Friday, April 29, 2011


With the Royal Wedding upon us, I can't help but think back to my own wedding less than a year ago. Le Sigh.

I loved my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to do it again!

Then when my good friend Danielle (Breakfast at Toast) proposed holding a little blog crawl all about weddings I knew I had to jump in! I was initially going to dig back through all my millions of saved links to put together an inspiration board around a dream wedding that I would like to have - But I stopped. I slipped in my wedding picture disk, and then proceeded to watch the slide show in slow about 10 times in a row. And you can sure bet tears were involved.

I thought about it. Everyones wedding is so unique & deeply personal. It is what you want it to be. I always wanted a big wedding, all the hoopla growing up. The long gown, the dancing, the 'stereotypical' wedding festivities. But when the time in our planning came it wasn't there. We went to Vegas. I wore a cocktail dress (off the rack, no alterations), some banging shoes (if I do say so myself) and a great big smile!

The day couldn't have been more the Hubs and me! So relaxed, so many laughs and there was absolutely zero pressure. And I've realized that even up until now if you would have asked me what my dream wedding would look like I wouldn't have said my own. But it truly was!!!

See, look how fun it was!!!!!! (Here for all my past wedding posts) How did your wedding stack up?? Would you change anything big? Is there anything you want to make sure you do/capture on film??

PS- I canNOT wait to get home from work to watch the like 10 versions of the royal wedding I taped early this am!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

happens to the best of us - round two.

First off, WOW! You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!! I can't believe your overwhelming kindness and support in my Etsy Shop (Link added into header too!) - I was on cloud nine all day yesterday! Time to create more fabulousness for you all!! There are more listed currently so run over and grab one or three!!! I will be heading back to the fabric store to get more, so message me if you have any special color/size requests - I'll keep an eye out!! And then make a special reserved listing especially for you!!!!

Secondly, the other member of my family is having a birthday this is a sample of their current wish list - spring/summer wants!

*Clockwise: Sandals - Nude or LimeRX Sunglasses (Probably helpful when riding bike in sun!), Equipment BlouseHorseshoe BangleRuched Skirt - In Nude & Grey!, Simple Necklace - in an 'M'Anorak (Probably  the most perfect item for riding on a summer night, right?!LOL)

And yes that someone is me...It's my birthday so I'll cry if I wanna...well I wouldn't if I got something like this! Oh and maybe these (LIKE NEED THESE!) RAWR! LOL! I don't need anything, but I am lusting after these items! :)

**PS - If you order & pay by noon today, I'll ship your purchase out today!!!! :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Sorry for the delay, but my Etsy shop is finally OPEN!!!!! Run, go check it out and let me know what you think!!! More listings coming soon!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


The Past four days have just been BEYOND!!! Beyond Perfect!!! I am not ready to go back to work - not one bit!  Here are some bits of our stay-cation: Meals out at a few of our favorite (and delish) places around town {The Gage, Cafe Lula, Bongo Room, Paramount Room & of course home!}. Nights out with Friends - drinks & laughs always make for a great night!  Some serious games of Categories & Would you Rather. We caught a hilarious comedy show - I had never been and I loved it!!!!

And the best part were all the miles we logged on our bikes. We rode Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (Friday was rainy, I laid on the couch and literally did nothing but cook some lunch all day - glorious! No laundry no nothing!). My thighs are beyond fatigued - Flats will be my best friend for the next few days. Just to fill you in Sunday's ride - 52 miles!!!!!! The other days were 20 a piece. Yes you read that right we biked 52 miles yesterday!!!!! I doubted it myself, and recalculated it with Map my Ride twice!!!!

Clutches are made, so get ready loves!!!! I want to keep them all - so if the run out, I'll be more than happy to make some more! ;) Cuz I need one of each and I'm giving you first dibs!

I was a bad blogger, no outfit pictures - which makes me sad now but you know how it is - darn life and a hungry stomach in the way! I will work on it swear! Til then more pooch!

Doggieman - jealous of Mommy's clutch time gets his own super-doggie-cape! 

How was your weekend????

