Friday, December 31, 2010

there are just some things....part 2


I posted my 'Life List' a while back {here}- my version of a bucket list I guess.... And with the new year right on top of us (and for the fact I never have been good at resolutions), I figured adding to this list is a better choice and way I can look at what I want to accomplish!  I took a look at it the other day and said wow - there are a couple I need to update and some more I need to add! These are just some things I need to do! 

The BLUE are all new been there 'done's' that and the PURPLE are new adds!

1. Take a Photography Class
2. Re-Learn French, via a class or Rosetta Stone or both!
3. Learn Spanish
4. Get Married
5. Travel Europe for an extended amount of time (1 month plus)
6. Grow out my hair - IN PROCESS 
7. Plan a fabulous event - MY WEDDING, nothing outrageous but perfect to ME! 
8. Take Yoga classes
9. Run a Marathon - or half
10. Have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower
11. Walk the Great Wall of China
12. Visit the glaciers in Alaska
13. Own a house
14. Turn that house into a home!
15. Live in NYC - Turning out to be a real possibility, praying for within a year! 
16. Perform or compete in front of a large crowd
17. Volunteer at least once a month for a year - Already in the works, my orientation for PAWS is in January!  
18. Sail through the Panama Canal
19. Ski/Snowboard in the Swiss Alps
20. Take a gondola in Venice
21. Go on a week long camping trip, and rough it as much as I can
22. Read some of literature's Classics
23. Buy myself a classic pair of Loubitains (See Wedding Shoes)
24. Take a dance or Pilates group class
25. Cook at home every day for a month
26. Live in San Diego again
27. Surf in Australia
28. Hike in Yosemite
29. See the Pyraminds
30. Continue to live Debt free, except a mortgage - IN PROCESS, minus mortgage, still a renter ;) 
31. Ride an elephant in Thailand
32. Start a business
33. Go skydiving
34. Go to the Parthanon
35. Create a gallery of my own paintings (Our entry way showcases all my work, and living room my photos)
36. Live abroad
37. Vacation more, shop less. As hard as that maybe - EXPLORE! 
38. Read a book a Month (less trashy TV more reading!)
39. Keep up with eating healthy and working out regularly (work out 3-5 times a week)

I am sure there are plenty of items not on here - I can't already think of a few. But I like to have somewhere to start - a list you may call it to keep me on track ;)  

What would you add????  

What are your NYE plans? Sequins-sparkles and a fabulous evening??? I have no plans, except a lovely dinner with my Hubs, and of course maybe sequins on just because!!! Can't wait to hear your fun plans! See you on the 4th dolls!!! 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

throw 'em over your shoulder...

We all know I have a weakness for handbags - fine handbags, all shapes all sizes. I have pretty much rounded out my little 'classics' collection (as seen in Exhibits A, B, C, & newly added D. and were are not talking about E) - they range in style and color. I feel like these will last me a lifetime and I plan on making them! Now of course I am a girl and I will always look, temp fate, call it what you will. But I will try to look more with my eyes than my pocketbook.....for at least a while!

After all that mumbo look at what trouble I found while pursuing Bluefly over lunch I know I do not need, but you can't restrain dreaming!

A total drool worthy Prada Handbag.....Hello adorned with a crystal cluster - sublime!


Which led me to this little Rebecca Minkoff handbag! Mmmm so purdy!!!


OH and I can't forget about this Marc by Marc Jacobs stunner!!!!


But alas I am just looking (bc I am stocked up and soo happy with what I have!)...but I would totally vouch for any of you if you needed to get one of these... ;) I just realized they all have a long shoulder strap...hmmm. Weird coincidence me thinks.... Do you peruse Bluefly often like me....I love finding new items with discount, I am the worlds biggest window shopper/dreamer!!!

PS - Happy Thursday....the shortest weeks are always the longest!!! Last day of work for the week for me! 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas is over, Santa's sleigh is resting up for next year and the holiday season is almost over. Sigh. (I wish that also meant cold and snow were over, sadly I still have a solid 3 months to go! Oh well I guess!) I just wanted to share a little snap shot of the bounty Santa left under the tree for this good girl!

