Thursday, October 28, 2010


YEEKS! I have a surprise, well I got a surprise...well what ever I can't keep it secret - I get to shop all day Saturday in NYC!!! New York City (in the old El Paso Salsa commercial know the one right!?!)

NYC is my all time favorite-ist places ever (But that is another story for another time!)!!! I haven't been in about a year which is far too long in my book!

A short shopping trip (we will only be in the city about 24hours total) and then a full day Sunday cheering on my amazing Bro at the Princeton Classic (a D1 colligate Crew tournament) - this weekend will be sure to be some FUN!

My Mom and I are shoppers, it is what we do. Touristy stuff only maybe - it most def has to be on the way to more shopping! But we have both been here more than we can count! And we know where we are headed and we are both two pretty excited girls!!! SoHo watch out!

I am excited to stroll around TopShop, maybe purchase a few of the items that have been sitting in my cart for a while and I really want to stop by Madewell. Well of course we know I love J.Crew and the sister store has a few pieces that I really want to try on (bc for some strange reason there is not one here in Chicago!!!!! why I have zero clue!).


Maybe this cape or this super cute dress want to live with me???? Do you have any favorite Boutiques, shops, vintage stores in or around SoHo that you recommend???


  1. That sounds like so much fun! And I totally know which commercial you're talking about. I'm officially jealous, girlie!

  2. where do I start?
    What Comes Around Goes Around
    Zara on 34th
    Bloomingdales (soho)
    ANYTHING in Soho...:)

  3. NYC is my favorite city too and I haven't been in about a year, either! (we must be twins...i pressure my boyfriend to move there daily).

    i'm going in a couple weekends and can't wait!

    definitely hit up bloomingdales in soho and the boutiques on the lower east side!

  4. yayyy!!! You are going to have such a great time!!!
    Let me know if you need any more suggestions!!


  5. No Madewell in Chicago? That's crazy!
    Anyway, have a great time. I have not been in NYC for a while so I am not sure what stores to recommend. Cannot wait to hear all about your shopping experience!

  6. good grief woman GET CRAZY!! GET IN YOUR COUCH AND START ROLLING CHANGE!! Do whatever it takes to get the job done!!!


  7. oh how I would love to go to NYC!



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