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


That's it. I'm done. I am throwing in the towel. It has 'felt like' the low 30s for the past 3 days! Where the heck is spring????? I have shorts, tanks and dresses that are wanting to be worn. Skin that wants to bask in the heat. It's this time of the year I am growing to hate.

I will take my pouting self to time out. How about for the next two days?! HA! Not really but I think I am going to use my next two days of vacation to really unplug. Reconnect. And enjoy the great weather. Well, maybe 2 of those 3!!!! I plan on finishing a few more items for the Etsy shop and promise it will launch soon! Hopefully on Monday, If sooner I'll post to let you know!

I will see you then! Until then, you may see me drink in hand celebrating the Man's Birthday and our mini-staycation. I hope you all have a great Easter (if you celebrate) and a wonderful weekend!!! Til then, the pooch (aka Doggieman) in all his squishiness (this was just after I woke him up!) !!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

happens to the best of us

Happy Birthday to the MOST important person in my Life, my love! 

Hey it happens to the best of us! Happy B-Day babe! I love you in more ways than you could imagine! I can't wait to celebrate all weekend long!!! We are taking an extended I may not be around Thursday or Friday...Depends on how these celebrations go! :) 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Breezy & Cold

It was an easy Breezy weekend. Breezy and cooooold. Saturday was freezing, raining, SNOWING and just blah! Good lord 40 degrees is getting really old! O.L.D. But relaxing. Reading, sewing, taking it easy. Sunday I went to Kim's Anthropologie event, and had such a good time! Then me Madre & I went to Benefit for a wax and scooped up some great new skin care products! And finished it off with a pitcher of Sangria and Tapas at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba! These are my favorite kind of weekends. Time with the Hubs, Mom and plenty of relaxing!!! I am almost ready to list my clutches and open the Etsy shop!

Please take note of the 'Feels Like' Temp...beyond over it! 

How were your weekends? 

Friday, April 15, 2011

tis that time

Tis that time of the week we celebrate!!!!!!! Happy Friday dolls!!!!!!!


Some Random thoughts to send you off into the weekend....
-I love my bike.
-Like LOVE bike.
-My umm lady bits & my current saddle (aka seat) don't mix well with City Streets.
-Need a padded saddle ASAP! (if you catch my drift!)
-I wonder how it would be to ride in heels/wedges.
-I live in wedges in summer.
-When is summer going to get here?
-Winter you are so last season (literally) - GO AWAY...40 degree Highs. BOO.

Any fun weekend plans????

I hope to finish up a bunch of clutches and am planning on having my Etsy shop go 'live' Sun/Mon...stay tuned loves!

*Picture has nothing to do with post, I just LOVE it! Super Cute!

**UPDATE - Sorry this didn't post on time!...darn AM vs PM!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

House Dreams

If you were to peak into my head...this is a version of my dream living room. The thought of redecorating has not left my brain in weeks. Casual, chic, classic, a bit mod, a touch vintage. I hope the Hubs likes it...cuz he doesn't know it will be mine sooner than later! {Well, at least I hope!} 

Am I the only one who fully decorates spaces in their head? Down to the small details - window coverings, type of coffee table books to display. Maybe I missed my calling! 

5-Fresh Flowers, pops of color
Dream Room - Similar vibe/feel

This would be amazing in our current loft, as well as the few places were are looking into moving...we shall see. 

PS - Yes, I am obsessed with brass animals and house wares (seen here & here). 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY: Proenza-Necklace

Need more neon for spring or summer??? Want a great new necklace? I did, and here you go!

What you'll need: Bungie cords/cording, random assortment of embroidery thread, hot glue gun, clasp and some time! It is super easy and so fun when complete!

Clip cords into desired lengths. 
Select one of the cords, find center and then calculate how much cording you will want per layer (see photo above for reference). And then using the friendship bracelet knot (Yes just like in elementary school!) cover the desired areas. 

Once complete, lay out where you are going to secure them with glue, creating layers. And then secure with hot glue.

Wrap various color of thread to cover the glue. Also add random 'friendship knots' of colors around the length of the necklace.