However first let me start this off by saying I am a lucky girl. One incredibly lucky girl. I have a husband who adores me ( and that I love ten times more than I can explain!), a Mom who is one of my best friends and a brother who I would do anything in the world for. They are my life, and my heart! They are the 'things' that made my holiday truly magical!!!

But Santa (read the Hubs, Mom and Bro) were very good to me too! ;) Here is a little glimpse....

YSL Muse (So much for not exchanging gifts...Hubs outdid himself! I broke the rules but my un-mentionables purchase didn't compare! ;O ). Polaroid Camera. And from my gift guides - Glitterati purse, NARS gloss, mini nail polishes, reusable sandwich tote, hostess apron, Monogramed Carafe,  Jewelry box. Also New NAVY gear and lots of laughs and hugs from my family! Told you I am incredibly blessed and lucky! I hope your holiday was just as joyous and fun! 

What were some of your favorite gifts??? Any unexpected ones that you totally love??? (last year here was mine!!!!) 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting in the know....Boot-a-licious!

Sorry I've been absent, I didn't die (obviously, since I am writing this!) - can we blame it on the...ummm...shoot lets not lie. I had a spectacular time doing nothing, nadda, zilch-zip-zero for the past couple days. It was glorious!!! Yesterday, I took and extra day off from work & I didn't even leave the house  - no, not once! Nor did I get out of Pjs or do anything (the FAB Hubs took the dog out and ordered in dinner!) My Holiday with my family was divine, I will share snap shots tomorrow!

However after the massive snow storm that dumped buckets of snow all over the eastern seaboard I figured I would share a little secret to getting through the winter (cuz I know not every one, read you lucky California dwellers will know....Hey I was one for 24+ yrs!!!) . Rain Boots/Wellingtons/Galoshes you name it or call it what you may - but know no little snow boot is gonna get you there or dry!

So I am no seasoned winter weather dweller. The typical mind-set of winter was maybe a heavier cardigan or light coat, and snow was something only seen when you went boarding/skiing in the mountains on a vacation! However, this being my third winter I have figured out the ropes and ways to survive.

Ok, so lets start. It snows. Snow is pretty an usually dry fluffy flakes. However sometimes you do get 'wet' snow, it is snowing my kinda warm out, ie 33 degrees, so it is heavier and mushier. But still note, both are still snow. See I had no idea of this before moving here! Snow was snow was snow. Ok back to the point, it's snowing the plows are out (hello NY - where were all your plows when it started coming, maintenance maintenance, not aftermath! ok, off the soapbox) and the plows blow all the snow to the side clearing the roadways. Behind them they spread a nice layer of salt, to make the roads less slippery.

Ok after said salt hits said snow, this is where HS chemistry and all that jazz comes into play. The salt and snow do something magical and turn into a slushy mess. Read giant slushy yucky puddles. Enter Rain Boot! (See now isn't that clear?!) Side Note: A couple days later when it is back to say 17 degree like early this morning, your reg snow boots will be just fine, because all those puddles are now frozen ices patches of goodness you can trapeze across with ease!

Ok long winded-ness...Ive been gone and missed you so!!! Ok, enter 'the keep your feet dry machine = Galosh!'!!!!!!

I have a pair of Hunter Wellingtons that I swear by....but one of these may be needing to be added very soon....thinking number 2!!! Every lady need a little Burberry Stripe in her life!  talk about the perfect weekend boot - stylish yet functional - esp since they are needed 4-5 months out of my year!! SOB!

{via} Classic yellow!!! 
{via} Don't these look just like these boots? 'Cept now I will be dry {here}

{via} Sparkles!!

{via} Timeless check and a pop of color!

Now throw on a heavy pair of socks, or a fleece liner and your toes will be toasty and dry all day!!!!Which do you like best??? Do you agree with my Rain-Boot methodology of making it through the snowiest of days dry???

