Friday, October 29, 2010

BOO! scare ya???

I realized I never shared my little decor for the holiday....I love him! I am proud to be the only one to be displaying holiday decor on my floor (hehe that rhymed!) - although he is not a pumpkin, he makes me smile every time I walk up!

I just want to wish you all a HAPPY weekend/FRIDAY and a HAPPY ( & safe & drunk & wild & amazing) HALLOWEEN! I am super excited for work to end and tomorrow to get here....NYC here I come (wallet apologies in advance!)

**Photos from my iPhone - taken in CrossProcess

Thursday, October 28, 2010


YEEKS! I have a surprise, well I got a surprise...well what ever I can't keep it secret - I get to shop all day Saturday in NYC!!! New York City (in the old El Paso Salsa commercial know the one right!?!)

NYC is my all time favorite-ist places ever (But that is another story for another time!)!!! I haven't been in about a year which is far too long in my book!

A short shopping trip (we will only be in the city about 24hours total) and then a full day Sunday cheering on my amazing Bro at the Princeton Classic (a D1 colligate Crew tournament) - this weekend will be sure to be some FUN!

My Mom and I are shoppers, it is what we do. Touristy stuff only maybe - it most def has to be on the way to more shopping! But we have both been here more than we can count! And we know where we are headed and we are both two pretty excited girls!!! SoHo watch out!

I am excited to stroll around TopShop, maybe purchase a few of the items that have been sitting in my cart for a while and I really want to stop by Madewell. Well of course we know I love J.Crew and the sister store has a few pieces that I really want to try on (bc for some strange reason there is not one here in Chicago!!!!! why I have zero clue!).


Maybe this cape or this super cute dress want to live with me???? Do you have any favorite Boutiques, shops, vintage stores in or around SoHo that you recommend???

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oxford Love!

Shirt, Skirt - J.Crew, Oxfords - Steve Madden, Bag - LV
Tights - old, Scarf - H&M, Necklaces - F21

I got another pair of oxfords, this time in brown! I love them!!! I wore them to work yesterday with mainly all black because I needed to wear them! I love mixing brown and black (I know I am a rule breaker, what can I say!) (Sorry these pictures are so bad, I took them after working nearly 11 hours hence only 2 workable pics, but I loved the outfit and felt great in it so I had to share! And it probably looked a lot cuter pre-work than after but whatevs!)

Please note, this was also the first day of tights of this winter season too! Had to start sometime! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WINNER - Holy SCHMOLY Giveaway!

Well...drumroll.......The winner of my Holy Schmoly howtheheckdidwegetto100 Giveaway winner is......#17!! 

Number 17 you say...well #17 belongs to Carrie of This Free Bird (only of my absolute favorite blogs. like ever. Her wit and fashion keep me longing for her next post. I totally wish I still lived in CA because I imagine we would be fast friends!)**Send me an email hun so I can get you the goods!  Please stop over and say HI tell her I sent ya, and see all the goodness, promise she won't disappoint! 

Congrats again Girl! (You know if we were neighbors I would totally be borrowing those mittens...I think I need to go get myself a pair!)

Got the Bug - DIY

I have a problem...I got a bug. Not a real issue per say....a problem in form of an object.

Enter Exhibit A: Chest.

Lets not judge on its current state...after all, this is what this post is ALL about! {A little History: This chest was handmade by my Grandfather, on my Mom's side - the only one I ever knew. I would never part with it for a million years - it was the only item I carted from place to place in college - other than your standard boxes/trash bags of clothes and used twin mattress! Nothing but the best for this sleeping-college beauty!}

Any who this perfect, and well made piece of furniture has lived with me since forever, expect for the few years it was 'loaned' to my baby bro. And as you can see it still lives in his childhood-decorated-bedroom glory, white and adorned with pastel sailboats.  (I can honestly remember painting in the yard with my Mom years ago!) So from the time Exhibit A came to live with me again it has looked like a 3 year old boy's room.

Well coincidentally sailboats, as a decor item/theme, went out about 1998 (probably about the time we painted this!) And now we land at our current fork-in the road. (Geeze I am long winded to day! apologies my loves!)

Ok, the point. I want to refinish this beauty.

A- I do not have a garage or a secured place I can easily leave this - for the duration. I live in a high rise condo, in the middle of the city.
B- Color: I think I want to stain a dark chocolaty brown, but then I really want to paint it. High Gloss Black or White or Red? Thoughts?
C- Can I ventilate my condo enough, via open doors or window to tackle it soon?
**I have done adequate internet research, but am looking for your advice or thoughts! 

