Wednesday, April 20, 2011


That's it. I'm done. I am throwing in the towel. It has 'felt like' the low 30s for the past 3 days! Where the heck is spring????? I have shorts, tanks and dresses that are wanting to be worn. Skin that wants to bask in the heat. It's this time of the year I am growing to hate.

I will take my pouting self to time out. How about for the next two days?! HA! Not really but I think I am going to use my next two days of vacation to really unplug. Reconnect. And enjoy the great weather. Well, maybe 2 of those 3!!!! I plan on finishing a few more items for the Etsy shop and promise it will launch soon! Hopefully on Monday, If sooner I'll post to let you know!

I will see you then! Until then, you may see me drink in hand celebrating the Man's Birthday and our mini-staycation. I hope you all have a great Easter (if you celebrate) and a wonderful weekend!!! Til then, the pooch (aka Doggieman) in all his squishiness (this was just after I woke him up!) !!!!!!


  1. Have a great weekend too lady and take care of yourself. Happy mini vacay!

  2. love the mini stay-cations! enjoy!

    and yes, this weather is insanely miserable. i am pretty sure it was snowing/sleeting yesterday when the kids and I were in Andersonville schlepping to the swedish bakery. SLEETING.

    happy long weekend!! xo

  3. seriously...this weather. so depressing.

    happy easter! and your dog is, um, adorable!

  4. This weather is ridiculous. I think this spring has been worse than the winter in Chicago. Have fun on your staycation!!

  5. Enjoy B's birthday weekend and your staycation! Um, can doggieman get any cuter?! xoxo

  6. Your dog is too much! Like beyond. I agree- done with this weather, too!!!!

  7. Enjoy the staycation and hopefully itll get warmer!

  8. I'm with you on the weather, Taylor... Brrrrrr. And I can't WAIT for the launch of your Etsy!
    xo Josie

  9. Have a GREAT few days off and enjoy every second. Gimme a tweet every now and then so I know what's in your cup. xoxo - Carrie

  10. that little doggie is the most delish face I have ever seen! Adorable. Enjoy your time with the hubs!! xoxox

  11. You know I am RIGHT THERE with you. This is killing me. Good news for you! It will get into the 70s next week. Bad news - rain. Every. Single. Day. UGH.

  12. I feel the same way. We finally have sun in ny today and I feel like my spirits have been lifted!!! April is the worst weather!!!


  13. I love that little doggie face. In Vegas it is 75, and crazy windy. It will warm up some on your end, I promise.

  14. I can't wait to check out your Etsy shop lady! I hope it's warmed up for you! : )

  15. your dog is the cutest. if he turns up missing one day, you should probably contact me. i do live in florida, so he probably wouldn't mind either. i cannot believe that it is still so cold up there. its already so dreadfully hot down here that i can't figure out when to run and not pass out of dehydration. i guess we all have our complaints about our cities.

  16. You are funny! It is Chicago, what do you expect? Move to NY. LOL
    Maybe we can follow each other?

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