Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Help a girl out????

So you've all heard by now that Lavin and H&M are collaborating, right? If not get out from under that rock! I kid, well sorta! 

So, here's the thing H&M is currently holding a competition for Fashion Bloggers to win an exclusive chance at receiving a world exclusive trailer for the Lanvin for H&M Fashion Show!!!!!!!!!!!

So in fun and games I entered! So can you please help me out and VOTE VOTE VOTE for 'Curly in The City' K, thanks!!! You can use the widget thing-a-ma-doodle in the side bar - so quick and easy!!!! 

Tell your friends, tell your Mama to go and vote! We have til Oct 8th...so lets take a stab at it shall we???? 

How fun and amazing would it be.....le sigh *dreams*


  1. I definitely have been living under a rock, but i'm out and i voted :)

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