Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WINNER - Holy SCHMOLY Giveaway!

Well...drumroll.......The winner of my Holy Schmoly howtheheckdidwegetto100 Giveaway winner is......#17!! 

Number 17 you say...well #17 belongs to Carrie of This Free Bird (only of my absolute favorite blogs. like ever. Her wit and fashion keep me longing for her next post. I totally wish I still lived in CA because I imagine we would be fast friends!)**Send me an email hun so I can get you the goods!  Please stop over and say HI tell her I sent ya, and see all the goodness, promise she won't disappoint! 

Congrats again Girl! (You know if we were neighbors I would totally be borrowing those mittens...I think I need to go get myself a pair!)


  1. YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You've made my day!!! Too bad my post today is such a downer. oops!


  2. YAYYYY congrats to Carrie!!!!


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