Tuesday, November 30, 2010

keeping on track

I have a little secret...it helps me to not go totally broke. It is my savior! I love it. I wish sometimes items I want would appear then I wouldn't feel guilty for buying them! Shall I explain?

Ok, so as much as I would like to spend with abandon I wasn't born into the Hilton family (or Vanderbilt or any uber wealthy family you can think of!) nor am I racking in mounds & mounds of dough at the job! So I budget. I have to think about the purchases I want.  I save for the items I have thought about for a while (trying to no make impulse buys!) 

So I have a list (I have more than one list, but this isn't a discussion about that! I may or may not have like 10 lists, in my cell phone sad but true - I like lists.) When an item pops up in a mag or I keep 'needing' in my mind it goes on the list. I try to stick to the list. I am not going to say I don't ever skip away from the list - but I do try to stick to it as much as I can. I also have items that never make it to the list.... like new bras and undies...I don't think those deserve the list. Those are necessities and I can talk my way through those pricey purchases any day! (Hey I am no equal-opportunity-undies wearer! I have favs and those are the only ones I wear! Another post for another time!) Same for make-up and skin care.

So here is the list as it was mid-day yesterday (when I emailed it to myself). It has since been updated - leather jacket (the Anthro one), stalked and SCORE (on sweet SALE!)!!! Ok so back to the list. Here it is.

So once I purchase an item off the list, I move it to the bottom, until I make sure A- I like it, B- it is the right one. There are lots and LOTS of things not on this list that I like or would NEED to have but.....these are the smart choices I should be making. {That dress from H&M this past weekend - not on the list, but 20% off and it is totally fun! oh well, I didn't look at the list then! But it is kinda leather-ish so it is sorta...see I can talk my way through a lot ;)} 

How do you stay on track? Or am I just a silly-list lady (Hubs don't answer that!)?

Monday, November 29, 2010

so thankful!

Wow, what a perfect weekend!!! I guess I didn't realize how much I needed a few extra days off til I had them!!! (my stock of PTO will definitely be used once we roll into the new year!!!)

I cooked and ate entirely too much on Thursday! I was sooo pre-occupied with cooking and eating to remember to snap any photos to document a cute outfit! the tasty food! and all the wonderful time spent with my family!!! (totally regretting it now, all the above were documenting worthy ;0 )

Friday was spent picking up from the feast the day before, laundry and some fun craftiness! oh I did go shopping early on Friday morning, but I was at the car shop getting a flat tire fixed only to find out we need to get our breaks replaced very soon (like this week!) and while busting my DIY skills I noticed I lost a diamond from my wedding band!!!! Oh course! I mean when it rains it pours. I didn't let it get me upset, because it wasn't like I did anything to make it happen - so to the jewelers I go next week.

Saturday I did you all proud and shopped it up! the Hubs and I bundled up and spent the day strolling the Mag Mile with my Mom and Bro - a total blast!!!!  I spotted a few items I want to think about a bit more before I pull the trigger - leather leggings, new jeggings and another chunky knit sweater. I did score a couple pieces I had been eyeing at J.Crew (on sale, sweet!) and a totally funky dress from H&M! But more than all that I was so much fun just spending the day with them!

And yesterday was bliss. A day spent hoping from the bed to the couch and back. I didn't get out of PJ's! We finished off the mountains of leftovers and the Hubs and enjoyed being indoors and away from the cold!

How were your weekends? Did you eat entirely too much like me? I am already ready for all the long weekends coming up!!! Till then....... :) Yeeks, I am soo excited to start all the Christmas decorating....Next week will be fun!!!!! (and I won't forget to document!)

(I am giving up on adding some photos today.....thank you blogger!!! Sorry loves!!!!)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful wishes!

Happy Thanksgiving dolls!!!!!! I hope you enjoy your long weekends (if you get them) and enjoy all this time with family and friends! I wish you a wonderful weekend full of joy and laughter! 