So has anyone refinished any furniture lately??? Is there any possible way to do this solely indoors? (Please note I officially put this off too long this summer and the pending lack of dry days will not permit me to use the balcony. If I try, surely it won't be the necessary amount of time - Mother Nature has been riding with Miss Flow lately and been off the chain! The weatherman is forecasting the worst storm in 70 years today! )

Also, I do not know where it will live in our house, so I guess that would determine a color....right now it is in our bedroom, which I kind of like but it is not set in stone. Exhibit A's current duties are to hold excess  blankets/bedding and our small collection of hats. Our house (aka rental condo) is a mix of neutrals - dark wood, tan couch, the main accent colors are orange, red and whites. Lots of black and white photos, with modern and random vintage pieces mixed in.


Here are some of my inspiration photos! (And if this one goes well, I am on the hunt for a new entry piece, my chic Target shelf needs to find a new home sooner than later if you catch my drift!)




Monday, October 25, 2010


I am starting the hunt for my next big handbag purchase....I would need to save pennies for quite some time to get one of these....but I totally think I need each of them! Now which to get....and what shoes do I need to coordinate?! :)

{Via} in black

{Via} in Honey

{Via} in Black. 

What would be your next 'it' bag, expensive designer handbag purchase??? 

Friday, October 22, 2010

I need a KID!

I need a BABY, who will become a child so I can be that MOM who packs this......only in October of course!


I mean come'on.. Blood to dip your Mummy in?! Pumpkin slices?! Bats, and a monster mouth! I. DIE. This is too cute for words! I am not alone in this right?! 

Ok, so I don't want said baby right now (NOR AM I PREGGERS!)...but one day in the metaphorical future! I love packing lunches for the Hubs...throwing in little added touches I know when he sees will make him smile! Little ice-tea packs to make boring water better! Love notes written onto napkins! A few breath mints for the ladies (I kid!) Nothing too outrageous - don't want to challenge his man-hood at work!  ;) But this picture totally makes me want to step up my lunch packing game! Agreed? 

Did your Mom pack cool lunches when you were a munchkin? Do you pack lunches now, as an adult? Sorry Mom you didn't good lunches (Lunchables don't count...and ask the Bro, I make the good lunches!)....and yes I enjoy packing lunches for myself now - when I wake up on time that is! 

Happy Friday Dolls!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend planed and enjoy yourselves! I hope to stay dry - weatherman calling for rain showers both days! And now thanks to the image above, probably some hearty fall-esque cooking come Sunday! 

**Have you entered the GIVEAWAY??? You totes should! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

road bump....

I sat down to write a post (I usually write them really early the day they go up or the night before) as I sat down o write my post last night (the resolution to the Great Jacket Debate!), I got distracted.

A package came in the mail. I opened it. It was our wedding video. I put it in and hit play. I cried. And cried. And cried.

Needless to say - the honeymoon period is most definitely NOT over! I cried.....for a very long time. Then I proceed to snuggle on the couch by myself  drowning in pity and wishing he wasn't working late!

I want to back to this day again......yes random wedding shots coming, apologies! 

I am a sap....I am still crying as I write this!!!! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

we hit 100...HOLY SCHMOLY = GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!

I honestly do not know how it happened, but WOWZA's! somewhere over the past weekend - we hit 100 followers and yesterday 101! Thank you thank you thank you - you are all amazing! I can honestly say every single one of you truly mean the world to me!!!!

I PROMISED A GIVEAWAY at 100...but first let me get a little sappy on you all! (Feel free to scroll down to see the GOODies STUFF!) 

I started this blog a looooong time ago. I kept it a secret. I told no one, not even close friends, took even a couple weeks to tell the Hubs (at that point he was still 'The Man"). Why I have no clue. I used to use it as way to track random thoughts and rants (hello random internet hear me whine!) But somehow through out this process of writing I have found an amazing way to express myself - as an individual through my fashion ups/downs, my rants, my lusts and all the other ramblings that happen to hit the ole bloggity!

And through all that growth I found you! I have found amazing friends, YOU - whose blogs I can not miss a day of! Whose comments always make me smile!

Never did I think any of this would come from a little blog where I would write about my life, my love, my interests and my fashion choices! Nope not ever, but I couldn't be any happier than where I am at right now! Thank you doesn't even describe it.....But a little'ol thanks to you and some presents to sweeten the pot!!!! let's do another GIVEWAY BABY!!!!!!!!

