Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Slave for Fashion, Part Duex

I had sooo much fun on Saturday waiting in the cold - all in the name of fashion of course! I thought I would continue the fun and share some more with you! So how about my day in iPhone photos?! I know so many of you were unable to attend or to get any of the highly lusted after pieces but next time I say we plan ahead, girls weekend and waiting in line all night! Plan?!

I am in! and I hope you enjoy these as well!

 Oh Brr!!!!
 The front of the carpet 'n ALL! - We don't like these people - or a select few, bc they were holding spots!!! 

Here's the deets, as heard and retold by me, as i remember her telling me on next-to-no-sleep. Note at roughly 7am a store manager came down the line counting, I was right around 53. A girl who arrived shortly after midnight was in the line, about number 10 in line. She was talking through out the night to people around her and some blatantly said they were eBay sellers and that they had a bunch of friends with them. (she only saw two people waiting) Really she said. They are in a hotel room sleeping and will be down soon. Then around 630 they came down. Thus pushing me and the others behind down the line. I was in the fourth corral meaning I had to be numbers between 61-80. I am not sure why no one said anything, and the girl stated the security wasn't out yet....oh well I guess. I got some of the items i really wanted and I still had a blast. But you can but your unborn kids, if I saw someone cut in front of me I would have said a thing or two! (I only saw people cut the line behind me, and that wasn't really my place to say anything, or so I felt)

More line that is just around the corner from the front. My spot is next the guy on the right. 
& Me gets a tad cranky bc my toes had no feeling!
Starbucks delivery!
Wristband, and good timeslot love! (Of course you know I saved it right?! Its living int eh shoe box!)


  1. How fun,...Like two years ago my boyfriend and I sat out in front of Best Buy for Black Friday from around 5:00pm-5:00am for some computers! It was crazy, and freezing....But we didn't encounter any cutting in front of us because everyone thought my boyfriend was security! haha.

  2. ugh some people.

    Glad you had fun!

  3. I don't think I could do it! I'm seriously impressed.

  4. Holy cow! I didn't know that people did this :) How funny! and a little crazy, but mostly awesome!

  5. OMG this is crazy!!!!!! Must have been such an adventure!!!!


  6. @Nikki it was SOO FUN! Next big colab we need to do it together! :) It was a total blast!

  7. such mayhem, but you lived to tell about it! and you definitely scored some goodies.

    happy thanksgiving, taylor!

  8. wow sounds crazy but fun like you say, a story to tell your kids! show us what you got!

  9. Love the adventure and excitement of it all! If only we lived on the same coast I would be hitting that up with you for sure! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. xo

  10. I love it. You are too cute! By they way, I work in that church you sat across the entire night. It's funny to see it from another angle. AND those are my Starbucks employees -- I love them all and see them way more than I should!

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

  11. What warriors!!! That takes some serious dedication! Happy thanksgiving :D

  12. wow, that is absolute CRAZINESS! you got some great stuff though, love the leopard bag!

    xoxo happy thanksgiving!


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