Monday, January 31, 2011

Star Files: 2011 SAG's

I wasn't too WOW'd by last nights fashion. Now thats not to say that I would wear a number of the gowns out there....but it wasn't a night when I went HOLY WOW...ya know????

These were my two favs....and I'll spare you an over load of maybe's (Natalie Portman....she obviously can't handle the belly) and BOOO's (Kristina Hendricks, puke!).

Mila Kuniz - Alexander McQueen

January Jones - Carolina Herrera ( love the dress, but mama needs a Cheeseburger!!!) 

I had a fabulous weekend....All my intentions of working it away fell through - But I guess that is ok, I needed some Me time! SAT: Mani's, waxing, window shopping, an amazing night out with some of our great friends, SUN: a day spent lounging on the couch reading magazines, bubble bath!!! napping and a bit of cleaning. Such a nice weekend...I wish It was three days though, that would have been divine!!!!  

How were yours???

Friday, January 28, 2011

my thoughts exactly...


Couldn't have said it better myself! Have a fabulous weekend LOVERS!!!!!!!! Enjoy your weekends and come back with a full report on Monday, k? I'll do the same! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

old is new

I wonder what have been seen by these in their lifetime....


I love vintage homewares/accessories/trinket -a-ma-called its! (This camera has a prominent spot on our TV unit) Do you have any housewares that are great conversation pieces???

Not a normal post, but my brain is feeling a little tuckered out...and I am trying to get to bed and get some extra beauty rest!!! HA! Im sure I'll read til my eyes burn - but I'm trying!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

California love.....

While staring aimlessly at my closet this past weekend dreaming of wearing a sundress and sandals...(I told you about it yesterday already, I know!!!) I thought well if I can't beat'em join 'em, or something like that!....So I joined my fellow Cailfonia girls - who've been rocking tanks, and exposed limbs as of late - see some of my FAV Cali Ladies: Carrie, Nicole and Alicia! I joined them by busting out my favorite vintage tee....which proudly displays a giant Sun and the words California across the front. Worn under numerous layers of course!

Hey a girl can dream about being back home....*dreams* Cuz look what I was surround with!!! (Worn running out to grab a quick bite with my main squeeze, aka da Hubs)

Jacket - Anthro. Sweater - Urban Outfitters. T - Vintage. Necklace - Marc Jacobs.
Belt - J. Crew. Rings - Melinda Maria. Jeans - Seven for all Mankind. 
Purse - YSL. Shoes - F21(last seen here). 

And in case you were wondering...Yes gloves were inside my purse!!! And I zipped up before walking around! :) Sun? you there, Hi I miss you!!! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Snow...Be gone. Spring are you there???.....After the bitter arctic cold front we experienced last Friday and Saturday I am currently missing exposed shoulders and girlie dresses!!! This past weekend while trying to figure out what to wear to run and grab dinner I stood in front of my closet begging the ubs to wear a dress and sandals...He calmly explained it probably wasn't the smartest choice. See ladies this is why I keep him around - he makes sure I'm safe! LOL - Just a little sick of 17.375 layers every time I leave the house, alas I promised I would quit boo-hooing....but I am already ready to live in sun-dresses and skirts this spring/summer!!!


Are there any items you are currently eying for spring already???

Friday, January 21, 2011


Its currently "Feels like NEGATIVE 18", that is -18 or minus eighteen....I'm sure I could find more ways to say it if you want to wait around long enough! The thermometers here in Chicago are reading somewhere around 0 but that doesn't account for the wind-chill and boy is is blowing downtown right now. I promise to limit my winter whining, after today. Today it feels ok to do so - don't you agree? 

Work seems to be an endless parade of get me done yesterday style tasks, that coupled with the fact that I stepped up to plan my 10-year High School Reunion. I know, crazy right. But wait, if you don't follow me on twitter you may not know I graduated as 1 of 1100+ students....this is not planning a simple get together for 50-100....we are talking 500-600 people easy. And honestly I can not be more excited. I think I missed a calling somewhere along the line. But hey can always change things up now! So far not much has been done, but oddly a lot of big steps have already been done! I'm sure you'll hear more about this in the coming months....because if you know me, then you know my BIGGEST concern is what will I wear...dress and shoe shopping has already taken over every free internet moments I've had! 

I'm sorry I missed you dolls yesterday!! I volunteered late the night before and was up late working on the Reunion! 

I hope you all have a FAB FRIDAY!!!!! And great weekend!! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

denim delight

I love me a skinny jean, but without fail I've always had a wide leg, trouser or bell in my jean-rotation...skinny jeans and my chucks can go a little too hipster some days!!! Here are one of my go to pairs - SOOO glad that they are back 'in' style again, I love the way these fit and the lines they give your body! And to top it off I threw on one of my new go-to favs (fav new blouse!!!)!

