Friday, November 5, 2010

new DO!

Mama gotta new like????? ;)

I always envy others fancy get-ups, I mean their amazing layouts and blog headers - alas I attempted to do it on my own however without the proper editing software and skill set we were left with the best I could do. So I called in the big guns!!! I called my girl Danielle, and she knew exactly what to do!

Danielle, who happens to also be a fellow California girl who just moved to Chicago!!! and blogger and FRIEND - is AUH-Mazing!!! She is fast and soooo wonderful to work with! I rambled off a list of what I thought I liked, then she helped me to focus in on what would be more of what I would actually want...girl knows me and her stuff well! ;) I am very thankful for the internet and its totally random way of introducing us!!! YAY!

I would highly recommend her to anyone, please run over and say HI! Tell her Taylor sent you!!!

Don't you love it?????

PS - D lets do some shopping soon girl!!! Me misses you! :) 


  1. Love the new look......Danielle knows you reading both blogs every day......hate when either of you take a day off .......

  2. L-O-V-E! The new you looks amazing!

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!! Awesome, really it is

  4. LOVE your new look! The new header is so sexy and chic! Love everything!
    have a great weekend!!!!
    PS have you received your giveaway package yet!? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. i love it! such a chic, new look. (emailing you this weekend)

  6. Yay is right- it looks very pretty! It's nice and clean.

  7. I'm loving your new look....although as a fellow curly girl, I was sort of hoping it would actually be a hair 'do you were that maybe I could steal it for my own mismanaged mop! xoxo

  8. Loving the new's so super chic! Have a great weekend. xo

  9. Lovesit girl! YAHHHOOOOOOOOO!


  10. ps-i thought you meant haircut. bahaha!

  11. You are so SWEET. You know how I feel about your wedding pics, so really -- how could I go wrong?

    And YES. When can I see you. Pick a date, sweets. I'm in. I leave town the week before thanksgiving, so let's make it happen before then. What are you doing next weekend? Call me. Text me. Email me. Facebook me. Tweet me.

    38 ways to touch base. Let's make it happen.



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