Thursday, September 2, 2010


Sorry for no post first thing this morning lovelies! I was in the hospital yesterday and last night with my Mom and wasn't able to do post for you!! She is well, after emergency surgery and is currently resting peacefully at home!

So I thought I would do a day in iPhone photos. Hey - don't hate I was a bit bored waiting and waiting!

Waiting and waiting

Cafeteria Food

Aimless stares 

Oh and don't hate me Mom I couldn't resist, so with out further ado ... Mom's kidney stone! Hey you brought it home for show and tell, so I'm showing and telling! 

That brown blotch, next to a penny. 


  1. omg you have the stone !!! to funny !!! love the pictures

  2. I would have posted the stone too! Hope your mom has a quick recovery!

  3. Hope your mom is recuperating well!!

  4. OMG, your poor mama. That must have been brutal!

  5. Hope your mama is feeling better! Have a good holiday weekend! xo

  6. That is what I have been suffering through all summer.
    I have had three kidney stone surgeries. None are fun.
    Isn't it amazing that something so so very tiny can cause such utter pain.
    I hope that your mother is feeling better.

  7. Such a fun couple of days - NOT !!!


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