Monday, September 20, 2010

oh man....

Oh man what a weekend!!!!!


There was a girls-night-out-birthday on Friday night....full of sequins, bubbly and girls! There was my nephews birthday party in the 'burbs on Saturday. Followed by one of the best date nights EVER with the Hubs. There was the cutest vintage-baby shower on Sunday....there was the debacle of two RIGHT boots....and then lets not forget the benadryl....stories to come swear!

I couldn't start my work day knowing I was drugged into a coma slept through writing my post last night! So I had to stop in for a little hello and will be back to normal blogging this evening swear!

I hope your weekends were GREAT!!! Ciao for today lovlies!

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  1. awwww date nights with the hubs are soooo great.

    Sequins make me oh so happy haha.

  2. Love the pic, what a great weekend!

  3. Sounds like the type of weekend I love/hate. Love it during the weekend, hate it and myself on monday morning, lol

  4. So happy that you made it on Friday night! It was great seeing you. C & A LOVED you, so the four of us need to plan a girls night soon! xoxo

  5. whoa! sounds like quite a weekend!!

  6. Oh sequins!! Girl you needed a nap!! The weekend sounds like it was off the hook!!



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