Thursday, April 28, 2011

happens to the best of us - round two.

First off, WOW! You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!! I can't believe your overwhelming kindness and support in my Etsy Shop (Link added into header too!) - I was on cloud nine all day yesterday! Time to create more fabulousness for you all!! There are more listed currently so run over and grab one or three!!! I will be heading back to the fabric store to get more, so message me if you have any special color/size requests - I'll keep an eye out!! And then make a special reserved listing especially for you!!!!

Secondly, the other member of my family is having a birthday this is a sample of their current wish list - spring/summer wants!

*Clockwise: Sandals - Nude or LimeRX Sunglasses (Probably helpful when riding bike in sun!), Equipment BlouseHorseshoe BangleRuched Skirt - In Nude & Grey!, Simple Necklace - in an 'M'Anorak (Probably  the most perfect item for riding on a summer night, right?!LOL)

And yes that someone is me...It's my birthday so I'll cry if I wanna...well I wouldn't if I got something like this! Oh and maybe these (LIKE NEED THESE!) RAWR! LOL! I don't need anything, but I am lusting after these items! :)

**PS - If you order & pay by noon today, I'll ship your purchase out today!!!! :)


  1. Happy Birthday Taylor!
    I love that initial necklace! Have a blast this weekend.

  2. those sandals are on my wishlist too!!

    Hoooray for birthdays :) i hope you have some fun plans for this weekend! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Happy Birthday! I love your wish list- hopefully you get one (or more) items checked off that list soon! :)

  4. Happy Birthday. Love your wishlist. I should forward it to all of my family for my birthday in July. Also congrats on the success of the Etsy shop. I can't wait to order mine!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  5. What a perfect wish list! You deserve it all! xoxo

  6. oooh it's almost your birthday!!! happy early bday taylor :)
    congrats on the launch of your etsy shop as well. i can't believe you made those clutches, they are so pretty! i have some color suggestions - coral (since it's such a big color for the season), yellow, and kelly green.

  7. @Kinsey - the yellows have all sold out!!!! HEHE Getting more this weekend!!

  8. Happy almost-birthday, gorgeous! I love that horseshoe bangle and of course those super chic Ray-Bans. And I'm so excited that you're adding more to your Etsy -- you're so talented!
    xo Josie

  9. Happy birthday!!!

    Congratulations on the huge success on DAY 1!!

    Can't wait to receive mine! :)

  10. happy birthday love!

    i ordered my bag last night! i can't wait to get it!

    love love love that horshoe bangle!

  11. Happy Birthday!! Those Medina calf sandals are SO amazing! I think you need to treat yourself to those beauties! Love the bags on your Etsy shop. Can't wait to see what you add after this weekend!

  12. congrats on the etsy store!! going to check it out now!


  13. Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope you get it all :)


  14. Oh. I missed it. I'm sorry! Happy birthday a day late!! I hope it was wonderful!

  15. that bracelet is amazing! might have to order it. hope you're having a fabulous birthday weekend taylor!

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