I thought You all needed some AMAZING fall to winter pieces. I really hope you dolls like it!

Ring - AV Max size 7 via GILT group (I have the same one, I was wearing it here!)
Nail Polish - OPI Ski Teal We Drop (Have already gotten this TWICE, and I love it!!)
Mittens - fuzzy Cheetah Rawr! from H&M 

To Enter: 

1. Become a follower of Curly in the City!!! (Or let me know you already are!) 
2. Follow Curly in the City on Twitter (or let me know that you do! Please include your twitter name!) 
3. TWEET about the giveaway!!! 
4. 'LIKE' Curly in the City on Facebook (or let me know if you have 'Liked' us already!) 

Please be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry!!!! 

Best of Luck!!!!

The giveaway will end at midnight Sunday 10/24, winner announced shortly thereafter! Stay tuned, tell your friends and make sure to enter!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hold Your Horses!

Sound the Alarms!!!!

Bad things are about to GO DOWN....Neiman Marcus' Last Call store JUST WENT VIRTUAL....I ...I mean You can now shop it up online!

This is DANGEROUS!!! I send apologies in advance to my Hubs...teee hehe!

Hi Pretty Boots!

Ash Boots {Via}
Org: $300
LC: $199

What about....a new timepiece! Pops of color - you know they are my thang! 

Michael Kors Watch {Via}
Orig: $195
LC: $140

Told ya to sound the alarms!!!!!!!! 

Did you know of this, am I the last on the block...or did I do a very naughty thing by telling?!?! * snickers* 

Friday, October 15, 2010

the break before the make-up

Here are currently a random assortment of the....lets call 'em...the 'Top 10' reasons why I am breaking up with J.Crew (this week). I'm sure we will make-up real good, real soon...but for now I can't even look at her! (To add insult to injury she always sends me coupons... ways to woo me with her naughty ways!)

Exihibit A: Cashmere!

Then the brat has to go on and on....

B: GAHHHHH More Sequins...never enough sequins!

and then this:

Oh and dang-it this:

and that:

Who even does these kind of mean things?!?! (maybe I am taking the whole break-up scenario too far?!)

and together these are like half of a full item - so top 11 if you are picky like that, but I'm not! Half items it is! New fall/winter leg wear.

And then 2 more.... drop-dead earrings and a MUSTARD pencil skirt!!! YES Please!!! 

And BC the jacket situation is now all sorts of foob-ed up! Mama NEEDS leather!!!!

But seriously, J.Crew has been killing it in my eyes lately!!! I love their classic closet-staple items - the quality and fabric is just those dang prices that get me (And my bank account everytime!) !!!

Have you ever broken-up with a store before???? ;)

What are you lusting after???

**ALL VIA super-stars can easily figure out the items on your own! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

***Sorry this didn't go up as scheduled....I forgot to press 'Publish' before I got in bed last night! And the thought of getting out and heading to the computer was too much last night!!!! So after getting through my morning emails I was able to! Sorry loves! xx-T

Queue the music, and the encore...Curly in the Cities Great Fall Jacket Debate ensues.....On Monday I made the trek to Zara...ok, so I walked and it wasn't far, but hey 'a trek' sounds a bit sexier! I was on a mission and I had only one item in mind. ZE CAPE!!!!

All the excitement quickly left, it was huge, it swallowed me up! The shoulder part was like I was wearing my fathers old blazer.  It didn't look anything like it does on her! I asked the sales ladies if they had any more in the back, because the rack only had Mediums. She told me this was the only size it came in. Double frown-y face. Shucks.

I know it is not the 'smartest' jacket, as some of you mentioned - but come-on I suffer through 10 minutes of cold entering and exiting establishments for a night out, everything for the sake of looking cute! I wouldn't be wearing her to and from work - for that I had the glorious sleeping bag jacket a la North Face. Must find something hunting ensues!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I woke up Sunday morning....prolly still a tad tipsy from the night before, saw my phone all lit up and wham a "Mulberry for Target' reminder was going off!! I smartly (is that even a word?) set myself a reminder, so I wouldn't forget!!! (There's a college education hard at work for ya! setting the reminder, not the lack of spelling skillz)

Any who...back to the topic at hand. I sat up, then quickly realized I needed to lay back down for a bit! So I decided to see what was happening in the world of twitter...only to find out from a lot of the people I follow most styles of the Mulberry bags were already sold out online! Phooey! Did I miss my chance??? Humm.

