Tuesday, October 12, 2010

do you? Vest it?

Do you....rock a vest? Are you going to do, do you like the faux-fur vest?

I was really against it, but now I am thinking I might need one! I have a puffy vest, a couple suit style ones, as well as a knit/vintage-wool-sweaterish one. I am not afraid nor against the vest. Just initially it was the faux fur.....but now there are so many options! It is a smart choice and sensible for me, due to the looming major drop in temperature...but not sure it it is too 'trendy' or just the right amount of funk.





I think the thrid is my favorite - best price, and look combo! But the white one is pretty fun, esp if paired with super dark jeans!

Are you going to 'Vest' it up this fall and winter???? Advice? Thoughts? 


  1. I'm torn between the BB Dakota one and the one from Forever 21...

    I could definitely work both into my fall outfits, but then again, I've never really been a fur person.
    Not because of the whole fur/animal rights issue, but because I never thought that I could pull the look off.

    At $34 and $58 for each, it wouldn't really break my bank to try one out.


  2. i love the third one, too...i love fur vests but haven't found the "right one" yet!
    xx aj

  3. I am a fan of the second and third vest. The third you definitely could wear with EVERYthing! I love the look, and it is really comfy.

  4. hmm well I don't do fur but BUT BUT I ADORE that second one

  5. I was in the camp of not for me because I don't know how I would even wear it and some faux fur feels kind of ewww. :)
    However, I went into Cusp yesterday and they had a rack of fur vests and it had me tempted because some of it felt so wonderful. I'm all about texture and I could see myself running my hands all over it during the day, lol.

    I think this was my favorite: http://www.juicycouture.com/product/jg002701/faux-fur-toggle-vest?q=vest&p=2

  6. YES! I really love the fur vest look. If I could find one that I love, I'll definitely get one!


  7. Oh yes I do the vest thing. You should totally go for it!!! These are all fab choices :) xo

  8. I thought about this trend too but if I get one, it would have to be jsut right. I think I like the third one, though the forever 21 version is really cute too.

  9. I think the fur vest trend is too left of center for me, but that F21 one is quite cute. The way I see it, if you can pull it off, go for it

  10. I'm in the middle, I haven't made up my mind yet.

  11. I'm all about vesting it! The BB Dakota and Rebecca Taylor are my faves.

  12. i'm not a vest person - but i'm loven' some of them this season - espcially the last one u shown - that's faux?! - i all about faux fur, the real thing give me the creeps! .. cute blog babycakes!

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  13. I am just really against the vest movement. It serves no purpose, maybe I am being critical, but it will not keep you warm when the temps start to drop.

  14. oh I'm a huge fan! I say VEST! I love the second and third one!

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  15. I'm absolutely going to vest up this winter, I just bought a black faux fur!


  16. Honey I have three of them. I'm a wreck. Get the F21 cream tiered one!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!


  17. Uh, YES please! Loves me a faux fur vest. I recently posted pics of the Rachel Zoe for QVC vest I got here:


    Looooove it. There are a ton of cute options out now too.



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