Monday, February 28, 2011

Rolling through.....

What a great weekend!!! I got to spend my whole Saturday hanging with my Mom. We had an amazing afternoon at the salon - fab color and blow-outs (the best isn't that!!!! Can some order a blow-out for me daily, cuz that'd be grrreat!!!) We followed it up, by sushi lunch and some strolling & shopping!!!!

Sunday was one of those relaxing days that you dream of!!! Sleeping in, laying in bed just relaxing!!! The Hubs and I ate a late brunch at what is becoming one of our favorite spots, Cafe Lula. And then we got new bikes!!! OMG I'm so excited, spring must come soon!!!!!! I wanted to ride home and my excitement hasn't stopped growing!!! Chicago is a great biking city, for the past two summers we've been talking about getting bikes - and we've been saving up - now we are ready!!!!

Take a peak at my beauty (She doesn't have a name yet - but she will!!):


I pray the rain stays away next Sunday when we get to pick them up!!! I can't wait to explore the city in a completely new way!!!!! Of course, I'll need some cute new sneakers and cute bike/purse bag - HA! Of course this is what I would think about!!!

How were your weekends? What are you looking forward to this spring???

Friday, February 25, 2011

Splurge or Save: Summer Style

While out shopping last weekend the Hubs and I were browsing the shoes at Neiman Marcus. Shocker I know!!! LOL, what can I say I love me some shoes!!!! Well, every time we pass a Valentino display he always points out the Patent Bow Pumps - he loves them (If I've told you once, I've told you a million times he is amazing and has great taste!)! He always says how I need them, which of course what girl doesn't???! None!

So while I was agreeing (duh!!!) I noticed the new Summer shoes were on display too! And these caught my eye!!!


Maybe it's my extreme desire to not wear any shoes/boots for a long time, or my California roots - I've been smitten ever since!!! I can't get them outta my head!!! But I can't get over the price, I just can't stomach the price for a pair of flip flops.

Enter my daily/regular Blog Reading and WHAM! (Seen on Veronika's Blushing) A Steve Madden version!!!!


So I ask: Splurge or Save???? I'm saving on this one!!!

Please Note - I don't support the obvious copying of a designers creativity and product but I can't pass this one up!!! I am whole heartedly against this notion of stealing someones design for your own benefit...oh shoot am now I talking myself outta this....Is it ok this once???? HELP!


Happy Friday aka PracticallyTheWeekendAlready Dolls!!!! The weekend is soclosealmostthere!!!!


I'm beyond ready for it! This week has consited of no work day shorter that 10 hours (two topped at 12!) Told ya I was ready! No work for me over the weekend - IT has to fix some issues on my work computer, so I'm officially free (but I had to be here at 4AM so I could get a full day in before I needed to turn it in!)!!!

I have a salon appointment tomorrow and that's it! Perfection - relaxing and stress free! You?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coming Soon Near You!

A couple months ago I read that Target was going to release a bunch of their past designer collaborations! I celebrated and immediately added the date to my calendar - I was going to be there! My chance to try one and snag a bunch of the great pieces I missed out on, or wasn't paying attention to when they were released the first go around! I am not missing out (or at least I hope) this time! 

Go to yesterday, when an article came out with the all the pieces that will be hitting I tell??? Well shoot, ok it's March 13 (did you know about it already? shoot - you better not take the ones I want!) . They are only going to be releasing dresses for this. And after perusing the designers here are some of my favs!!! I'll be there trying them on or ordering online praying they fit! Cuz come summer this girl (me) will be rocking more dress than you can imagine (man winter you are dragging major toosh this year!)  

Tracy Feith: A little fifties-'esque flirt? Yes please - left dress! 

Alice Temperley: Left dress would be perfect for work with my oxfords!!! 

Libertine: Stripes, that was just a silly question (center)! Perfection for summer!! 

Rodarte: Sheer, nude, sexy (left dress)??? uh-huh!

Proenza Schouler: I'm hoping to land the left dress - I love the top! 

There are a bunch of others, but upon my first 2 (well 5) times looking through these were my initial favs!!! Not one is supposed to be priced over $44.99 - so my Hubs and bank will approve more than one or 3! 

Go look, and let me know which ones you may be scooping up on March 13th! Can't wait to hear!!! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weeknight Meals

Cooking is a retreat and an activity which I thoroughly enjoy! However after a long day at work, spending an hour preparing a meal isn't always feasible. At least for me, most days it's not. Lately by the time I get home I'm starved and ready to eat!

So there is always the ever enjoyable take-out (sushi and mexican are my absolute favs!) however that isn't the best on the wallet nor waistline if done too often. So during the week I use the help of my local grocery stores for assistance in making a simple meal taste 10 times better than a sandwich or bowl of cereal!

Here is a recent tasty meal I whipped up! And it all started with a salad dressing!

It literally jumped out of the cooler at me! Summer in a bottle while still in winter, much? Totes obvious right?!!! I concur! I used the dressing to marinate chicken breasts - For a grilled chicken sandwich and a side salad.

I threw the breasts in a tupperware and covered with dressing before I left for work - and then let the dressing do it's thang! Then after work it was all easy-peasy! I grilled the breast (yes, I fired up the BBQ in dead of winter - hey ask the Hubs I'm grill master!). When it was done I added a slice of cheese, lettuce, onion and a bit of guac - bc the guac was hanging out in the fridge begging to be added! While the chicken was cooking I prepped a simple salad - pre-pack salad just added fresh chopped red onion and cucumbers. Dressing then, voila!!! It probably took me 20 minutes start to eat - not too shabby and it was delish!