I know I will be stuffing myself full of tasty food later today, playing video games with the Hubs and Bro till my fingers get sore, getting out the holiday decor and joying a break from work!!! 


Here are a few things I am thankful for this year! 
- A husband who loves more than I'm sure I even know! He is the best thing that could have ever happened to me and I hope he knows how truly grateful I am and how utterly happy he always makes me! 
- I am thankful to have a full weekend to spend with my brother- to torment, to laugh , to tease and to have fun with - hey it is what big sisters are for! 
-I am thankful I have a job, and the means to provide for my little family, to have heat for the coming winter, and full bellies when we are hungry. 
- I am thankful for the spirit that has been renewed within me - from taking my photography class I am re-discovering my artistic/creative soul - it is still alive and inside! I won't let it fade this time! 
-And I am thankful for this blog! I am thankful for all the virtual friends it has created! A few of you I can honestly say are real friends! We chat on the phone, we exchange emails and we text! I have met new amazing people in Chicago because of this blog! And for this I am thankful! 

Til next week loves! xx-T

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Slave for Fashion, Part Duex

I had sooo much fun on Saturday waiting in the cold - all in the name of fashion of course! I thought I would continue the fun and share some more with you! So how about my day in iPhone photos?! I know so many of you were unable to attend or to get any of the highly lusted after pieces but next time I say we plan ahead, girls weekend and waiting in line all night! Plan?!

I am in! and I hope you enjoy these as well!

 Oh Brr!!!!
 The front of the line...red carpet 'n ALL! - We don't like these people - or a select few, bc they were holding spots!!! 

Here's the deets, as heard and retold by me, as i remember her telling me on next-to-no-sleep. Note at roughly 7am a store manager came down the line counting, I was right around 53. A girl who arrived shortly after midnight was in the line, about number 10 in line. She was talking through out the night to people around her and some blatantly said they were eBay sellers and that they had a bunch of friends with them. (she only saw two people waiting) Really she said. They are in a hotel room sleeping and will be down soon. Then around 630 they came down. Thus pushing me and the others behind down the line. I was in the fourth corral meaning I had to be numbers between 61-80. I am not sure why no one said anything, and the girl stated the security wasn't out yet....oh well I guess. I got some of the items i really wanted and I still had a blast. But you can but your unborn kids, if I saw someone cut in front of me I would have said a thing or two! (I only saw people cut the line behind me, and that wasn't really my place to say anything, or so I felt)

More line that is just around the corner from the front. My spot is next the guy on the right. 
& Me gets a tad cranky bc my toes had no feeling!
Starbucks delivery!
Wristband, and good timeslot love! (Of course you know I saved it right?! Its living int eh shoe box!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pretty Kitty!

Please interpret that title anyway you like ;) But I wasn't hinting at lady parts - I was talking the little cheetah that now resides on my feet (well as often as I choose to wear them!). I will share a bunch more photos from the Lanvin <3 H&M tomorrow, just giving you all little break and honestly just need a free moment to get them ALL off my phone! Till then.....

More new shoes! In addition to my new cheetah clutch..... now theses beauties.....RAWR!!! I am totally fur-ocious now! (ok I'll stop!)

{taken with my iPhone, sorry for the quality & Why do my feet look swollen in the second shot?!} 

My new TB Revas, in Cheetah/Leopard.  I love them!!! I am thinking of all the other colors I want now!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Slave for Fashion

Well, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you already know but if not allow me to fill you in! I was Captain of the Crazy Train this past Saturday!!!

I am sure you heard or knew about the Lanvin/H&M collaboration, well this past Saturday it hit stores. So I thought about on Friday - coming to the conclusion I wanted some! Want some real bad. So I tweeted about it and found out the lines might be kind brutal. I called the store at 10:00pm, right after closing and there were already 15 people in line. The dilemma  - what time to I go? will the line be super long? blah blah blah. I bit the bullet and decided I would catch a ride downtown with the Hubs when he headed into work (Saturdays he starts at 4:00am).

