Wednesday, September 1, 2010

lessening the GAP

I go through bouts where I love and then subsequently dislike 'the Gap' (ya know that store?!). A few of the new fall items are in the love category.

I saw this ad/photo:

Then I did my research and found this:

And now I don't know which color I need, I can see myself easily wearing both!!! Work to play sooo easy!!! I might need both just for giggles! Jeans can be boring sometimes! Plus they can be worn in my 'business casual' work environment so easily...and this ain't no lie I need new work pants bad!

PS - How the heck is it September already?!?! Geeze this year is flying by! 


  1. I know what you mean about the GAP... I do the same thing. Those trousers are so cool though, I'd say get both!!!
    They'd look great on you.


  2. I am so the same way about the Gap. These pants are fabulous though! I'd buy both colors :)

  3. Those pants are amazing! Loves!

  4. hello love,

    Pre order pieces from my Alexandra Grecco Fall collection at 60% off! Dresses, capes and more thissssaway!


  5. Wait, are both of those images for Gap???? I rarely step foot in that store, but I would take anything in those ads.
    I vote for olive since its the color of the season and you can see the tuxedo stripe a lot more. You should show off the special detail.

  6. I have not bought anything from the Gap in a while, but I did order some of their new skinny black pants and I was debating on whether to get the ones in that second picture. I cannot wait to get my package and see how the pants fit.

  7. I go through such stages with GAP. Some years I never set foot in one, other right now...I can't stay away! I want everything they have lately!


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