Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another candle... it means you glow even BRIGHTER!


My mom I and have become the best of friends over the past few years. We used to butt heads and argue a lot, but hey don't most teenagers and their parents?! - she will even admit she didn't really like me til about 2 years ago! HA! :) (Now don't.....  of course she loved me but now we finally get along and are like the best set of girlfriends!)

Can't wait for dinner tonight MA!!!! I love you and thank you for everything you do for me!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

With a clutch clutch here and a clutch clutch there - Here a clutch, there a clutch...everywhere a clutch clutch! HA! (Thank goodness I make myself laugh!)

Clutches have been everywhere as of late! In all the street style photos from NYFW  and beyond (Exhibits: A, B, C, D) - I have a cheap-y that I absolutely love!!! (It has a hidden chain - perfect for nights out to throw it over your shoulder while you shimmy on the dance floor! Seen here)...but now I am thinking I need at least one more ....for umm, those umm, because umm.....sheesh I just NEED ONE alright!!!!

I am loving the grays of these few....really wanting a over-size python-y leathery goodness one! They color is the only part I have yet to determine!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Help a girl out????

So you've all heard by now that Lavin and H&M are collaborating, right? If not get out from under that rock! I kid, well sorta! 

So, here's the thing H&M is currently holding a competition for Fashion Bloggers to win an exclusive chance at receiving a world exclusive trailer for the Lanvin for H&M Fashion Show!!!!!!!!!!!

So in fun and games I entered! So can you please help me out and VOTE VOTE VOTE for 'Curly in The City' K, thanks!!! You can use the widget thing-a-ma-doodle in the side bar - so quick and easy!!!! 

Tell your friends, tell your Mama to go and vote! We have til Oct lets take a stab at it shall we???? 

How fun and amazing would it be.....le sigh *dreams*

OOTD - Corduroy Date Night

The first fall J. Crew catalog completely influenced the almost random selection of pieces for this outfit. And if I do say so myself, I completely love how it turned out {do you agree?!?!}!!! 

I kinda like not matching and adding unexpected pieces when getting dressed (that is when the opportunity presents itself) - adding in a surprise element (a pop of color or mixing accessories), as well as creating an almost natural juxtaposition in mixing prints/textures. 

Worn Saturday Night - Running out to grab some dinner and a stroll with Hubs.

{Sweater, Button-Down & Skinny Cords - J.Crew; Necklace & Wedges - F21; Purse - LV Speedy; Watch - borrowed from Hubs}

Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Au Gratin

Fall is here, and now it is okay to EAT. Eat - warming, hearty, maybe a tinsie bit rich food. So, to kick off the first bits of fall we had a nice Au Gratin potato with our dinner, in lieu of grilled veggies that were so regular on our summer menus. I followed this recipe, it was soooo easy and quick to make! We will definitely be having this side dish again and again throughout the fall and winter season. 

{Yes, I know there is zero green on the plate, hey cut a girl a break I wasn't feeling hot and the fresh green beans just weren't sounding good - and we healthy all week - we are allowed one cheat day!}

Friday, September 24, 2010


So the giveaway has ended, and now it is time for the winner......Perfect for a Friday right?! I thought so too!

There were a total of 59 entries. And with the help of the winner was choosen. Thank you to every single one of your entries, tweets, shopping choices and new Facebook Friendships! (PS- If we wanted to move in and live in a giant sorority house we would have one hell of a wardrobe!! A boot collection to die for, and quite the selection of fabulous Handbags!just sayin....)

And without further ado the winner....#10, which belongs to CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!! A little early Christmas present for you girl!!! :) You should all go read her blog - she is amazing and witty and spunky and all kinds of wonderful! Just let her know I sent ya!

**Send my your address girl!!! :)

Now go and have a PERFECT first weekend of FALL lovelies!!!! And tell me all about Monday!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

do you?

Do you...Socks with Open toes? (Or tights with open toes?)

I am on the fence here folks. I love the look, but it is like the 'No white after Labor Day thing to me' it ok? Advice thoughts?



Do you socks with shorts? Tights with shorts?

Do you??????

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OOTD: Fall Date Night

I love nothing more than getting to spend time with the Hubs! He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he makes me happy!!! (I know I know - sap!)

Saturday the Hubs and I had a date night!!! We went out and tried a new restaurant (one of our favorite things to do!)!!! We went to Perennial, which was recently named by Travel and Leisure "One of the 50 Best New Restaurants in America" - seriously if you come to Chicago you MUST go! SOOO GOOD! Plus amazing service, and amazing food and oh wait, amazing food! We are already planning our next trip - the menu changes seasonally and they are still having summer specials. Fall and winter coming soon!

I love using our date nights to throw on some fancier clothes, a girl always uses an excuse to get dressed up - wait you do to right?!! hehe! I was looking forward to a skirt or dress, but with the bug bite debacle I went for pants - didn't want to scare anyone away with the extra large limbs! I was glad I did because the nights are turning chillier as we ease into fall here in Chicago - the layers and outfit ended up being the perfect choice.