So 2:30am my alarm went off, I got ready (shaved and straightened my hair, why told ya I was Captain Crazy Train), and away we went! We pulled up at 3:45 I hopped out and jumped in line! The waiting began!!!! Thankfully I sat next to a really sweet girl - she shared her blanket, we discussed what we wanted and we waited some more. It was freezing out, thank goodness I thought ahead and brought a beanie and mittens. After tweeting about the line, the cold and how it was going I got a bunch of tweets back - how many people were after me, etc. I felt like on-scenes reporter! It was fun, I also read all about how crazy it was getting on the east coast, mainly NYC - an hour ahead of me. And then through the amazingness of twitter - I was delivered Hot Chocolate by a fellow Chicago Fashionista. Nikia walked down the line calling my name out - I popped out of the blanket wand was like 'I am Taylor'....I had started dozing off and hadn't gotten her tweet that she was bringing it for me! Shocked and sooo glad I had something warm to consume. The 30 degrees and the lack of foot feeling was starting to get old!

(Freezing, glasses aren't even straight and someone using my camera who didn't focus! Oh well, here I am!)

Around 6:30am Starbucks went down the line passing out warm croissants and hot coffee! Yum and more warmth! Shortly after the H&M employees started coming out and making sure everything was in order. At about 7:15 they started going down the line and passing out wristbands and rules.  I was in the 4th corral (another story for another time...damn eBayers held spots for friends....grrr!) and had a shopping time of 9:05 am.

After they opened the store at 8:00am we were allowed in, and it was a free for all for the mens clothing on the third floor. I tried to get up there to grab some sunnies - but alas after my foot got stepped on by a flying gentleman, and I dodged an elbow - I was over that, and hoped a pair would remain in the ladies section. Essentially the entire section was cleared in a matter of 5 minutes. Every rack was empty!

Back in line with my fellow 9:05ers, I was ready. I decided in line I would get more than I originally thought....after waiting in line, screw it! I had the pleasure of waiting and chatting up two other Chicago bloggers - The MidWestern Front and Eye Adore Pretty. (Go check out their blgs and their loot too!) These ladies were fant-ab-ulous!!! We devised our game plan who would head where when the gate opened! I stared and envied MidWestern's Alexander Wang Rocco handbag, and totally noticed her cute Zara Wedges! ;) This event was full on Fashionista in wonderland! (She was smart or lucky enough to have thought ahead and paid a family member to wait in line for her - of course she looked adorbs....I was going for warmth!!!)

Thanks for reading the mumbo, but I guess I will cut to my loot. What you have been all waiting for! Right???!

I got the Black Patent pumps (wanted the floral with teal but there was only a size nine left by my go-round), the red necklace (Last in Store! Beside front window display), Hot Pink Lipstick and the cheetah clutch! I tried on the fur coat, and for as much as I wanted it, I just didn't feel like it was me, I think it was the white color, and the cropped-ness - I am sure in a week I will hate myself for putting it back but alas...I got the shoes!!! So here we are!

Am I the only nut out there???? Did anyone else get anything?

Friday, November 19, 2010

GIft Guide: Misc/COOL Collection

Wasn't the Girlie Girl round up perfect?!?!? I am still dreaming about the jewelry box filled with new jewels - staring at it in a sequined sweater with, of course, my Glitterati purse over my shoulder!!!!! le sigh....I better start saving up to make these purchases!!! (Hopefully Santa hears my list!) 

So after touching a bit in little niches I figured what better way to end this week than a mish-mash of really cool and fun gifts! No real category other than COOL gifts to give or receive - So this is the Cool Gift Guide 2010 ! Are you ready?!?! 

What about this sweet, vintage, and super adorable little cross-stitch?!?! I am in love! You can customize the colors and names of course! This would be the perfect little gift for a loved one, what about your newlywed friends? Eeks I want one in these exact colors for our bedroom redo! I think I would add the perfect touch of whimsy and romance and eclectic feel I am going for! 