A couple hours, a few bottles of water, a few stares at the Chicago marathoners running away down the block....I dragged myself to the car - for a necessary Target run! (Beyond Mulberry we needed hangover snacks and TP! which totally justified the trip to my aching head!)

I lucked out! After an hour of marathon related traffic, yes an hour to go probably 1.5 miles, I made it and I lucked out!

I got the one I wanted! I don't love nearly as much as I love my Tucker pieces (quality seems a bit iffy), but I didn't want to miss out and not purchase anything - like I didn't with Rodarte or Cynthia Vincent or.... shoot whats his name. But I really like the lines and and the style and that is what draws me to most of the bags I own. Will be taking it for a test drive soon, and will be sure to share!

{Via and Via

Mine is the bottom left corner one. A black cross-body bag. Did you get one??? Tweetland had people telling yes's and no's...what was your outcome? Which did you choose????

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

do you? Vest it?

Do you....rock a vest? Are you going to do, do you like the faux-fur vest?

I was really against it, but now I am thinking I might need one! I have a puffy vest, a couple suit style ones, as well as a knit/vintage-wool-sweaterish one. I am not afraid nor against the vest. Just initially it was the faux fur.....but now there are so many options! It is a smart choice and sensible for me, due to the looming major drop in temperature...but not sure it it is too 'trendy' or just the right amount of funk.





I think the thrid is my favorite - best price, and look combo! But the white one is pretty fun, esp if paired with super dark jeans!

Are you going to 'Vest' it up this fall and winter???? Advice? Thoughts? 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mimosas and Cat Naps

This weekend was an absolute BLAST!!!! Pheew, I am exhausted but would do it all over in a heartbeat!

Like I mentioned Friday, one of my great friends from California was in town. Saturday morning I picked him up and off to brunch we went....quite a few mimosas were consumed while waiting for our table!! Hey, when in Rome! After brunch we met up with the Hubs at a local...ahem... bar and umm...talked! :) After a few more rounds, we headed home for a quick nap and then started fresh for one amazing night out!

We ate an amazing meal at de Cero, outdoors nonetheless - in October in Chicago (yes that all needed to be bold and italic! This is major!) - It was the perfect evening, temps around 75-80...after some great conversation and plenty of laughs we continued the fun and walked to a near by rooftop bar! Some more friends met up with us here, we had a great time, the view of the city skyline was perfect....I had too many that day to even remember my camera - so I will have to wait to have some emailed to me to share! (Will need to recreate the look to share - it was the perfect outfit for the night!)

After leaving the rooftop and hitting up another bar, then more drinks back at our loft we all stumbled to bed....lets just say it was practically sunrise! When we finally woke, and after some quick showers, and a grocery store run we all (Hubs, Friend and myself) spent the rest of the day huddled on the couch laughing about the night before (nursing hangovers, multiple cat naps) and glued to the football channels!

All in all one of the best weekends I've had in a while! I miss my bud already!

But right now all I can think about is being here......still a bit sleepy today!

{Both Via}

Oh! I almost forgot the WINNER of the CSN Giveaway!!!!!! Chosen via Random.Org (we had 41 entires total!!! Rock-stars!) was number 24.....who was: ANNA JANE of See Jane. Congrats girl - can't wait to see what you get!!!! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday Beautifuls!!! (Have't thrown a wedding photo at you in a while!)

Was that the longest week ever or what?!?!? Oh my, I felt like it would never end!!!

This weekend is sure to be a great one, A- Summer weather has decided to come back to play!!! B- One of my great friend's from California is in town for business and extending for a weekend of FUN!

I am so excited to hit the town with him and a few Chicago buddies on Saturday night...sure to be a great time!!! (lets just say, last time he was here....we got home after 4am!) I guess we don't remember our age when we get together!!! And of course we will recoup Sunday at a bar watching football!! GOO CHARGERS!!!!

What are your weekend plans??? ...thinking I should have taken Monday off to re-coup!

**Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY, ends soon!!! 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

the great jacket debate...fall 2010

So....There is this NAVY beaut (great debate discussions here!):

But I have a brown thing on my mind, and thinking I might need to scratch the above and go with this stunner!

Agree? Thoughts? Or is the Navy better???

This one is classic and timeless (more than half the price...or how ever you ma-call-say-it) and  the ways I could wear it!!! Might as well throw in a crisp new pair of wide leg jeans while we are at it (I mean I will already be at the store!)!!!!


And then I SWEAR, there are only like 3 things I need for winter....maybe.

ps - Don't forget to ENTER the CSN Stores giveaway, ends soon!! GO GO GO!!!