Friday, September 10, 2010

going BYE

Pheew we made! Don't short works always feel like the longest!!!

Mine was even shorter because Mom, Hubs and I are taking off on a trip today! We are headed to visit my Bro for a long weekend and I couldn't' be more excited! I haven't seen him since the wedding and I am sure I will cry when I see him in his uniform! He better not think I am calling him 'Sir'! HA, he will always be the munchkin I used to torment and beat up! (Isn't that part of the big sister code?!)

I hope you all have amazing weekends!!! Enjoy!

Here are a few photos from my last trip - pre Bro attending!

Here we are a couple summers ago....He was invited to a Baseball "scouting-esque" Camp that summer.

PS- Giveaway next week!! Oooh You are gonna love it! 


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