Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DIY: Proenza-almost-Bracelet!!!

From the first time I saw the Proenza Schouler Rope Bracelet (& featured here - NEON post!) I couldn't get it out of my mind. I prayed someone would magically gift it to me, read my mind and make it appear...however reality check, that wasn't ever gonna happen. So I had to figure out a way to make it mine - pun not really intentional, but it totally works!


Enter some amazing DIY posts from 'Stripes and Sequins' and 'HonestlyWTF'...new mission DIY CREATE!!!! So I strapped on my super cool new bike bag (thanks to the Hubs!!!) and off I went!

The cast of characters you need to create your own:
In no particular order: Bungee Cords (cords or various colors - I went with a four pack of all black, bc I went a bit crazy with the other strings, but the more the merrier!), Masking Tape, 3 different colors of Embroidery Thread, cording, Clasp, Glue/Fabric glue, misc charm (I added this, bc well why not!) 

So here we go, get ready for easy fun!!!!

 1- Measure around your wrist twice with the thickest cord, snip. Burn edges with lighter to prevent fraying & tape ends. Slip on clip about 1/4 of the way and then bend the taped ends back to the center.
2. Tape around the ends to secure them (I added a bit of hot glue before I taped...lets just say tape it good so it won't slip out!) Add charm, if you want one before you tape it. I place mine near clip.
3. Take two of the embroidery threads  knot just above the tape. wrap and wrap til the tape is covered.
4. Knot the ends, and add a touch of glue - you don't want it to come undone.
5. Now to add a POP of color, knot your third color of embroidery thread, and wrap around in a fashion that suits you. I was using the neon green - like my bird charm, to add the neon I have been craving!
6. Almost done! 2/3rds of the way there!

7. Now, take your other cording (mine is hot pink!) and wrap it around the loops on the end. leave enough room so your clip can attach. I knotted, wrapped and tied off - only about 1/4-1/2inch of wrapping.  Glued, again, as double protection from unraveling.

Et voila mes amis!!!!!!

Now I am so ready for the summer and spring with my NEON!!! You with me???

PS- There are two more coming, but you will have to wait!!! hehe


  1. I love this! Must run to Michaels to get supplies!!!

  2. nice job!

    grace - stripes & sequins

  3. No way! This looks SUPER professional! Great job. I may have to hire you to make one for me bc I'm not all that crafty : (

  4. Get out! That so rocks my world!!! Amazing, sweetie :)

  5. nice! you're so crafty! it looks awesome.

  6. Love it girlie...You are officially the new DIY queen! I need one of those...xo

  7. It looks so similar -- I love it!
    xo Josie

  8. How cute! I love the colors!

  9. You killed it!! I love it Taylor - and it has a BIRD ON IT!!

  10. So cool! I love it! You did an awesome job!

  11. how fun!! it looks great :) xoxo jcd
    ps you won my giveaway! congratulations!

  12. love the ickle birdie. Nice touch *whispers* yours is far nicer as its unique and a total one off. Proenza schmenza,

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