Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful wishes!

Happy Thanksgiving dolls!!!!!! I hope you enjoy your long weekends (if you get them) and enjoy all this time with family and friends! I wish you a wonderful weekend full of joy and laughter! 

I know I will be stuffing myself full of tasty food later today, playing video games with the Hubs and Bro till my fingers get sore, getting out the holiday decor and joying a break from work!!! 


Here are a few things I am thankful for this year! 
- A husband who loves more than I'm sure I even know! He is the best thing that could have ever happened to me and I hope he knows how truly grateful I am and how utterly happy he always makes me! 
- I am thankful to have a full weekend to spend with my brother- to torment, to laugh , to tease and to have fun with - hey it is what big sisters are for! 
-I am thankful I have a job, and the means to provide for my little family, to have heat for the coming winter, and full bellies when we are hungry. 
- I am thankful for the spirit that has been renewed within me - from taking my photography class I am re-discovering my artistic/creative soul - it is still alive and inside! I won't let it fade this time! 
-And I am thankful for this blog! I am thankful for all the virtual friends it has created! A few of you I can honestly say are real friends! We chat on the phone, we exchange emails and we text! I have met new amazing people in Chicago because of this blog! And for this I am thankful! 

Til next week loves! xx-T


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!! xo

  3. Love this post! Hope you had a great turkey day!

  4. Love this list.. SO happy that you got back in touch with your creative side! I am really feeling the need to do that myself - thank you for the reminder :)

  5. glad he generally makes me! I am appreciative to have an entire end of the week to go through with my sibling to torment, to snicker , to prod and to mess around with - hello it is the thing that older siblings are for! I am appreciative I have an occupation, and the way to accommodate my little family, to have heat for the coming winter, and full tummies when we are eager. I'm working here Cheap Essay Writing Service I am grateful for the soul that has been restored inside me - from taking my photography class I am re-finding my aesthetic/imaginative soul - it is as yet alive and inside! I won't let it blur this time!

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