Friday, December 31, 2010

there are just some things....part 2


I posted my 'Life List' a while back {here}- my version of a bucket list I guess.... And with the new year right on top of us (and for the fact I never have been good at resolutions), I figured adding to this list is a better choice and way I can look at what I want to accomplish!  I took a look at it the other day and said wow - there are a couple I need to update and some more I need to add! These are just some things I need to do! 

The BLUE are all new been there 'done's' that and the PURPLE are new adds!

1. Take a Photography Class
2. Re-Learn French, via a class or Rosetta Stone or both!
3. Learn Spanish
4. Get Married
5. Travel Europe for an extended amount of time (1 month plus)
6. Grow out my hair - IN PROCESS 
7. Plan a fabulous event - MY WEDDING, nothing outrageous but perfect to ME! 
8. Take Yoga classes
9. Run a Marathon - or half
10. Have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower
11. Walk the Great Wall of China
12. Visit the glaciers in Alaska
13. Own a house
14. Turn that house into a home!
15. Live in NYC - Turning out to be a real possibility, praying for within a year! 
16. Perform or compete in front of a large crowd
17. Volunteer at least once a month for a year - Already in the works, my orientation for PAWS is in January!  
18. Sail through the Panama Canal
19. Ski/Snowboard in the Swiss Alps
20. Take a gondola in Venice
21. Go on a week long camping trip, and rough it as much as I can
22. Read some of literature's Classics
23. Buy myself a classic pair of Loubitains (See Wedding Shoes)
24. Take a dance or Pilates group class
25. Cook at home every day for a month
26. Live in San Diego again
27. Surf in Australia
28. Hike in Yosemite
29. See the Pyraminds
30. Continue to live Debt free, except a mortgage - IN PROCESS, minus mortgage, still a renter ;) 
31. Ride an elephant in Thailand
32. Start a business
33. Go skydiving
34. Go to the Parthanon
35. Create a gallery of my own paintings (Our entry way showcases all my work, and living room my photos)
36. Live abroad
37. Vacation more, shop less. As hard as that maybe - EXPLORE! 
38. Read a book a Month (less trashy TV more reading!)
39. Keep up with eating healthy and working out regularly (work out 3-5 times a week)

I am sure there are plenty of items not on here - I can't already think of a few. But I like to have somewhere to start - a list you may call it to keep me on track ;)  

What would you add????  

What are your NYE plans? Sequins-sparkles and a fabulous evening??? I have no plans, except a lovely dinner with my Hubs, and of course maybe sequins on just because!!! Can't wait to hear your fun plans! See you on the 4th dolls!!! 


  1. I need to make a list like this :) Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Years Dear!!

    Oh, and have you entered my perfume giveaway yet?


  3. great list! i have started these lists a few times and you've inspired me to do it again. i wrote out 100 in 1001 but got completely overwhelmed. it was just too much!

    happy new year.

  4. oh wow! is looks like a list to keep you busy for some time to come :) good luck on accomplishing it!

  5. Happy 2011...looks like you'll be VERY busy! I am a big list maker but typically for things I NEED to get done not a wonderful list like yours! Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

    ps I have forwarded the chili recipe 2x already!

  6. This is awesome Taylor! Very inspiring for sure. I'm all over debt-free living my dear!


  7. Bonjour!

    Ton list est vraiment impressif! I do hope you get back to learning french! Happy 2011!


    Happy, Happy New Year!


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