Thursday, December 23, 2010



I hope you all have a perfect holiday with your families and friends! Have safe travels, copious amounts of laughs and enjoy the time spent with those you love! I can't wait for a day of shopping with my Mom tomorrow (sipping coffee, watching the madness, and enjoying ourselves!!!) - a couple days spent posted up on the couch with my brother and Hubs (video games and teasing - the BEST!) and most of all time spent with those that mean the world to me!!! And I wish you the same! Make sure to eat, drink and be merry - and share your Santa bounty after!!! ;)

See ya Monday loves!!! (PS-I found some new handbag lusts, and shoe musts, till next week! CIAO!)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

last minute madness!

{via} sorry had too they were just too cute! Santa and his reindeer friend! 

Are you done with your holiday shopping? Theres only a few days left...yeeks for you & for Santa and his reindeer!!!!! Thankfully I am just about done. Well shoot I only had one person to buy for, and I haven't even gotten his main gift yet.....Bro I swear I won't disappoint!!! (Hubs and I are doing a no gift thang, and my gift to my Mom is volunteering with her - total win-win in my book!) 

Well if you are still on the hunt, or shoot come-on we all love to shop and will keep on doing it well after the holidays I found a great site for you to check out! It is kinda like a Beso or Shopstyle, except it is!!!! They catalog items from so many different sites and puts them all in one place for you!! How sweet!!!! Nothing better than typing in a single term, say 'Faux Mink Coat' (Umm hello don't we all want one.....I DO I DO!!!) and then wham sooo many to pick from.

This was one of my fav mink....Told ya!!! (I haven't seen this at Nordies before!)

They have mens and womens items of all shapes and sizes! Lacoste Classic Polos for Dad or maybe you have an Aunt who is a total outdoor enthusiast - who happens to love shoes - ta da women's Merrell Micca! (Cuz even the outdoor girl needs new shoes!) And maybe even a classic feminine voile blouse for yourself....I always tend to the 'one for you, one for me' while holiday shopping....maybe it was a good thing I barely had any gifts to buy this year....this site would have be disastrous!!! HEHE

Do you ladies have any sites like this that you love???

PS- Is anyones elses week crawling by....I am exhausted for no reason and work is a madhouse....why won't people go on vacation!??!?!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

keeping on the CHILLLLLL

Keeping up with the CHIL (see Chilly yesterday!) lets talk enCHILadas!!!! :) Pun, no good? Ok. So on to the Enchiladas. I can eat mexican food everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. Blame my California roots (and man they are strong!), however my Hubs he doesn't have a never ending desire for Mexican food like I do. So when I made these for the first time about a year ago, by literally trying to make a meal out of random ingredients, he was sold and requests them constantly. We even drove to two markets a couple weeks ago on the hunt for one single ingredient (Because he wanted them that bad!)

These enchiladas are  (1) Easy (2) delicious (3) soo good! (4) did I say easy?. They are tripple Hubs approved. As well a family approved - Mom, Bro and Mom's Fiance approved! (Carrie and Nicole...girls next time you shouldn't be so late for dinner ;) hehe)

Now there is no exact recipe, this is jsut the best guess as to the exact process I use when I make them. I'm sure there have been more precise, but that wouldn't make these as easy as they are....These are my go to crowd pleaser! 15 minutes prep/cooking. And then about 20-30 in the oven. Wham bam thank you ma'am!

What you need from the store:
- One Large can of Green Enchilada Sauce - 28 oz can
- 1 package of ground beef (I select ones that around 1-1.25 lbs and 90/10)
- 1 package of Chorizo (equal to about 16oz)
- 1 pack of flour tortillas (I use the super generic & basic Mission brand- the ones that are about 10'')
- 1 large bag of Mexican style shredded cheese
 -Refried Beans, Rice, Sour Cream and Salsa for serving.

 Grocery Store version, its my favorite. 
Our Chorizo. The only one our local grocery supplies and it rocks!!!
It is by the breakfast sausage in our store. 

To start: Preheat oven to 350. Brown the ground beef, and Chorizo in pan over med-med high heat, until cooked through.

While the meat is cooking set up a little assembly line for yourself. Open your enchilada sauce, take out a stack of room temp tortillas, and fill a bowl with about half to 2/3rds of the cheese. Also use this time to prep a casserole dish for the enchiladas - but pouring or spooning enough sauce to cover the bottom of the dish.