I wore these out to dinner on Monday with the Hubs, we went to a charming and delish French Restaurant in town, Bistro Champange - if you are ever here in the CHI I totally recommend!!!

Blazer-Zara, Blouse-Asos, Jeans-Seven for All Mankind, Shoes-Lanvin for H&M, 
Purse-YSL Muse, Watch-Vintage, Bracelets-Gifts

**Warning, cute heels aren't the best for trekking from car to restaurant in ice- just a note to all you out there!!! Thank you to the Hubs for helping me out and taking my pics! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

forever kinda love

She is my forever Love. She dominates all my childhood memories. She was my HERO! Three years ago today I lost one of the best shopping buddies and best Grandma in the world!

I love you Gram!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Star Files: Gloden Globes - Review

I love award shows...not for the awards, but like as most girlie girls...the fashion! I had a few main comments - Pass the V05 (Olivia Wilde?!)! And size up (Christina Aguleria & Nicole Kidman!)! And Stunning!!!! But there will always be hits and misses - here is my after a few drinks take! (Hey it's a three day weekend, and the Hubs and I enjoyed having an extra night to relax together! Excuse the straight shooting! hehe!)

My Favorites of the night!!!

Simply Stunning....sleeves and exposed back - ultimate in sexy-ness! Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive. Sequins. Die!!! This was my fav - timeless, chic and totally effortless looking! A+

My Runners the Good category! In no particular order...! 

Eva Longoria in Zac Posen. The covered shoulders, again and open back! Meow!! 
(Big mistake Mr. Parker...if I say so myself!) 

Lea Michelle in Oscar de La Renta - She just looked bubbly and happy! The pop of Turquoise (in the ring) really worked, in a good way!!! 

Gaga for everything about this Marchesa number on Olivia Wilde. Well everything but her frizzy hair! Boo on the hair, but YAY on everything else - studded sky high Loubies underneath! 

Other Honorable mentions - Halle Barry (does the lady age?!),  Angelina Jolie, Kyra Segwick (Channeling Michelle Williams' Mustard number of a few years ago!) and Sandra Bullock - loved the heavy bangs and effortless vintage-y feel of her dress. And Jake Gyllenhaal, Jon Hamm and Ryan Gosling - YUMMY!!! 

My 'EH?!' list....Can't decide if I love or dislike.....hmmm

Julianne Moore - in wrinkly Lanvin....half love half hate. 

Miss January Jones in risky-business Versace. 

And on my BOO, try again list: 

Exhibit A: Raiding of the closet of 1972 flower child (but I love her pixie cut!) 
Michelle Williams in Valentino

Natalie Portman - Love her....but that 

And another 70's vide, but in a bad way....
Heidi Klum in Marc Jacobs - the hair and the shoes, then the weird waist- not my cup of tea. 

And then of course, Jessica Love Hewitt (Prom 1998?!), Helena Bonham Carter ('nuff said), Nicole Kidman (it looked like the dress was a size too small or something) and the same thing with Christina Aguilera (when I saw her I thought, diet and new stylist, naughty of me I know, but true.) 

Did you watch, what were your thoughts???? (I know I said I would be back Tuesday...I just couldn't help myself!!!) See ya tomorrow dolls! 

***photos from all over the interwebs - grabbed the best ones I could, didn't bookmark the sites - I'm sure if you google them you will find the same ones! 

Friday, January 14, 2011

its simple

.... somethings are so very simple. So simple and divine! For example - thoughts of a good weekend! Friday happy thoughts! Weekends looming close! A Smile. Happy Hours. Love.


So I wish you the happiest of Fridays & long weekends if you get Monday off in observance of MLK Day (I do!) Til Tuesday Dolls! I will be taking Monday off to rest these little batteries of mine - worked 50 hours already and its only 9:00am Friday & work over the weekend it a definite (apologies for the pity party, I know lots do it regularly but for some reason it has felt extra rough this week!) - so CIAO my loves!!!

Oh I am so excited, tomorrow I have my orientation at PAWS! So I can now start towards my little list goal!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Warm Weather Lusts - On Top

Warm Weather lusts.....the TOP version! 

Keeping on with what Taylor wants for spring...Blouses! I am addicted to blouses right now! Short sleeve, tank, long sleeve you name it. I'm game! I have recently gotten a white silk-y camp style form H&M and a black l/s with a tie from Asos (think upcoming outfit posts?!). 

But these are also on my radar...... (and there is one in the new J.Crew Catalog, but it's not online yet - she is def coming home with me!!! And the neutral polka dot one from the Madewell's Spring Lookbook, shes mine too!) 

