Thursday, October 7, 2010

the great jacket debate...fall 2010

So....There is this NAVY beaut (great debate discussions here!):

But I have a brown thing on my mind, and thinking I might need to scratch the above and go with this stunner!

Agree? Thoughts? Or is the Navy better???

This one is classic and timeless (more than half the price...or how ever you ma-call-say-it) and  the ways I could wear it!!! Might as well throw in a crisp new pair of wide leg jeans while we are at it (I mean I will already be at the store!)!!!!


And then I SWEAR, there are only like 3 things I need for winter....maybe.

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  1. I like the navy for the first coat, though the camel coat in the second picture is stunning.
    And yes, you need a good pair of wide leg jeans for the season. I love mine!

  2. oh man, that camel coat is tough to resist...i love it! but here in chicago, your arms would get pretty cold.. :)

    xx a j

  3. Oooo, I love the second one! I think you should totally go for that one.

  4. Oh boy.
    Here are my thoughts: if you buy that ammmazing cape now, you can wear it for the next few months and by that time you'll probably be ready to buy a new coat anyway.
    By the way, thanks for posting those jeans, I need.


  5. I don' know I am still in love with the navy one.

  6. why deny yourself? Get both.

  7. I still love the navy anthro coat! I just wonder if the cape would really keep you warm...

  8. @Anonymous - I like the way you think!!!

    @Nikki - I know, I NEED those jeans too!

    @Anna Jane - The cape is more looks and dressier going out, the Trench is more function (if that makes sense!) BC Girl I KNOW it gets COLD!!! But going out I HATE wearing a huge coat - taxi-bar-taxi!

  9. I'm with Navy all the way and those jeans are fab! pair it with some fab camel pumps, and you get the best of both worlds!

  10. I agree with @anonymous. Girl go for both! The Navy is everyday wearable...the camel is dressy and sooo classy. Perfect for a night out on the town with your hubby! xo

  11. Get the navy coat!! I can't help it...I just think you neeed it BADLY!! Oh wth - get it all!!


  12. I love the navy coat! The ruffles and belt are super flattering! Both are beautiful choices though : )



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