Thursday, December 2, 2010


Tis the season....for snow. I posted this snap shot of the weather from my phone yesterday on my FB. Of course a bunch of my California friends texted and or commented about how cold that must be....blah blah blah.

How quickly one forgets what it is like to stand on the corner, fresh out of the shower and toasty house to wait for  public transportation to take you into work. How quickly you forget what it is like to wear cute shoes for 3-4 months (well you can wear cute shoes, but you will have icicle toes). How quickly you forget what it is like to expose some skin.

Alas, we are still in the dreamy stages of winter (is it even technically officially winter yet?!). We haven't had but a tiny dusting. The romantic first 'white' day hasn't come yet, but have no fear it is not far off. I will be sure to share. And by March you may be a bit tired of my whining...which I promise {could you see my fingers when I said that?! ;) } to limit!!!

But until then...isn't it dreamy?!?! hehe



  1. I cannot wait for snow. Hopefully it won't be as bad this year in DC, but I do miss the white winters in the Midwest.

  2. can't wait to come home...ugh.

    i love winter until january 1st..then it can go away, please.

  3. awww love that cand y cane picture!

    I love snow until the end of January.... then I begin to despise it haha

  4. OMG that is cooooold! Stay warm love!

  5. Holy hellzz, that is cold! Try and keep your piggies warm sister...xoxo

  6. Ahh I would die!!! But yes it is dreamy! Hey lady that link of the christmas story you posted didn't work send it to me again =)

  7. it is dreamy - and so is your blog! thx for visiting mine. we already got our white days for thanksgiving in seattle and I totally agree with the part where is not fun at all ;)

    ps.: I will have the 'home' poster printer up for sale soon. are you interested on a specific size? maybe we can chat through email? please let me know...

  8. Finally another blogger who lives somewhere that has snow on the ground! I'm getting jealous of all the bloggers who are still able to wear their shorts. It was -20 celcius here today, which is about -5 Fahrenheit, brrr.

  9. I was in Philly this weekend and it was freeeeeeeeeeezing! I was hoping to see snow, but no dice. : (


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