Tuesday, December 21, 2010

keeping on the CHILLLLLL

Keeping up with the CHIL (see Chilly yesterday!)....today lets talk enCHILadas!!!! :) Pun, no good? Ok. So on to the Enchiladas. I can eat mexican food everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. Blame my California roots (and man they are strong!), however my Hubs he doesn't have a never ending desire for Mexican food like I do. So when I made these for the first time about a year ago, by literally trying to make a meal out of random ingredients, he was sold and requests them constantly. We even drove to two markets a couple weeks ago on the hunt for one single ingredient (Because he wanted them that bad!)

These enchiladas are  (1) Easy (2) delicious (3) soo good! (4) did I say easy?. They are tripple Hubs approved. As well a family approved - Mom, Bro and Mom's Fiance approved! (Carrie and Nicole...girls next time you shouldn't be so late for dinner ;) hehe)

Now there is no exact recipe, this is jsut the best guess as to the exact process I use when I make them. I'm sure there have been more precise, but that wouldn't make these as easy as they are....These are my go to crowd pleaser! 15 minutes prep/cooking. And then about 20-30 in the oven. Wham bam thank you ma'am!

What you need from the store:
- One Large can of Green Enchilada Sauce - 28 oz can
- 1 package of ground beef (I select ones that around 1-1.25 lbs and 90/10)
- 1 package of Chorizo (equal to about 16oz)
- 1 pack of flour tortillas (I use the super generic & basic Mission brand- the ones that are about 10'')
- 1 large bag of Mexican style shredded cheese
 -Refried Beans, Rice, Sour Cream and Salsa for serving.

 Grocery Store version, its my favorite. 
Our Chorizo. The only one our local grocery supplies and it rocks!!!
It is by the breakfast sausage in our store. 

To start: Preheat oven to 350. Brown the ground beef, and Chorizo in pan over med-med high heat, until cooked through.

While the meat is cooking set up a little assembly line for yourself. Open your enchilada sauce, take out a stack of room temp tortillas, and fill a bowl with about half to 2/3rds of the cheese. Also use this time to prep a casserole dish for the enchiladas - but pouring or spooning enough sauce to cover the bottom of the dish.

Now its time to build the enchiladas. Now we make large enchiladas in our house. One with some rice and beans will fill you to the brim! Step one - Tortilla, then meat. Scoop enough meat to comfortably fill you hand.

Then Top with a healthy mound of cheese.

Then you roll them up, and tuck under the end (It will help them to contain your filling and to keep the ends form drying out!) Continue to fill your dish. 

You will have plenty of the meat mixture left, it makes about two trays of large enchiladas (this is a 12x8ish pan). Now cover with lots of sauce!!! Make sure to get all around the edges, and in between! No spot uncovered! (Note: You probably won't use all the sauce, I don't, so don't be alarmed. But don't toss it just yet!!!)

Now with just as much cheese! No spots uncovered!!! :) You thank me in about 30 minutes when they are cheesy goodness! 

Then toss in the oven, and enjoy a margarita or two while they cook! Et volia mes amis!!!! I don't have a exact time in the oven, about 20 mins in peek are they bubbly and good? Yes, about done and ready to come out...not yet? then leave them in for a bit longer! 

Now because they are just that dang good, I didn't snap a picture of what one looks like on a dish because I was about 5 bites in while I realized. Whoops!!! ...but i'm sure you get the idea. Cheesy, meaty goodness! And trust me they are all that and more! Now we eat them with a side of refried beans and rice. 

For the rice I have been totally cheating (only bc I ran out of regular cook rice) - I have been using the Trader Joe's frozen brown rice. Cook rice in microwave as directed, and then when it comes out transfer to a bowl and spoon in a few heaping tablespoons of the left over sauce - instant mexican rice!!! 

It really doesn't get any easier folks!!! Do you love mexican as much as me?? If so you have to try, these are GREAT!!!! 


  1. Yum, I love Mexican food. And while I don't eat meat, enchiladas are easy to make vegetarian! I often make them with diced squash and "soyrizo" or whatever veggies I have around--so good!

  2. I have had a massive week long craving for mexican food. Chips and salsa every day for the last four days.... Saturday we made burritos, yesterday I went to Chipotle, and Thursday I am going to get tacos form our favorite mexican restaurant with a few friends.... when is it going to end haha

  3. They are everything I hoped they would be (in pictures of course)! I tried to make it on time but sadly when I said "go go gadget propeller" nothing happened...the nerve! haha. I am definitely gonna make these for the hubs...he will go crazy for them! Nice work lady..xo

  4. Yum! I am also OBSESSED with mexican food (and have no Cali roots to blame it on!). I definitely plan to try these. Not sure why I haven't thought about chorizo myself...

  5. Yummm, I love mexican!!! these look outrageously delicious!!!


  6. Love Enchiladas and seriously my husband could eat Mexican every single day. We had taco's last night and he wants them again tonight : ) At least he's easy right? I love all your photos.

  7. Did you say chorizo?? Step aside there's a stampede coming from the west named Carrie. Holy mother Taylor these things look and sound DELISH!! stomach is grumbling!!


  8. I'm hungry for Mexican! And it's only 9:30 am!

    Great post, thanks for the idea for dinner tonight! ;)

  9. yummmm! i want to try these tonight now that i'm home in ohio. seems so easy and i love enchiladas and could eat mexican daily. don't you miss it from cali?!


  10. wow! it looks to me that your are really a professional! would probably give it a try one of these days - they look yummy :)

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