And there is really no explanation on this one. It is gold. It is a wishbone. It is a gold wishbone. Perfect as a paperweight in the office, what about mixed into your bookshelves? what about anywhere - it is awesome! 

Have a Mom or Aunt who is hard to shop for?? They have everything they want or need? Buy them a luxurious candle! Many people (that I know) don't buy fancy candles but I love them, they smell incredibly different than the cheap ones, plus the packaging....perfect - chic and just as pretty when it is not burning to look at! I just went into a local boutique and the Crisp Champagne was burning.....seriously run out and buy! 


What a perfect companion to the gold wishbone above! I love untraditional items, quirky pieces around the house! This would be perfect in a book shelf all year round, but then pulled our front and center for the majority of the fall season! Plus come-on it is gold...again so fun! 


Really these next two....I don't really have to say anything but ADORBS!!!! Totally adorable!!!! A winnier dog party tray - who wouldn't dive for nibbles our of this! 

And I think every city girl needs these....'Hey Mr. Taxi over here!!!!!!!' I love the whimsy and pop of color these would add to any ladies wardrobe in the dreary days of winter. 


Want to give you Man a hint that you would like more cards, more often - or want to keep him in line with current life events.....gift him this totally snarky and fun gift card set. The wording is right up a Man's ally  'Get Well Sooner' I mean perfect! All occasions are covered -Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby etc. He will be well armed to give you appropriate love notes when you need them! ;) 


I hope you guys enjoyed and found some cool gifts for your gift-needing list of people this past week! I know I have a few items that I need to go purchase now {some for myself!} and I feel a whole lot better about this last stretch before the holiday festivities begin. 

How are you ladies fairing so far, in your holiday shopping???? Which day was your favorite list - The Foodie? The "Green"/Eco? The Under $50? The Girlie? Today? Or are you like me and the mish-mash of them fits you perfectly?! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gift Guide: Girlie Girl

First off, you guys (well girls!) are AUH-MAZING!!!!! All your comments are soo encouraging and I am glad I could help you out! I have spent far longer than I would like to admit trying to round up some great gifts for you! 

Ok, but now onto the goods! I SERIOUSLY want EVERY item off this list below (Santa do you hear me??? You said you haven't heard from me in a while!)....cuz this is the Girlie Girl Gift Guide!!!! (Now I love to get down and dirty playing sports...I have a mean competitive side! But this girl lovessss to dress up with all things frilly and 'pink'!) 

So are you ready for this girlie MADNESS?! In addition to these totally girlie items from earlier this week - A, B, C, D, E  here are some totally smashing choices! Hold onto your bloomers cuz this is my favorite gift guide thus far! And there is no better way to start a girlie gift guide the GLITTER AND SPARKLE! These are waaay up on my list, I say 'they' because I can't choose a favorite between the gold or silver/black....I mean one is silver and the other is gold...keep new friends and the old (or what was that girl scout song?!) Wouldn't this make the best little clutch to run around with, esp pair with a military jacket - the juxtaposition would be perfect! Or for a night out with the girls! Everyone will stare! 

Ok, just make sure you come back after adding it to your cart! :) 


And to all the men out there....us ladies WANT diamonds and sparkle FOR ALWAYS {not just the big E}!!!! I would DIE to have this ring! The perfect daintiness coupled with old world glamor! I would wear it everyday!!!! (Hubs...think next years anniversary gift!!! I NEED IT!) 

And EVERY true girlie girl needs a jewelry box! We all do!!! {Santa I don't have one....TEAR!} I think this would be a perfect gift for any lady on your list, The modern design, with a space for all her favorite rings, earrings and necklaces! Plus you can add a monogram - sold! I love the light suede interior against the stark white leather exterior! 


