in sept. Did I know you were a CA girl and just forgot? Me too ;) and I have self ran issues. I usually just use the daily lotion one (jergens? I think) because it's gradual and I can't mess it up.

  5. self tanning is tough- I usually mix a self bronzing cream with regular cream AND spray...its kind of a process

  6. I'm interested to hear everyone's suggestions/results on self tanning. My legs are currently ultra-white and I need some color stat.

  7. Unfortunately, I also don't really care for self-tanners, so I can't give you much advice there. I just usually go to the spray booth. There is a tanning salon on Halsted near Maxwell that offers spray tan specials several times a week, so I usually go there if anything. Either way, I'm super excited for summer here in Chicago and will definitely be at many of the festivals!!!

    And I definitely think you should try to sell your crafts! That would be awesome!

  8. Yay for summer! And yes to an Esty shop girl......I'm in!!!!

  9. Can't wait for summer!!! I embraced the fact that I am pale... beyond pale really. I figure with all the vampire craze.. pale might be in ... maybe?

  10. Love this post. Love your enthusiasm... on summer, food, festivals, exploring, DIY... on LIFE!

    Yes- love street festivals and farmers markets. The past few years, we've traveled to Sonoma during the summer, and hit up every farmers market/festival there... and that entire area (Napa, Sonoma) is flooded with them! This year, I want to do it at "home" too(!), not just wait until our vacation.

    As for the self tanner (I use Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion), I just got a great tip from a friend. When going out~ In the morning, take a shower, shave, dry, apply tanning lotion/spray. When getting ready to go out, reapply. An instant tan!

  11. Girl...I am PUMPED for summer!!! Have already printed the festival lists, concert schedule and the calendar planning begins this weekend, nothing beats it I tell ya! As for some good color, I've used Dove & have liked it, the smell isn't *too* bad.

    P.S. LOVE that photo!!

  12. I'm SO ready for Summer. Summer in Chicago is the reason I've continued to live here my whole life, and I'm a big fan and frequenter of all of the street fests! So fun!
    As for self tanner - I'm currently looking for a new one. My favorite ever was Dove Energy Glow - went on perfect, no messups, orangey color, or splotches, and then they discontinued it. I'm stalking Ebay and amazon for some right now!

  13. Um, I think an Etsy store is a great idea!

  14. START AN ETSY. Please. I think it would be brilliant. And I'm terrible at self-tanning but Jergen's Natural Glow is definitely the best thing I've tried.
    xo Josie

  15. You should TOTALLY start an Etsy store! Those bags looked amazing -- I totally want one =)

    And, girl, I am the palest of the pale and have totally given up on any sort of self-tanning. I have the same exact problems. Let me know if it works for you!

  16. I am so excited about the festival calendar you posted- thank you for sharing! I think selling your items would be great- you should definitely do it.

  17. YAHH! im right there with you girl. sooo excited about summertime, festivals, farmers markets and the SUN! i am the palest ive ever been right now (finally gave up the tanning bed last year...) so it'd be nice to hit the beach a few times this summer :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  18. LOVE the first picture! very very cool! :D I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!




  19. so excited for summer too!! have you been here for a chicago summer before? they are the absolute best.

    ps - benefit spray tans are amazing and my savior. try em out :)

  20. Hi Taylor,

    Just stumbled upon your blog via a post you left on Blonde Bedhead's blog, and I absolutely LOVE this post!! I spend a semester abroad in Ireland where street festivals were a daily occasion, but once I returned back to small college town USA, there is nary a street festival or farmers' market in sight. Especially because I plan to move to Chicago once I graduate in may, I'm DEFINITELY bookmarking the link. Will be following your blog from now on, it was a great find :)


    PS- As an Irish ginger who can't get rid of pasty legs to save my life, I swear by Jergens Natural Glow! The smell isn't offensive like regular tanners, and it's gradual enough that you can't really mess it up!

  21. hey girly, i love your blog!! :) my sister goes to school in Chicago and my plan is to visit her as soon as I can so i can partake in some of the amazing festivals!
    i have the same pale legs dilemma, and actually, if you have a mystic tan place near you, getting those is definitely the way to go, but when i use an at-home product, the one you picked up is the one i swear by! i find it goes on the most even when you apply that, wait 15 minutes, then slater on a gradual tanning lotion, like jergens. this ensures that if you miss any spots with the spray, you'll still have extra coverage from the lotion.

  22. I'm a big fan of the Aveeno gradual self tanner!

  23. Live for Chicago summers and can't wait for it to arrive!! I think we need to do a Chicago blogger meet-up once the weather warms!


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