Monday, April 11, 2011

bits of the weekend

I was seriously under the weather this weekend. I only wore 'real' clothes once...otherwise it consisted of yoga pants and a bathing suit & PJ's.

Of course, I liked my sole outfit & sadly my camera batter was dead - so here are a few iPhone shots of the weekend.


Neon Jacket, glimpses of new barely-there-ombre hair

Glittery Oxfords. 

I self medicated Friday night, and went out to grab a bite to eat with the Hubs & a friend {Which is where I wore the above}. Somehow we ended up at a Livestrong fundraiser where I danced for the next few hours (I am fully blaming the medicine head - makes you do strange things!)! Not my smartest choice, looking back.

I was zonked the remainder of the weekend. Oh well. I ran some errands -get ready for clutches galore! And yesterday Mother Nature blessed us with 80 degree weather!!! WAHOO! I laid out in the sun for hours, I why are naps so perfect in the sun?! And I'm sure by lunch tomorrow the sunburn will be in full effect! But hopefully that vitamin D and heat cooked away whatever bug won't seem to leave.

How were your weekends???

Friday, April 8, 2011

at last!

Happy Friday Dolls! It is Friday at last! WAHOO. I've been majorly under the weather these past few days and am ready to stay snuggled up in bed all weekend & get well...hopefully well enough to run a few errands and catch a meal out with the Hubs.

If I do, and the rain holds off I will be channeling this look. Love. And that clutch - to be recreated a la moi this weekend!!! Stay tuned for an Etsy store!!!! :)

PS - I have joined Pinterst...come follow me! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011


After some great Antiquing with my Mom this past weekend, I have been thinking non-stop about re-doing our house. Thinking of what I would love it to look like and playing around with different ideas. I am officially done with our couch...and we need a new rug (lets just say the 30-day shred has led me to find the pooch's emergency gotta go spot, gross!)

I have looong sense been a a huge fan of the ghost it has become a necessity (Or few bertola chairs) preferably pulled up to an old weathered table. The image below is saved in my inspiration folder!


And I found this guy and I need. Why I have no clue, but I do and I love him!!! Hubs you hear, Mom you there....It's almost my birthday! hehe


Where do you go to look for home decor inspiration?

PS- I think an Etsy store is in my future so stay tuned...and I hope you all get one! ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

IT'S coming.......

{via} Chicago Summer of '41

IT'S coming!!!! "It' being summer!!! Sound the alarm, alert the presses - its time to rejoice!!!! Ok, now that I'm done with that...hehe. Seriously though Spring and summer are finally getting here!! Our days are hovering between mid forties to mid fifties - this past Sunday was even a glorious 65 (abet completely overcast and dark - I stayed indoors and had no idea! Sad - The Hubs and I did do a evening bike ride though so that was a treat without jackets!!!!)

With the coming over summer, there are a few inevitable things that will head my way. The palest of pale limbs will be exposed to any form of light after 5 months of solid layering! And better than pale legs (wait there are better things?! Gasp! Sorry I am fully on the start of the work week sarcasm train!), a sure sign of spring and summer here in Chicago....the announcement of the summer street festivals.

About this time each year the palest of the limbs start to reemerge (not only mine, there is a whole city full!!!!) and us Chicagoans get ready to celebrate the summer season with our almost weekly street festivals!!! Street festivals - art fairs, beer fest's, Sausage fest's.... no joke & one of every kind will be on the list! After the painfully long and bitterly cold winter thankfully the city lets us live it up just about very weekend, in different parts of the city absorbing the food, drinks and fun!!!

The first of Summer 2011 listings just came out, here, and you are sure to bet this is now bookmarked and I will be sure to show you my many trips and drinks along the way!!!! (Our first summer here we didn't go to any, the second summer just one or two, last year our number increased even more...and you can sure bet with our new bikes and renewed passion for riding & exploring the city we will be riding to them all!!! Even if it is just to ride to grab a bite to eat and then continue on!)

Do you frequent street festivals and farmers markets in the summer???? I love them!!!

