Friday, November 12, 2010


One of my least favorite parts of working in Corporate America is the 'uniform'. Slacks, pencil skirts, attire, is fun but only for so long. I don't mind getting dressed up, but I wish it could be in soley what I wanted, ya know? This feeling of irritation , if you want to call it that, started more so lately. Recently I changed roles and I now work on a virtual national team. I do not sit with coworkers, or with my boss. They sit coast to coast in other offices. I sit in the corner and have meeting after meeting, after conference call - all virtual.

So no one really sees me, my clients are all virtual as well (I work in operations so my clients are internal employees), hence my little frustration. Honestly, I could do my job from my bed, just as easily as I could do it sitting at a desk in an office wearing a suit.....but alas I do have to go into the office everyday and get business-ed up! So lately I have been adding what I am calling flair.... :) Little touches to make me feel more me, and to use some opportunities to use what is in my closet more often!

Here are snap shots from this weeks 'flair'! (Now, don't get me wrong, I have worn some if not all these items before to work, but now I am just trying to dress a little more me...but still within the realm of Corporate Americas guidelines!)

Feathered Flower Pin

Patterned Tights and Laceless Oxfords (really both black, but apparently not here! & yes my legs are on my desk!) 

Chunky Ruffles, Multiple Bracelets and Vintage Digital Watch

Checkers, Layered Diamonds (rings and necklace), & a Lunchtime Mani!
 (New Essie color Luxedo - similar but way better than Lincoln Park After Dark)

New Sunnies (surprise gift from the Hubs) 
time change and nice weather has allowed for wearing of sunglasses on the way in each morning 

Do you struggle not getting to wear alot of your closet or not always feeling like you, as well??? 

PS - Thanks for all your GREAT bedroom comments, I am soo excited!! Yes I know white is dangerous for most, it will be in our house too - but I am already doing laundry/sheets often what is one more item?! ;) 

Also, as the Holidays are drawing near I have/am compiling for fun gift be prepared for Curly's Gift Guide Bonaza next week! (I already want EVERY ITEM I've found....HINT Mom aka Santa I will take any and or ALL!!!!) 

oh don't forget HAPPY FRIDAY and GOOD WEEKENDS LOVES!!! 


  1. I totally know the whole corporate dress attire, not the most exciting wardrobe.

    Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

  2. I love this post! I'm lucky and work in an environment where I can basically dress how I please. Though, I kinda need to step up my game in that department. I've gotten so lazy!

  3. I couldn't agree more! It's so hard to get dressed for 'work', try being yourself, all while staying within the guidelines of corporate america. I love your accessories and details that make you, you! You continue to inspire me!
    Happy Friday!!

  4. I am a huge fan of patterend tights... I wear them opretty much daily!

  5. Those Laceless Oxfords = FABULOUS!!!

  6. I love that feather pin in the first photo! where on earth did you find it?

  7. I'm a huge ray ban fan! I love the shape of those sunglasses! Fab!

  8. ooh love all your flair! and what a great hubs to bring you home surprise gifts! just found you blog and i love it! ;) xx

  9. Show em the flair girl! Hope you have a great weekend! xo


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