What about giving a gift that will let her show how much she cares about others?! Personalized stationary would make anyone want to sit down and drop a line to a friend! I mean I can't be alone - getting a card in the mail is the best! Especially when it is a hand written note from a friend! I am thinking I need to order some of these - the whole new married name is still so fun and weird! Especially seeing it in print! And how sweet and delicate are these???? 


Maybe a jewelry box isn't what she needs - but I know a sweet vintage dish for her night stand or bathroom counter she does! To drop her rings and earrings into before hopping into the shower or before bed! Plus the inscription of 'finest' - we all know she is!!!!! Plus add gold left, and tiny flower details - I am there!!!! Yes please! 


What about another sparkle and jewel to put in the jewelry box or vintage dish??? Of course, one is never enough for a girlie! After Carrie introduced me to Melinda Maria I can't stop staring! I love this ring....and just because I might be girlie, it doesn't mean I couldn't rock a rough and tough looking ring! In pink of course! I don't think any girlie girl would disagree!!!! 


So as I am sure you know by now, I am in the 'Never too much Sequin/Sparkle boat' I might even be the El Captain of said vessel....sailing to Sparkle-dom!!! (oh geeeze, I'll stop for your sake!) Maybe your girlie girl needs more sparkle in her wardrobe (in addition to her sparkly handbags and jewelry of course!) Here are two great options for sequined beauties! Which do you like better?! I'll take both!Please. Thank You. 


And this next one doesn't need a lot of explanation. It is Shakespeare, it is covered in calligraphy and water color. They are glorious and beautiful. Imagine these stacked on a coffee table or nightstand. What a perfect compliment to a chic ladies house! 


EEKS more accessories...and personalized?!?!?! Oh yes! What a beautiful gold piece!!! I love all the swirls and loops - It would be the perfect addition to any jewelry box. Delicate enough to wear with a simple shirt & slacks into the office, but original enough to be paired with skinny jeans and vintage shirt - wouldn't look out of place with either!  

And come'on now 'WHO LET THE PINK OUT?!?!' Every girl needs hair accessories, right along side her jewelry accessories and man I love me a headband. When I spotted this, I thought this is the headband....Santa I need it!!!!! Velvet and tulle and PINK oh my!!!!! Perfect stocking stuffer???? or maybe the perfect last piece in your gift to a Bestie? I don't know but I know she will love it!!!!! 


Who else wants this whole list???? Pink diamonds, and sparkly purses and sequined tops and swankly jewerly boxes/catchers - OH YES BABY!!!! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gift Guide: Under $50

How fun are these gift guides turning out to be?! I mean I can't be the only one finding gifts (or items for myself) that I didn't even know were the perfect gift til I saw them! Lets to a 'Budget & $50 list' today! Does your family set limits on what you can spend? Do you have a lot of friends and people to buy for? Do you just not have a wallet like Scrooge McDuck (you know Duck Tales, whooo-HO! & all those gold coins that you could swim in?!)

We me either, so here is a great listing that won't break the bank, but still shows you know who they are and that you were thinking about them! Don't forget about this or this or this...and many of the others all fit into this under $50 category too! Don't forget to mix and match to make the perfect holiday treat! 

Lets start with a personalized gift! Do you have a Aunt who always plays hostess to over night guests or have a cool family cabin in the mountains? or what about a newlywed couple. Toss on their new monogram - what a cool treat! I personally love these carafes! Perfect for the nightstand, or to have placed in a guest room when you have guests arriving late! (Thinking one of these would be great to have in the bedroom...no more mounting pile of glasses or water bottles - just one and it is hawt!) 

We all know how great a fresh mani is, right?! I mean come-on bring on the polish! I think this gift set would make the perfect stocking stuffer, great gift for a college aged fashionista....shoot us 20-somethings want this just as bad!!! This are the perfect size to throw in your bag as you head out on vacation - mini size just for touch-ups! I am loving this! 


