Wednesday, December 22, 2010

last minute madness!

{via} sorry had too they were just too cute! Santa and his reindeer friend! 

Are you done with your holiday shopping? Theres only a few days left...yeeks for you & for Santa and his reindeer!!!!! Thankfully I am just about done. Well shoot I only had one person to buy for, and I haven't even gotten his main gift yet.....Bro I swear I won't disappoint!!! (Hubs and I are doing a no gift thang, and my gift to my Mom is volunteering with her - total win-win in my book!) 

Well if you are still on the hunt, or shoot come-on we all love to shop and will keep on doing it well after the holidays I found a great site for you to check out! It is kinda like a Beso or Shopstyle, except it is!!!! They catalog items from so many different sites and puts them all in one place for you!! How sweet!!!! Nothing better than typing in a single term, say 'Faux Mink Coat' (Umm hello don't we all want one.....I DO I DO!!!) and then wham sooo many to pick from.

This was one of my fav mink....Told ya!!! (I haven't seen this at Nordies before!)

They have mens and womens items of all shapes and sizes! Lacoste Classic Polos for Dad or maybe you have an Aunt who is a total outdoor enthusiast - who happens to love shoes - ta da women's Merrell Micca! (Cuz even the outdoor girl needs new shoes!) And maybe even a classic feminine voile blouse for yourself....I always tend to the 'one for you, one for me' while holiday shopping....maybe it was a good thing I barely had any gifts to buy this year....this site would have be disastrous!!! HEHE

Do you ladies have any sites like this that you love???

PS- Is anyones elses week crawling by....I am exhausted for no reason and work is a madhouse....why won't people go on vacation!??!?!


  1. oh my goodness that picture is too cute for words!!!!

    I am finished with shopping... now I have to wrap :( boo

  2. This week is moving at a glacial pace! Ugh. And sadly I am not done yet...can you believe it?! I'm the ultimate procrastinator. But that website is awesome...I'm a shopstyle girl usually but it's always good to venture out! xo

  3. OMG, that picture with the doggies is super cute.
    I am done with the Christmas shopping but I am in a mad rush to finish my friend's baby blanket so I can FedEx tomorrow. Then I will be done.

  4. i am totally getting a similar leopard faux fur coat from forever 21 this xmas!


  5. Im loving etsy for the same reason. I love finding everything i need in one place!!


  6. Tay I'm heading out to Canada where I will be avoiding any and all sites for over a week. My wallet is whistling a happy tune as I type.

    Have a marvelous and Merry Christmas, my friend!!


  7. those puppies are beyond precious! :)


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