Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A couple weeks ago when the weather started to turn more frigid than comfortable (you know below 60!) I started thinking about How I needed to bust out the crock-pot and take 'er for a spin! Now I am not gonna lie, the crock-pot and I don't always get along. Just ask the Hubs, he'll agree. However nothing good comes from not trying. So what's they saying... 'Get back on the Horse'. So I did just that!

So I busted my google skills and stumbled on this super easy and SUPER tasty White Bean, Chicken, and Sausage Chili.

{Finished product covered in shredded cheese and sour cream, this time along with a grilled cheese & turkey sandwich}

I tweeted about it right after I made it the first time, I was honestly amazed - WOW it was great! Please go out and make this now you and your stomach and your friends (if you invite them over) can thank me later!!!!

I followed the recipe pretty much spot on, I mean it is sooo easy, however I omitted corn - not a fan of corn in my chili. And the second time I made (which is pictured) I didn't have a jalapeno on hand, so I upped the dashes of cayenne pepper - PERFECTION!

Your Grocery List Should Include the following: (I purchased every single ingredient (minus the spices which were on hand) from my local Trader Joe's and I selected a Apple Chicken Sausage with Maple and it ROCKS!)

 Chop the onion, chicken breast & chicken sausage - then sauté til chicken is cooked through. 
 Layer in the goodness. Start with the drained beans. 
 Then your chicken/onion/sausage goodness. 
 Then all the remaining ingredients (Diced tomatoes and juice,/green salsa, spices, garlic and broth)
 Set your temp and time (3-4 on high. 6-8 on low) 
Stir it up and go about your merry way. Do as I did - go shopping in the snow, and come home to a perfect meal and a wonderful smelling house! 

I hope you all get to try this and enjoy! The first time I made it we ate it with cheddar biscuits a la Anna. And the second time we were starving so we ate with grilled cheese +turkey sandwiches. (Nikki please try this, I know the last one you made was too spicy - I think this will do the trick! )


  1. I am the "Chili Queen" but I have yet to try it with chicken which is a must!
    <3 Cara
    Lilac and Grey

  2. THANK YOU!! I have been waiting patiently for this amazing recipe and I will be making it tonight... it looks wonderful and super easy. Thanks again and I will let you know the results. xx

    ps I have the same crock pot.

  3. Oh what a wonderful recipe! I am not much of a cook, OK not at all, so when snow is in the forecast, I run out of the door and get cupcakes, chocolate and bubbly.

  4. such the domestic diva! looks D-lish!

  5. yayyy so happy you posted this! It looks even better than your description! I need to try it, looks amazing!

  6. yum yum yum! I love my using my crockpot

  7. What a treat to eat after waking up early and doing so many things!! Especially after going out taking pictures and shopping in the snow! Looks so delicious. xoxo

  8. That looks SO good, I'm going to have to give it a whirl.

  9. looks delicious! i love that green salsa from TJs

  10. Stop the freaking insanity. THIS looks yum-myyy!! Between you and Nikki and Annie and Alleen and LLT I'm going to be 700lbs!



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