Saturday, November 13, 2010

get ready for the GIFT!

Crazy how fast the year goes by right?!?! I can't believe it is mid November and time to start Holiday Shopping! I remember last new years eve (asleep on couch well before the ball drop) and our wedding in June - like they were yesterday!!!

But here we are amidst the last days of fall, and all the retailers are in full on Holiday mode! So if you are anything like I am normally, you have no idea what to get the people on your list! Sometimes you procrastinate ultimately buying something on a whim, and not what you felt was the best possible gift. So I spent sometime compiling various lists...and lists, in all types of categories. I hope they help you to spark an idea, lead you to the perfect gift for a loved one or friend....and maybe even a gift you didn't know you were searching for! I plan to post a new categories each day and I hope you enjoy!

Oh, I forgot to mention for my gift guides - I searched a bunch of different websites (favs, new ones, all over) so they will definetly vary. I did however, try to utilize Esty as much as possible. Etsy is a wonderful online resource for handmade gifts and creations. I feel that it is always waaay better to give than get, and what better way to give is to help someone's personal business or passion! (maybe it is just me, but I think it is a really cool gesture to make!)

So to kick of the Holiday spirit and get you all geared up, I thought I would share an email I received this past Friday morning - a forwarded email from my Mom.

Subject: FWD - From the Big Guy

got this e-mail and am forwarding it to you guys......

Dear Taylor, Brian & Cole's Mom,

I am patiently awaiting the "wish list" from your children.  I realize they are now too big to come sit on my lap and whisper in my ear and that's why I am relying on you for some help.  I really need that list soon so that I can "check it twice".   I know I don't have to worry about whether they were "bad or good" this year because not once did I hear you threaten any of them that you were going to call me to cancel their Christmas.  It's funny to go an entire year and not hear your voice - the elves were wondering what was up !!!!!

Have to run - but please get me the list as soon as possible.  I need specifics.  If they ask for gift cards I need to know the store.  I'm magical but I'm not a mind reader. 

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season......Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow........Sorry, but it makes it easier on the reindeer's and the sled if the rooftops are covered in snow.



Seriously I did!!!! :) 


  1. I love this letter!
    I cannot believe that the holidays are upon us. I have not even started my yearly holiday project (thank you very much super big project at work), but I will start soon. I have not even bought my Christmas cards and I am usually ahead of the game.

  2. I'm trying to buy from Etsy as much as possible this year too! I feel better about supporting individuals instead of the big stores and I love that the gifts are unique and you won't find someone else with the exact same thing.

  3. I love this post in so many ways! I cannot wait to see your holiday shopping guide! Yay!
    Happy Monday sweets!

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