Friday, September 24, 2010


So the giveaway has ended, and now it is time for the winner......Perfect for a Friday right?! I thought so too!

There were a total of 59 entries. And with the help of the winner was choosen. Thank you to every single one of your entries, tweets, shopping choices and new Facebook Friendships! (PS- If we wanted to move in and live in a giant sorority house we would have one hell of a wardrobe!! A boot collection to die for, and quite the selection of fabulous Handbags!just sayin....)

And without further ado the winner....#10, which belongs to CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!! A little early Christmas present for you girl!!! :) You should all go read her blog - she is amazing and witty and spunky and all kinds of wonderful! Just let her know I sent ya!

**Send my your address girl!!! :)

Now go and have a PERFECT first weekend of FALL lovelies!!!! And tell me all about Monday!


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