Wednesday, January 26, 2011

California love.....

While staring aimlessly at my closet this past weekend dreaming of wearing a sundress and sandals...(I told you about it yesterday already, I know!!!) I thought well if I can't beat'em join 'em, or something like that!....So I joined my fellow Cailfonia girls - who've been rocking tanks, and exposed limbs as of late - see some of my FAV Cali Ladies: Carrie, Nicole and Alicia! I joined them by busting out my favorite vintage tee....which proudly displays a giant Sun and the words California across the front. Worn under numerous layers of course!

Hey a girl can dream about being back home....*dreams* Cuz look what I was surround with!!! (Worn running out to grab a quick bite with my main squeeze, aka da Hubs)

Jacket - Anthro. Sweater - Urban Outfitters. T - Vintage. Necklace - Marc Jacobs.
Belt - J. Crew. Rings - Melinda Maria. Jeans - Seven for all Mankind. 
Purse - YSL. Shoes - F21(last seen here). 

And in case you were wondering...Yes gloves were inside my purse!!! And I zipped up before walking around! :) Sun? you there, Hi I miss you!!! 


  1. anything to help remind us of the warmer days to come is welcome! I'm quite tired of the snow myself and wore a spring dress under a jacket today. We just need to psyche ourselves up or else we'd all be suffering for SAD (seasonal affect disorder)!

  2. Love your sweater and purse!
    We are just getting 6 inches of snow today and it has been so cold here. And like you, I live vicariously through my favorite California bloggers, so jealous of their gorgeous weather.

  3. I love your jacket and your shoes!

  4. Aww I miss the sun too, it is so flipping cold out there! (tears) Where is spring?!

    I love your relaxed and comfortable look, so cute!

    xo Lynzy

  5. taylor you look so cute! way cuter than what i wear out in that blistering cold :)

    i am so obsessed with your bag! your hubs is the best.

  6. I love the texture of that sweater. It looks super cozy.

  7. oh i love that coat!

  8. Love that sweater and how you mixed a long swetwer with a short jacket! Great way to brave the cold in fashion:)


  9. Love the shirt...Way to represent the CA girl! And the hubs gets MAJOR points for that incredibly gorgeous Muse. In Love. A visit to Cali is calling your name! xo

  10. Well you look cute and I still LOVE that bag!

  11. Taylor I'm hanging off the couch with pride. You're so cute (and brave) out there in that crazy snow!! I love your coat. That was a serious score!!


  12. Chic lady - the sweater is fabulous! Of course the YSL Muse accompaniment is the perfect way to top off an outfit.

    Ooh and would love to see your off the rock ivory cocktail dress! That rocks!

    Thanks for entering the giveaway and good luck my dear!

  13. You know, I actually bought this same UO sweater because it looked so snuggly, but I ended up returning me because it swallowed me whole. It looks great on you though! Just like it did in the catalog...

  14. The outfit is just perfect for a day outside. Comfortable yet fashionable still.


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