Friday, October 15, 2010

the break before the make-up

Here are currently a random assortment of the....lets call 'em...the 'Top 10' reasons why I am breaking up with J.Crew (this week). I'm sure we will make-up real good, real soon...but for now I can't even look at her! (To add insult to injury she always sends me coupons... ways to woo me with her naughty ways!)

Exihibit A: Cashmere!

Then the brat has to go on and on....

B: GAHHHHH More Sequins...never enough sequins!

and then this:

Oh and dang-it this:

and that:

Who even does these kind of mean things?!?! (maybe I am taking the whole break-up scenario too far?!)

and together these are like half of a full item - so top 11 if you are picky like that, but I'm not! Half items it is! New fall/winter leg wear.

And then 2 more.... drop-dead earrings and a MUSTARD pencil skirt!!! YES Please!!! 

And BC the jacket situation is now all sorts of foob-ed up! Mama NEEDS leather!!!!

But seriously, J.Crew has been killing it in my eyes lately!!! I love their classic closet-staple items - the quality and fabric is just those dang prices that get me (And my bank account everytime!) !!!

Have you ever broken-up with a store before???? ;)

What are you lusting after???

**ALL VIA super-stars can easily figure out the items on your own! 


  1. oh ugggh i agree. crew is killing my eyes and bank account! if i could buy their $600 sequin harem pants instead of rent this month, i totally would :) sick, i know!

  2. Oh, those earrings! The mustard pencil skirt! The sequins! I love it all and must stay far, far away.

  3. Oh wow, I see why you are lusting over these pieces, GORG!!!!!
    Maybe a little break will make you appreciate all the more later? {which might be dangerous too}

    have a great weekend love!

  4. love j crew. i actually go into the physical store on a weekly basis. i don't always buy something but i'm always looking ;)

    have a great weekend, lady!
    xx a

  5. OMG LOVE it all! I am headed to J crew today to spend a giftcard hopeI get some good goodies!!!

    Amber's Notebook $100 to shopbop giveaway

  6. You have to realize that sometimes there are those relationships where you break up, but aren't completely over just yet. Unfinished business if you will. :)
    I looked through the new arrivals yesterday and I'm trying to figure out how to make several items mine even though I told myself no more shopping. I'm loving some of the new sweater colors and this gorgeous deep blue pencil skirt and oh, the coats. I think I need a monthly shopping budget, money for J Crew and then everything else.

  7. You make me laugh girlie! I too have a love affair with things that hurt me and the bank account! I'm still waiting for that lottery so we can go shopping in Paris!

    Have a good weekend...xo

  8. i'm convinced jcrew is out to get me!! i think it's a polygamist too...or at least a serial dater because it's been courting me too for some time. and then it had to taunt me with that white coat. what a ho! i think i'll quit it for the weekend too.

    have a great weekend woman. don't answer it's 2am calls. you know what those are all about (come to my web page...sure, sure) ahahahahaha


  9. I have broken up with Forever 21 many many times. Ahhh, they lure you in with their reasonable pricing and then pow! $300 later I come home with boatloads of clothes....only to be worn a few times. Forever 21 clothes is trendy and in my opinion not that well-made. After a few washes, the clothes just don't look the same. And as many times as I wish I wouldn't shop there anymore, I troll their website to look at all the new arrivals.

  10. I am a JCrew addict! I love that store. When we had the really bad snow storm in DC this past winter, I went to the store the day before the storm hit so I could get a fix since I knew the roads were gonna be awful and the trains a mess. I am that sick. Hehehe

  11. I follow you on Twitter, but I'm new to your blog. I'm totally, 100%, without a doubt obsessed with J. Crew...almost to a fault. Almost. I'm now lusting over that sequin top. ;)

    I'm hosting my very first giveaway today. I would love for you to visit my blog.

  12. I love their stuff! I just have to avoid the store entirely or I'll easily drop a $100 on one cardigan.


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