Now its time to build the enchiladas. Now we make large enchiladas in our house. One with some rice and beans will fill you to the brim! Step one - Tortilla, then meat. Scoop enough meat to comfortably fill you hand.

Then Top with a healthy mound of cheese.

Then you roll them up, and tuck under the end (It will help them to contain your filling and to keep the ends form drying out!) Continue to fill your dish. 

You will have plenty of the meat mixture left, it makes about two trays of large enchiladas (this is a 12x8ish pan). Now cover with lots of sauce!!! Make sure to get all around the edges, and in between! No spot uncovered! (Note: You probably won't use all the sauce, I don't, so don't be alarmed. But don't toss it just yet!!!)

Now with just as much cheese! No spots uncovered!!! :) You thank me in about 30 minutes when they are cheesy goodness! 

Then toss in the oven, and enjoy a margarita or two while they cook! Et volia mes amis!!!! I don't have a exact time in the oven, about 20 mins in peek are they bubbly and good? Yes, about done and ready to come out...not yet? then leave them in for a bit longer! 

Now because they are just that dang good, I didn't snap a picture of what one looks like on a dish because I was about 5 bites in while I realized. Whoops!!! ...but i'm sure you get the idea. Cheesy, meaty goodness! And trust me they are all that and more! Now we eat them with a side of refried beans and rice. 

For the rice I have been totally cheating (only bc I ran out of regular cook rice) - I have been using the Trader Joe's frozen brown rice. Cook rice in microwave as directed, and then when it comes out transfer to a bowl and spoon in a few heaping tablespoons of the left over sauce - instant mexican rice!!! 

It really doesn't get any easier folks!!! Do you love mexican as much as me?? If so you have to try, these are GREAT!!!! 

Monday, December 20, 2010


Lets' play a little game, shall we. Sure, sounds like a great way to start a Monday! What's black, red and a little bit chilly....give up? ME! Those are the highs and lows of yesterdays outfit!!! Not gonna lie, I knew I wouldn't be warm enough to walk for hours, but honestly I am already sick of long coats and frigid days - so I threw caution to the wind and did what any girlie girl does - she turns to her closet to make her happy! (wait that's not just me right!?!) Shirts with sparkles and french sayings, buttery soft leather,  boots with edge, and layers to bundle up with!

So with out further ado, here's how to not dress for 20 degrees with a wind chill of 10. But if you do you will look cute (if I do say so myself!) and freeze your toosh off (after the 10th block or so!)!

Fancy new to figure out how to hide it from shots....hmm. 

 If you can't laugh at yourself sure are missing out! 
(jeans are a faded black...but look kinda blue, weird!) 

Ok, so obviously I had to have worn more than above, and you are darn tooting right! Gloves, scarf, an headband/ear warmer to name a few! (I also have on over the knee socks...under the jeans obvs...and then an undershirt under the T. Pretty much indicating it is way too cold to be enjoyable :) !...oh California I miss you!) So here's as I was walking out the door! 

Knit Headband- Local boutique. Sunnies - Ray-Ban New WayfersScarf - Waay Old. 
Leather Jacket - Anthro. Sweater - Urban Outfitters. T-Shirt - J.Crew. 
Jeans - F21. Boots - MIA. Gloves - J.Crew. Handbag - LV. 

What a great weekend! Bro came home for the holidays...Family dinners...Shopping and coffee with Miss Anna (which was such a pleasure! Girl I am soo ready to go again!!!)...Movies and relaxing with the Hubs!!!! (Now for what I hope to be a short work week...Totally wishing I took more time off of work, oh well....stocked up PTO will be handy for a couple big vacations next year (praying!)! How were your weekends? Did you finish your christmas shopping???

Friday, December 17, 2010

S.P. to the A.R. to the K.L.E.

Because I can't get enough.....


...Enough SPARKLE that is!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY and WEEKEND LOVES!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Outfit Envy

I am going to start a little series I am going to call outfit envy. Random photos from around the internet, that make me envious I don't own all those pieces. Ok? does that work for you? Will you envy right along side me?

