Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OOTD: She travels

***UPDATE- A BIG Thank You to the HUBS for indulging me and taking my picture this weekend (Working on getting him to take them ALL)!!! LOVE YA BABE!!! 

Not wanting to be one of those people, I chose a casual yet chic and even better super-duper comfortable outfit to wear this past Saturday! Who are those people you ask! What you don't know them!?! LOL I am talking those silly people who think it is ok to travel in their PJ's - the hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants with writing on your hiney, weird sock/sandal combos!

Now, don't get me wrong I am ALL about comfort - those too tight jeans where the button digs into the belly on the long flight is no fun for anyone! But I am against PJ's. Be comfy, yet lets not look like we rolled outta bed!?! k? Thanks.

So for me this past weekend, I knew I wanted an outfit that would be good for: comfort, cuteness and an outfit that would easily transition! If the temps were warm, if we wanted to grab a drink, or just didn't want to dress super casual!

Here is what I wore:

{Silk Jumpsuit - Walter Baker, Boyfriend Cardigan - Old Navy, Black Gladiators - Old, Watch - Gold Michael Kors, Purse - LV Speedy 35 (not pictured),Cocktail Ring - GILT (not shown, same as last weekends BBQ)}

Don't forget to accessorize ladies!!! Just saying! ;) 

**Giveaway tomorrow!!! :) 


  1. You look great! Love the jumpsuit!

  2. love that silk jumpsuit! you look hot, lady!

    xx anna jane

  3. You are so pretty in your jumpsuit! It seriously looks amazing on you Taylor.
    Great travel outfit too. I hate looking at people's pj's at the airport!


  4. So pretty, but I would have frozen on the plane! One of the reasons I look frumpy when traveling is that I have to pile on the clothes to stay warm, otherwise I'm miserable.

  5. I am way to short to pull off a jumpsuit... but you look fabulous!

  6. You are so cute!! I love the jumpsuit girl it is beautiful!! Hats off to you for taking the airplane in style - or is that hats on? hehe


  7. you look fantastic and definitely there's nothing better like a versatile outfit!!!

  8. I need a husband so I'll have someone to take my photo. I have decided that I will carry my point and shoot and at least get some when I'm out with friends.

    We are taking some photos on Friday night. We are going to SPARKLE. Love it.

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