Friday, October 22, 2010

I need a KID!

I need a BABY, who will become a child so I can be that MOM who packs this......only in October of course!


I mean come'on.. Blood to dip your Mummy in?! Pumpkin slices?! Bats, and a monster mouth! I. DIE. This is too cute for words! I am not alone in this right?! 

Ok, so I don't want said baby right now (NOR AM I PREGGERS!)...but one day in the metaphorical future! I love packing lunches for the Hubs...throwing in little added touches I know when he sees will make him smile! Little ice-tea packs to make boring water better! Love notes written onto napkins! A few breath mints for the ladies (I kid!) Nothing too outrageous - don't want to challenge his man-hood at work!  ;) But this picture totally makes me want to step up my lunch packing game! Agreed? 

Did your Mom pack cool lunches when you were a munchkin? Do you pack lunches now, as an adult? Sorry Mom you didn't good lunches (Lunchables don't count...and ask the Bro, I make the good lunches!)....and yes I enjoy packing lunches for myself now - when I wake up on time that is! 

Happy Friday Dolls!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend planed and enjoy yourselves! I hope to stay dry - weatherman calling for rain showers both days! And now thanks to the image above, probably some hearty fall-esque cooking come Sunday! 

**Have you entered the GIVEAWAY??? You totes should! 


  1. Hmmm... I grew up with Grandma and she always packed me and my sisters the same type of Oscar Mayer sandwich and a bag of fritos. Then when I was in college I try to be a vegetarian but she would have none of that. So I ate the same lunch all through college too. Oh she also would not allow us to leave the house without a proper breakfast. Honestly, she would block the door and make us eat what she made for us.

  2. I will be horrified for days about this: "Blood to dip your Mummy in?!"

    My mom ALWAYS packed my lunch all through high school, and I NEVER ate it. So, so sorry, Mom!

  3. that is SOOO cute. seriously, it just made my day.


  4. How cute is that?! OMG! My mom always packed the best lunches when I was a kid...but now the hubs packs me lunch everyday!

  5. That is way too cute! I can't wait to be a mom as well. Though it wont happen for a couple years (as the plan goes...). Things like this make me excited about the idea! Screaming kids at the super market.... not so much. ha ha


  6. How cute! I pack my lunch nearly everyday, but I'm not very creative with it. I should probably start so I look forward to lunch more!

  7. Hope you filed this idea away ......time to pull out these cute ideas !

  8. You can start practicing with me !


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