First up.....


DIE. This is from over a yr ago...these lovies ladies knew what was going on!!! (Mom - WE MUST GO BACK TO ZARA AND GET ME THAT CHEETAH COAT STAT!!!!) This is what I want to look like everyday..... booties, skinny jean/slacks, huge totes, sexy blouses, baby Chanels, retro glasses. 


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

all wrapped up!

As promised yesterday, here is a 'whole' snap shot of my Christmas decor!!! And a little how I took my theme and added touches of it around the house, and where is found some great goodies on the cheap!

Tree, all lit up and sparkly!!!! Notice Garland.

 DIY Garland, in a simple link pattern - looping stripes of paper together like in elementary school - so simple and looks fab! I took the same paper and folded into thirds, then ripped and glued. The gently ripped edges too just like the nearby wreath !!! Notice Gold and Silver ornaments! Gold ornaments are new this year...head to the dollar store ladies! I swear. Edit and you will be sooo surprised! 5 dollars and I have a tree full of ornaments that look just like my $10/pc ones! 
 Silver frames, random red ornaments (they are all around the house!), vintage gold candlesticks (Goodwill for 99cents each!), creamy candles to match the book pages! 
 The same 'loops' used in garland were used to hang our cream stockings. We don't have a mantle so I hung them in the same area on large painting. 
The whole shebang! I tried to step back and squeeze everything in! Left to right: Tree, desk with Nutcracker and added gold Eiffel tower! Wreath. Stockings. {To the left of the tree is the entertainment unit which has the gold candlesticks} In the kitchen I have an arrangement of mason jars (just waiting for another fresh bunch of flowers - red roses preferably - HUBS?? so not pictured!) 

 So that is a little snap shot of how I decorated for Christmas this year!!!! Thoughts??? I in total spent in the ballpark of 60 bucks, and 40+ of that was my tree! Just time, DIY love and a bit of searching and I LOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DIY: Holiday Decor - Wreath Number 2

UPDATE - I reloaded the last picture, not sure why it was so out of focus....Computers! 

One wasn't enough was it (Holiday DIY Wreath Part 1)?????

Because one totally fun and easy DIY Christmas wreath wasn't enough...I went out and made another!!! I was stumbling around the amazing bloggie-land and found a  great design/craft blog and then before you know it I knew the theme to this years holiday decor. Our house is a silver, vintage gold and cream dream (with touches of red)! (ha! cream dream...sounds so naughty!) hehe, alas here is the tutorial I followed for my basic design! 

The goods you'll need: Glue Gun, lots of glue sticks, vintage books (try and find some with thinner pages, I wish my weren't so thick, I might even remake if can find one! It took only one book, and I picked mine up from the local Goodwill for under 2 bucks). Also a wreath form (I like the green wreath I had from the first wreath better, it was perfectly round, vs this one which was flat on the back - live and learn!) and a couple hours of time.  
Rip your pages out.
Fold then up, ripped edge out - more character!
Glue other end together to secure your ruffle.
Glue down.
Repeat, all the way around.

Flip it over, this is your base layer
Keep layering. 

Voila!!!  I added, two poinsettia like felt flowers I made to make it a little more Christmas-y-festive. 
[Flowers - I cut out 4 of the same shape flower out of red felt, layered two and 
then sewed read and clear seed beads to the center and pined them in place]

Tomorrow I will show the tree, and all the silver/gold/cream touches I added to the living room to help bring the decor theme together (on the cheap!) Do you guys stick to a theme? Or is it all or nothing? I love decorating!!! :) 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift Guide: Dreaming

Just in case Santa won the lottery in the past year....or if someone really loves the fashionista of the household! Or does the Man in your life owe you something pretty.....or is original art your thing - GET THESE!!!! (I would loooooove these!) Original  archival prints from Vogue's vault. Le Sigh. Stunning.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! We went to a Bulls game, ran into friends (then went out drinking!) and hid out from the baby blizzard we had on Sunday! How were yours???