Monday, November 8, 2010

- I made a dent in the magazine stack. 3 down 2 go...til we get to the new Dec issues!
- I caught up on a couple weeks worth of laundry (leaving town is a hassle sometimes, with regards to my chore schedule only!).
- I cleaned house like a made woman.
- I cooked two hearty dinners and a cinnamon roll treat breakfast. (One would think I was feeing a family of four...must learn to make smaller portions, only feeding two - or three when Mom comes over!)
- I made nice with the DVR and all my trashy TV shows!
- I had a great and delish dinner out with the Hubs and Mom and her fiance! Double date and it was a blast!
- I only got out of PJ's ONCE, and it was divine!!!!!!!

How were your weekends???


  1. My weekend was similar, trashy shows on the DVR, PJ's, and tons of laundry and cleaning! Too bad I didn't have someone take me out to dinner for all my hard work! HA
    Have a great week!

  2. So jealous of you reading magazines this weekend! I have a large pile too but work has been crazy. But next Monday night, I am opening some wine and will start making a dent on that pile.
    Weekend was good, hubby and I had a great time and we had the most amazing southern meal ever.

  3. I had a few too many margaritas on Friday night and it put me under for the entire next day. I am getting old! Then I watched A LOT of My so-called Life -- gotta love it! I wish I had made a dent in my magazine stack.

  4. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend! A clean house, cooking, magazines, tv-bliss!

  5. In other words, your weekend was PERFECT!!!!


  6. Your weekend sounds lovely, except for the cleaning part!!! I was able to go through my magazines to only to come up with more things for my hubby to do around the house, LOL!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

    ps Shopping was fun yesterday and I always find too many great things and spend way too much money :)

  7. wow busy to say the least.

    I got to meet up with my best friend and shop!!! it was amazing.

    and of course I got some much needed time with the hubs

  8. ha--I only got out of PJs once, too! love it!



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