{viaBecause there is NO such thing as too many nautical stripes in my world! 

{via} Oh you are going to be perfect in the summer! 

{via} Work and Play, yes please! 

Are you going to blouse it up???? One thing I really love about blouses, is they totally play both sides - work and play. I can rock a blouse and slacks to work, then throw on some jeans and be good to go on the weekends too....blouse and cutoff jeans in summer...Oh to bare some skin (this statement seems to be coming out a lot lately, check the end of yesterdays post!)!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To Pleat or Not to Pleat

You may be like I have been for ages, on the fence with the pleated trousers idea....Lately I am all about it! These are just a few that I am eyeing for the coming warmer months - if only they would get here like tomorrow!!!

{all 3 via}


Are you going to be rocking pleated trousers anytime soon??? The yellow - are the same as the black pair directly above - and I really like - at least on the model! HA!  I also want to try a pair of higher waisted denim bell bottoms....and if the weather would cooperate a maxi skirt! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Outfit Envy - Girl Crush

I want pleated trousers. Cropped trousers. I want her super long hair, and her shoes, and her closet. Shoot can she adopt me?! I am addicted to this series, and I anxiously await new photos to be posted. Sorry I didn't share sooner dolls!

{all via

You can sure bet, a number of her outfits are saved in an inspiration folder!!! I totally channeled Day#16 yesterday! Black trousers, tight shirt (mine wasn't tucked) and big scarf all wrapped around my neck....'cept the office was frigid and I stayed in my warm boots....and I don't have a great long braid like that....trying but my hair won't grow!  

Do you agree with my envy?

Monday, January 10, 2011

a whale of a tale....

Well what can I say....Well actually I have lots. First - no, I didn't die (I know, I'm sure that was just what you were thinking!). Secondly - I've missed you dearly!!! And thirdly - Last week sucked. Last week sucked major donkey balls! Work was obnoxiously busy, I had to say 'see ya later' to my bro - as he went back to college, and then oh yeah did I mention worked sucked?


I hate complaining about work. I am grateful to have a job. Not my dream job, but one that most days I find mildly entertaining and dare I say I like it - well tis true. Last week was one of those weeks where you want to pull out your hair and crawl in a hole and pray for beaches and cocktails! By 10am Tuesday (Monday was an office holiday) my team was drowning and trying to manage all the new requests being sent our way - lets just say after working late a number of nights and then over 5 hours Saturday the 'to-do' is still quite daunting.

So to keep my already fragile, PMS-y state afloat (what it's true....) I was a bad bad blogger. A glass of wine and my feet up and I was done-zo each day! So forgive me, k??? I mean I didn't even have the energy to shop - and we know that never happens.


So to start the week I thought I would borrow a little feature from one of my favorite reads, The Lil Bee, a do a little mental Monday - A compilation random little things going on in my mind.

- The Black Keys were really good on SNL..I had the song in my head all day -that never happens any more.
- Why don't I get songs stuck in my head anymore?
- I want a striped blazer or 3 more striped shirts (cuz those equal, right?)
- I could really use a bouquet of flowers.
- Will my good review lead to anything?
- I wish I had more mid-height booties to wear to and from work - UGGS are getting old
- The pooch really needs a hair cut.
- I would like a new dress.
- Why can't I get a mani/pedi every week?
- How was it possible I didn't even slightly online shop last week?
- Will all the 'New Year's Resolutioner's' still be at the gym this week?
- I like the slightly less sweaty & stinky after work gym crowd - if the sweating and packed in keeps up - I'll be fat.
- I could use a swim. Preferably in a mildly warm ocean.

What's up with you dolls? What's floating around in your next of the woods?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spot what spot, thats a flower!

No resolutions for me, but I do hope to put a little more effort into capturing some more of my favorite 'looks' - I always get through half the day or night - and scream 'Shoot!' in my head - Duh T outfit shots!

So around lunch yesterday I told myself I would snap some shots of what I was wearing. I looove my new dress, I was having a good hair day and everything was just working! Then after work I went out to diner to celebrate my Bro's birthday (paaaaasta!!!), I spilled a little down my front (a common occurrence I swear!)  and the wind got the best of my hair. But I pushed on! Spot what spot, thats a flower - you can't notice my drip right?! Geeze how embarassing!

I tried to pull it together for the sake of the blog....I can't wait for the dress to get back from the cleaners so I can wear it again! But til then, here was what I wore back to my first day of work in the new year!

Dress - Madewell via Shopbop. Tights - J.Crew. Oxfords - Steve Madden. Belt - Urban Outfitters
Watch - Michael Kors. Gold Ring - Melinda Maria (very hard to even notice, not on watch hand)