Do you have an simple go to week night meals??? Please share!

I have the stuffed shells recipe to share too - I just need to upload the rest of the photos!!!! They were so fun to make and equally as delicious to eat!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


While out shopping I picked up a pair of high rise, wide leg denim jeans. So excited!!! I was a bit apprehensive, would my toosh look a mile long? Would I look a bit 70's gone awry? Nope, they looked smashing!!!! (They are Hubs approved, and he never holds back, HA!)


Now I'm anxiously awaiting their return from Alterations!!!!! Whose on board with the high-rise, wide leg denim for spring???

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bits of...My Weekend

This weekend was one of those ones where you don't realize how much you really got done til it was over. One of those good ones!!!! (I often find myself too often temped by the couch and relax there for far too long! Not this weekend!!) 

Lots of cleaning...Laundry...Organizing Kitchen Cabinets - Creating a Mini-Bar...Afternoon of Shopping...Work doing on the Weekend...Rainy Day Gear...Brunch out with the Hubs...Homemade Stuffed Shells with crusty bread....

How was your weekend dolls??? Or, if you are lucky to have Monday off - how is it still going??

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday FRIDAY!!!!

The weather the past two days has been incredible, near 50 degrees (shocker!)!!! I planned/dreamed of spending some time outdoors, not surrounded by my normal layers upon layers this weekend - however a wintry mix is headed our way (a wintry mix, for non cold-weather dwellers, is a mix of rain, sleet, and snow - fun right?!). So those plans may be out the window! If they are, I'll just dream of looking out this one! Shopping, sleeping and some cleaning are on the agenda so far, what are your plans????



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My dream List: FALL 2011 Picks

With NYFW (New York Fashion Week) in full swing, it is hard not to window shop and wishfully dream 8 months early!!! These are the shows for the Fall 2011 collections. Here are some of my favorites from the shows which have already occurred. (All photos are from STYLE.COM)

Alice & Olivia (pass the whole collection on over, please!):

Tracey Reese:

Jason Wu:

Rebecca Minkoff (one of my FAV collections over all, so ready to wear...and possibly within my shopping allowance!):

Tory Burch:


What have your favs been so far??? Have you been checking out all the NYFW updates around the net? I can't get enough!!!! I am dying for the A&O, Tracey Reese and Rebecca Minkoff collections - I will be saving up for something from one of these (esp RM!)!! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cooking Class (Crepes with Mom - amazing recipes to be shared soon!), and celebrating near 40 degree temps! Perfect Saturday afternoon! Plus, crazy curly hair tamed by sparkly headbands - a girls life! 

Jacket - Anthro. Sweater - Gift from Mom. Blouse - Zara. Pants - F21 (last seen here). Boots - MIA 
{Not Pictured, Purse-YSL, Watch - Gold Michael Kors}

Sorry I missed you yesterday, I took the day off to relax with the Hubs - nice little valentines treat to myself!!! So nice to take a day to yourself - the next month is shaping up to be insanely busy at work - transferring officially into my new role, covering while team members go out for short term leaves, and training 2 new team members - Oh a vacation in March will be beyond divine (oh wait you are still just a dream!)!

Friday, February 11, 2011

things i love!

I love photography! I love my fancy DSLR camera.... But I love my iPhone and the Hipstamatic photo app too! Here are few recent shots!!! The vintage-y feel, the almost Polaroid touch - so FUN!

Here are a few random shots from the past few days.

Brunch, Bloody Mary.


Volunteering at PAWS.

Pooch Love. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

good things do happen!

If you don't follow me on twitter, you may not know. But on Tuesday afternoon I got a very unexpected, yet totally appreciated phone call. I got a call from HR letting me know I got promotion (and a raise, and extra PTO days)!!!!!!I wasn't expecting this, our mid-year reviews were weeks ago, and these things don't normally happen to operations folks at Corporate America (aka my employer).

Needless to say I was shocked, thankful and overly excited!!! I had started to lose hope a while ago that anything would ever happen - it is true what they say, act like you are doing the job you want, push yourself and try your hardest - it will pay off. Beyond excited that it did! So what does one get themselves as a self-congratulations gift???? I have no clue! I am all set with handbags (although, you know I've looked -this amazing deal specifically) but I can't figure out what to treat myself to!

I want to make sure it isn't an impulse buy, and that I don't need to wait at least 3-4 months to use (aka pretty sandals or floaty dresses) - so I've consulted my list - and here are a few of the front runners. (Now the question becomes, a larger ticket item or a few littler ones??? le sigh.)

{via}amongst other items here, belts and accessories




Oh the choices....hrmmph! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Throwing Caution...or something like that!

Raise your hand if you are a bit sick of mucking around in snow boots, galoshes and such???

*raises her hand!* ME!

So this past Sunday I threw caution into the wind, rolled up my favorite boyfriend jeans, and hit the road! (Sunday treats included: mani/pedi, scoping out a new bike, and eating delish new spot- Lula Cafe & a bit of shopping in Wicker Park/Bucktown)

Scarf - H&M. Coat - Banana Republic. Bag - Rebecca Minkoff. 
Jeans - Levi's. Shoes - Steve Madden. Green Cocktail Ring - Vintage. 

*Sorry folks, no the photos aren't blurry its just snow trying to sneak into the photos! ;)