Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday Beautifuls!!! (Have't thrown a wedding photo at you in a while!)

Was that the longest week ever or what?!?!? Oh my, I felt like it would never end!!!

This weekend is sure to be a great one, A- Summer weather has decided to come back to play!!! B- One of my great friend's from California is in town for business and extending for a weekend of FUN!

I am so excited to hit the town with him and a few Chicago buddies on Saturday night...sure to be a great time!!! (lets just say, last time he was here....we got home after 4am!) I guess we don't remember our age when we get together!!! And of course we will recoup Sunday at a bar watching football!! GOO CHARGERS!!!!

What are your weekend plans??? ...thinking I should have taken Monday off to re-coup!

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  1. This week was TOO MUCH! looking forward to relaxing this weekend...

  2. OH MY!!! Love the photo!!!

    I am spending tomorrow with my best friend and then my cousin cant wait!!

  3. Hope you have a fabulous weekend Taylor!!!
    PS I love your wedding photos... keep posting them!


  4. you don't have off for columbus day? If you party like I do when you get together with old friends, you're probably going to need monday off, lol. And as for the weekend, a bday party in NYC on saturday sounds like a recipe for debauchery 8)

  5. Awww, that picture is adorable! My plans mostly consist of eating and drinking. Definitely looking forward to it.

  6. have a great weekend love reading your post your too cute !!

  7. it's gorgeous here in chicago this weekend - i'm loving this last taste of summer. enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    xx a j

  8. I don't know about you but after going out wed, thurs & fri night this week I will never last until 4:00 am. Noooooooo way :)


  9. Love this photo.


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