Monday, November 29, 2010

so thankful!

Wow, what a perfect weekend!!! I guess I didn't realize how much I needed a few extra days off til I had them!!! (my stock of PTO will definitely be used once we roll into the new year!!!)

I cooked and ate entirely too much on Thursday! I was sooo pre-occupied with cooking and eating to remember to snap any photos to document a cute outfit! the tasty food! and all the wonderful time spent with my family!!! (totally regretting it now, all the above were documenting worthy ;0 )

Friday was spent picking up from the feast the day before, laundry and some fun craftiness! oh I did go shopping early on Friday morning, but I was at the car shop getting a flat tire fixed only to find out we need to get our breaks replaced very soon (like this week!) and while busting my DIY skills I noticed I lost a diamond from my wedding band!!!! Oh course! I mean when it rains it pours. I didn't let it get me upset, because it wasn't like I did anything to make it happen - so to the jewelers I go next week.

Saturday I did you all proud and shopped it up! the Hubs and I bundled up and spent the day strolling the Mag Mile with my Mom and Bro - a total blast!!!!  I spotted a few items I want to think about a bit more before I pull the trigger - leather leggings, new jeggings and another chunky knit sweater. I did score a couple pieces I had been eyeing at J.Crew (on sale, sweet!) and a totally funky dress from H&M! But more than all that I was so much fun just spending the day with them!

And yesterday was bliss. A day spent hoping from the bed to the couch and back. I didn't get out of PJ's! We finished off the mountains of leftovers and the Hubs and enjoyed being indoors and away from the cold!

How were your weekends? Did you eat entirely too much like me? I am already ready for all the long weekends coming up!!! Till then....... :) Yeeks, I am soo excited to start all the Christmas decorating....Next week will be fun!!!!! (and I won't forget to document!)

(I am giving up on adding some photos today.....thank you blogger!!! Sorry loves!!!!)


  1. sounds like you had a perfect weekend. while i dreaded monday (today), it will be nice to get back into a non-binge eating routine. :)

  2. Ooo, leather leggings - get them!

    Sorry to hear about your diamond but it sounds like you have it all under control.

  3. So glad you had a great time this holiday.
    What dress did you get at H&M? And isn't interesting that stuff at JCrew is going on sale so quickly now? Not that I am complaining, but it seems like things go on sale so fast nowadays.
    Sorry about your ring. It will get fixed in no time, you will see.

  4. Awwww that seriously sounds like the perfect few days off. I would have loved to have seen pics, but your description was great alone :) Glad you had such a perfect Thanksgiving!!

  5. Your weekend definitely sounds like it was an adventure! I too ate so much and and then shopped all night into the morning on Friday...nuts! So glad you had a nice weekend. xo

  6. Im so happy you guys had a great Thanksgiving! It sounds perfect!


  7. I'm sitting here with a mouth full of banana cream pie cursing the fact that I cannot go into early retirement. At least retirement until January 2nd?? Taylor why can't leather leggings go on sale? WHY??

    I want some turkey on a bun.


  8. I'm laughing at Carrie's comment above!! But glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving - I agree a few extra days here and there sure make a world of a difference when you're back at work!

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