Friday, October 29, 2010

BOO! scare ya???

I realized I never shared my little decor for the holiday....I love him! I am proud to be the only one to be displaying holiday decor on my floor (hehe that rhymed!) - although he is not a pumpkin, he makes me smile every time I walk up!

I just want to wish you all a HAPPY weekend/FRIDAY and a HAPPY ( & safe & drunk & wild & amazing) HALLOWEEN! I am super excited for work to end and tomorrow to get here....NYC here I come (wallet apologies in advance!)

**Photos from my iPhone - taken in CrossProcess


  1. oh my word so cute! Have a Happy Halloween!!!


  2. have a great weekend in NYC lady! yes, we should definitely meet up sometime soon! i'll email you this weekend :)

  3. Happy Halloween Taylor!!
    and have a fabulous time in nyc! Hope you buy lots of cool stuff!!! The weather is gorgeous, you will love it.


  4. I love h im too!! Thats what I like.... the cute stuff... I cant do the scary decor

  5. bust it girlfriend! i can't wait to see what you bring back...hopefully your friend on the door will keep the shenanigans away. hahahaha!!

    ps-just got my package and L-O-V-E IT! the frickin chef tried to put on my gloves. hell no!


  6. Hope you had an amazing time in NYC!! I'm sure you did ;) xo

  7. Just had to tell you that I love the TUXXEDO oxfords you rocked in a previous post! Had to take myself on over to the website and buy a pair! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Kristina J.

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