Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting in the know....Boot-a-licious!

Sorry I've been absent, I didn't die (obviously, since I am writing this!) - can we blame it on the...ummm...shoot lets not lie. I had a spectacular time doing nothing, nadda, zilch-zip-zero for the past couple days. It was glorious!!! Yesterday, I took and extra day off from work & I didn't even leave the house  - no, not once! Nor did I get out of Pjs or do anything (the FAB Hubs took the dog out and ordered in dinner!) My Holiday with my family was divine, I will share snap shots tomorrow!

However after the massive snow storm that dumped buckets of snow all over the eastern seaboard I figured I would share a little secret to getting through the winter (cuz I know not every one, read you lucky California dwellers will know....Hey I was one for 24+ yrs!!!) . Rain Boots/Wellingtons/Galoshes you name it or call it what you may - but know no little snow boot is gonna get you there or dry!

So I am no seasoned winter weather dweller. The typical mind-set of winter was maybe a heavier cardigan or light coat, and snow was something only seen when you went boarding/skiing in the mountains on a vacation! However, this being my third winter I have figured out the ropes and ways to survive.

Ok, so lets start. It snows. Snow is pretty an usually dry fluffy flakes. However sometimes you do get 'wet' snow, it is snowing my kinda warm out, ie 33 degrees, so it is heavier and mushier. But still note, both are still snow. See I had no idea of this before moving here! Snow was snow was snow. Ok back to the point, it's snowing the plows are out (hello NY - where were all your plows when it started coming, maintenance maintenance, not aftermath! ok, off the soapbox) and the plows blow all the snow to the side clearing the roadways. Behind them they spread a nice layer of salt, to make the roads less slippery.

Ok after said salt hits said snow, this is where HS chemistry and all that jazz comes into play. The salt and snow do something magical and turn into a slushy mess. Read giant slushy yucky puddles. Enter Rain Boot! (See now isn't that clear?!) Side Note: A couple days later when it is back to say 17 degree like early this morning, your reg snow boots will be just fine, because all those puddles are now frozen ices patches of goodness you can trapeze across with ease!

Ok long winded-ness...Ive been gone and missed you so!!! Ok, enter 'the keep your feet dry machine = Galosh!'!!!!!!

I have a pair of Hunter Wellingtons that I swear by....but one of these may be needing to be added very soon....thinking number 2!!! Every lady need a little Burberry Stripe in her life!  talk about the perfect weekend boot - stylish yet functional - esp since they are needed 4-5 months out of my year!! SOB!

{via} Classic yellow!!! 
{via} Don't these look just like these boots? 'Cept now I will be dry {here}

{via} Sparkles!!

{via} Timeless check and a pop of color!

Now throw on a heavy pair of socks, or a fleece liner and your toes will be toasty and dry all day!!!!Which do you like best??? Do you agree with my Rain-Boot methodology of making it through the snowiest of days dry???


  1. I seriously hate rain, I don't know how you deal wih it 4-5 months of the year. My faves are the motorcycle style boots and the sparkly ones.

  2. Oh how I love rain boots!!!

    We had a little dustin gover the weekend... I swear people were acting as thought it was going to be a blizzard haha

  3. Sounds like you had an great holiday! And vegging out in your pj's is the absolute best! I do love myself those Burberry boots with the buckles...they totes look like regular boots! xo

  4. I am in Seattle and you snow theory is just right. can't live without my boots. love #1 ;)

  5. Yes, you need the second pair. I love rain boots, I usually go with JCrew, though I have not seen many great pairs this year.

  6. Oooow, those rainboots are sooo cute! Esp. the one with the funky patterns :D

  7. Ooh those sparkle Burberry rain boots are too cute! So funny because my mom was just mentioning how she has no snow boots and I thought wellies would be perfect for the NYC weather (well with extra socks!)

  8. Yes, love these for snowy weather! My fav are the last pair :)

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