Have another fashionista (or any age) on your list??? We all know how hot fur is right now and what better way to stay current without looking like you tried too hard?! I am adding this to my Santa list! (Plus with the hidden chain - throw it over your shoulder and you can dance the night away, then tuck it back away, never have to sacrifice for fashion! 


What about the annual family 'Secret Santa' gift exchange???? I love those, es if your family is large. It is always funny when you see Uncle Harry end up with the lacy shawl! But how about a game? Bring the family together for some bonding....but lets be real, after a few cocktails this game would be a riot! (Family game nights rock, nothing like seeing your smart brother not know an answer you totally do!) 


Just like the nail-polish gift pack I am thinking this gift pack is going to be another instant hit!!! {Santa do you here me?! ;) } With the varying shades of shimmer and pink, this would be a welcome addition to any lady on your list! 


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gift Guide: "Green" Edition

How fun were those 'Foodie' themed gifts?!? I am seriously lusting after that apron (Santa ya hear me?!) and Ina cookbook! Remember these gifts are just organized by theme or category, but take these ideas &  mix and match to make the perfect gift!

Lets keep the holiday cheer moving...so today, how about for your 'green' eco minded friends and family??? Here are some great gifts that keep the environment and green living in mind! (These are some cool gifts, not only for the holidays but to have all year!)

A big part of being green, is taking items to reuse....what a fun little reusable lunch sack. This is a sandwich size but what about a collection of different sizes! I know I try to pack my lunch most days of the week for work, and these would be a welcome addition in our house. Plastic baggies are expensive and so wasteful! (Please, added color and pattern in any ladies life is a good thing!)  How much chic would a PB&J be pulled out of here?! I know right! 


And what would be better than a reusable baggies for lunch? A chic reusable shopper tote would!!!! I love the linen, classic look of the J.Crew versions. I have one that I leave in my purse, I use it if I take a quick run after work down to Michigan Ave or even a quick stop by the grocery store - those plastic & paper bags aren't needed! This one happens to be on big sale...and for the next few days sale at J.Crew is additional 30% off!!! Run and grab a few for your girls! {What a chic wrapper to put their gifts in!!!}


Another big aspect of being 'green' is sustainability.  This lotion (and soap and candles) is made in a completely sustainable method...the story of the duo which makes this line is sooo cute! Green Husband Vouge employed wife and their little effort to make an improvement in the environment. Marion Batili's used cooking oil, into Bio fuel for their old mercedes, into glycerin to make a completely sustainable product - the restaurants that supply the oil all use the products. Talk about full circle! {Plus chic modern packaging and great clean smells - you can't go wrong!}


What about reuse, except in a completely aesthetic form? Why not gift your 'Green' minded friend a piece of art - that shows their personality and their interests? I love this octopus print - printed on an sheet from a discarded book! 


No girl is complete with out a diary or Journal...what about another notebook to jot down lists, thoughts or even better - somewhere chic to gather outfit ideas??? I absolutely adore the the history and vibe this journal evokes! Plus don't you love the way old hard backs feel? That pressed linen and imprinted title - I used to run my hand up and down the aisles in the library feeling the texture. 


Is your Eco Girl, a girl on the go??? What about a new travel mug? Those stainless ones are great, but you can't reheat those (this is completely microwaveable, and dishwasher safe!) or have the feeling of holding the symbolic white Starbucks cup! (Just the thought of fancy coffee is enough to get me excited!) 


It isn't always easy being green or cheap! What about a great little book that would give tutorials and even more ideas for a greener household?! How to make household cleaners? Quick and relevant tips for everyday life...This would be the perfect gift for someone who may want to make simple improvements in the way they live. I could imagine this as a part of gift basket - take the tote, mug, and the lotion/soap combo - throw this in - talk about a gift that shows you know what they care about! Not every gift needs to be a holiday sweater with lights! :)


Aren't these great??? I am thinking I need to get a few of the reusable baggies for my lunches!