But wait how could I forget, the pale legs! Sigh. Being a beach girl, growing up I always had the perma-bikini - you know the tans lines that never fully went away because you were always out in the sun in some form or another....not these past couple years. I am now in the stage of life, I can barely get tan. A- I know the effects it can have so I try to slather with SPF, B - I work full time and no longer have hours to lay in the sun and bake (man I miss those days!) C- tanning beds...umm not going to say I never go in them (read pre-wedding)...but I am trying to be good.

So enter my dilemma. I can't self tan [it is similar to my love hate relationship with eyeliner - darn thing only goes one straight for one eye at a time ;)]! I hate the smell (blame it on the years of working in a tanning salon...yeah I told you I was a California girl through and through!) and I always seems to end up with a weird spot. I have tried the spray booths, with OK results but wanted to have an at home method as well. So yesterday I grabbed this....I am hoping all the online reviews I read were true and I am just as golden as they say.

Do you have any tricks? A fav I should try? 

Oh, and quick question (man I asked you three today, jeeze I am demanding! HA!) - I had such a positive response from yesterday's clutch post & from the Proenza bracelet -  I was thinking of listing in an Etsy store or listing some on my blog for sale. Is anyone interested?? Let me know! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

DIY: Clutch

As I mentioned Friday, I was hoping to grab one of the bright clutches from American Apparel (see here) but they were out. Enter forecast of Sunday rain and thunderstorms - commence crafty party time in my house! :)

Here is the result - I am so in love, and am now contemplating how many other colors I need.

Here is astep-by-step tutorial of how I created this handbag - which will be perfect for running around town with!!!!

Supplies: Leather (Faux super soft, bright colored), Scissors, Books & Magazines as size reference, crazy color zippers, pins (Not shown & used - marker and ruler).

Measure & Cut - give yourself extra room for a seam allowance. Fold fabric in half - line spine of book up with crease and then measure around.  We will use the crease as bottom edge of the bag.

Fold 'right sides' together (Have the purple that will end on the outside folded to face each other). Separate edges slightly, now pin zipper in place. **Be sure your zipper is 'right side' down** we will sew so you can see the stitch with the bag is complete.  Pin in place at center of bag and then sew first side - go at a slow-med speed. For thicker fabric the slower speed will ensure the stitch gets through and holds.

Now we will sew the other side. Pin and sew. (If you look closely you can see my black thread from the other side of the zipper - I tried to stay close to the edge, so when we complete the bag a good amount of the contrasting zipper will show)

Now the easy part, hold the top edges together to aline the outside edges and then sew up the sides! Flip bag right side out et volia!!!! Mes amis tu es fini! (My friends you are finished!) 

I made a smaller one with a red/silver zipper. And a large handbag size with a bright almost neon yellow zipper (I made the zipper about only half the distance across the top and it is not as prominent as the red. However, the pop of yellow is unexpected and perfect!)

My small stock of brights and neons are starting to add up!!! LOVE!!!

PS- I added some 'light ends' at the salon on loves!!!!!! Oh I verge on wanting to be blonde again! :) 

Friday, April 1, 2011

in just a moment

Pardon the lack of pasts this week!!! My apologies dolls, I didn't plan ahead! I took a few days off of work for a little stay-cation, use up some PTO, rest of sorts & enjoy some quality time with my Hubs! Which of course made the couple days of work I had quite busy and full of lists to get accomplished before the out-of-office turned on! So, I'll be back in full force in just a few! ;)

So far I have slept in, gone to brunch at a new Hot spot in town, napped off the really good bloody mary's (yes, multiple), took the pooch to the groomer, took a long bike ride and stopped for a small scoop of ice cream! And it has only been one day! I am excited to see what else the weekend has to offer!

While strolling & eating ice cream I stopped in American Apparel hoping to land this clutch (below) they were out...out of the color and size I wanted....and as I was walking out I thought...umm DIY duh!!! I foresee some fun added to my weekend options! Leather in color and size I want - YAY!!!


I know most of you are still a day away from the weekend, but do you have anything planned??? I have salon appt on Sat...I am still thinking of doing a little of this!!!

OH and PS - Can you believe it is April already???Crazy, now Mother Nature needs to warm up...I have shorts and dresses to wear!