Tuesday, September 14, 2010

weekend recap 9/10-9/12

Oh Man what a PERFECT WEEKEND!!! I honesty did not want this one to end! I hate leaving my brother!!!!

Being so far apart in age (9.5 yrs...I would say 10, but need to be precise for him!) we are now getting to have the true sibling relationship I always dreamed of having! I love it! I love having him around, we laugh, we joke around and gang up on Mom....Man I love that kid!!!

Here are a few snap shots from our weekend! It is picture heavy!!!! I couldn't decide - so I chose a lot!

My Brothers Company, 30th Company

Playing with Guns?! The Formal Parade on Friday. 
My Bro is the closest person in the second to the last row! 

Mom and I at the Navy vs Georgia Southern game

My brother is the far back group! Swear! :) 

#85 - My Brother's Roommate! 

ps- give away tomorrow or thursday!!! YIPPEE!!! Stay tuned folks!  


  1. Awww that must have been so fun!!!
    I love all the pics. Your fam is adorable!!


  2. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Love all of these pics!

  3. what awewsome photos. I am a triplet and my brother and I are sort opf kind of getting to a close relationship haha

  4. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend with your family! I totally know what you mean about you getting to have a relationship now with your brother. Two of my youngest siblings are 15 and 17 years younger than me and now that they're in their early 20s we've become extremely close and I cherish my relationship with both of them :)

  5. AWWWW looks like a great weekend!

  6. This looks like such a great weekend! I hear ya about brothers. One minute they're little brats and the next all grown up and then you love 'em like crazy!! Hopefully you'll get to see each other again soon? And btw - you and your mom look like sisters!!


  7. You sure had a great weekend. Love the pictures!

  8. Aww, so cute! My little brother just turned 20 so I can relate to how you're feeling.

  9. isn't annapolis great?! i absolutely love strolling around near the harbor. lots of cute shops & restaurants. glad you had a fun weekend!

  10. Is your mom Courtney Cox - she sure looks like her!

    I just found your blog thru the rabbit hole the other day, and I'm glad I did!


    Love your aviators - I am a HEEEUGE aviator fan.


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