Here is what I wore!

I ever so politely asked the Hubs to oblige....I was battling with the camera at this point and wasn't getting anything good! All of these were shot by my man!! (Thank you babe!!!) 

And then the goof starts! I'm sure in the shot below I am telling him to stop making me giggle or telling me to strike crazy poses! 

Karate CHOP!

{Blazer - Urban Outfitters, Striped Top, Necklace, Clutch 
and Pants - F21, Ring - Vintage, Shoes - Christian Loubitain} 

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

just to mention

On Monday I mentioned a few of the crazy events form the weekend....lets see there were sequins!

And reasons for drowning benadryl...

What??? You don't look like this after a simple bug bite? psssh! as if! (It really sucks, having ankles and knees twice the normal size is not fun!)

Oh and let not forget the new boots I got, oh wait I got two right boots so I can't show they to you! Darn you Nordstrom!

OOTD: Bounce Baby Bounce!

Saturday afternoon I got to celebrate my two nephews birthdays!!! It was great! No my Bro didn't have kids in the past week these are pseudo Nephews... they are my besties aka Mrs Babies! And it is like they are mine.. well, family!!!

A birthday at the 'Bounce House!" Well.... one needs to be ready to shake, rattle and roll....too tight jeans were no on the agenda for me, I needed to be ready to bounce and play! And play we did!!!

{Boyfriend Jeans - Levi, White Tank - Nordstrom, 
Sweater - H&M, Headband - Urban Outfitters, 
Sandals - old gladiators, Watch - Gold Michael Kors}

Couldn't leave out pictures of the Birthday Boys, one turned 2 & the other 4! And their precious sister, my niece Emery Mae

The Birthday Boys, Beckett and  Landon

Sleeping Emery

ooo...I couldn't resist! Her onsie said 
"This is my little black dress!" How adorbs!!!! 

Monday, September 20, 2010

oh man....

Oh man what a weekend!!!!!


There was a girls-night-out-birthday on Friday night....full of sequins, bubbly and girls! There was my nephews birthday party in the 'burbs on Saturday. Followed by one of the best date nights EVER with the Hubs. There was the cutest vintage-baby shower on Sunday....there was the debacle of two RIGHT boots....and then lets not forget the benadryl....stories to come swear!

I couldn't start my work day knowing I was drugged into a coma slept through writing my post last night! So I had to stop in for a little hello and will be back to normal blogging this evening swear!

I hope your weekends were GREAT!!! Ciao for today lovlies!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

so fresh and so clean clean!!


Simple. Fresh Faced. Clean. Chic. Stunning. Another Olsen's look I am totally going to recreate! 

Happy Friday lovelies and cheers to a wonderful weekend! I have a packed weekend ahead - lots to share next week! 

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

drumroll...GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

Well I was blah-blah-blahing long enough about a holding a giveaway for you amazing peeps and wait for it....IT'S HERE!!!!

Oh heck ya! You all deserve it - you helped me get to the goal of 75 followers! Seriously though, I need to stop and tell y'all how much you truly mean to me! I don't have a gaggle of girlfriends in the wings, I have a few close ones and now I feel like I have a group of girlfriends (a group that I always dreamed of and couldn't be more perfect!) I haven't met most of you, except I feel like I could run out for a cup of coffee or a trip to a local watering-hole...ahem shopping mall and we would get along like we have been friends forever! ok, enough of the sap and on to the goods!


Up for grabs is a 'Mulberry for Target' handbag (Get it before they hit stores....which if my memory serves me correctly isn't til 12/24!) and the newest from OPI 'Gliterzand'!!!! Rocking right?! Some gold nails to match you new gold hardware!!! 

I purchased the bag off of the pop-up sale GILT hosted (let me know if you need an invitation to join!) a few weeks ago...honestly not even sure how I got it. I love it and I am being a good girl and sharing (Because you are just that special!)!!!!

Wanna Win??? Be sure to include your email so I can contact you: 
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5- Leave a comment - What purchase would you make, no regrets and if budget was not no thang...for fall? ;) 

Giveaway ENDS at midnight Wednesday 9/23. Winner will be announced that Friday....and if we get to 100.....YEEKS! My sites are now set on 100 & I already have the giveaway in a drawer and it is GREAT!

Good Luck my BEAUTIFULS!!! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OOTD: She travels

***UPDATE- A BIG Thank You to the HUBS for indulging me and taking my picture this weekend (Working on getting him to take them ALL)!!! LOVE YA BABE!!! 

Not wanting to be one of those people, I chose a casual yet chic and even better super-duper comfortable outfit to wear this past Saturday! Who are those people you ask! What you don't know them!?! LOL I am talking those silly people who think it is ok to travel in their PJ's - the hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants with writing on your hiney, weird sock/sandal combos!

Now, don't get me wrong I am ALL about comfort - those too tight jeans where the button digs into the belly on the long flight is no fun for anyone! But I am against PJ's. Be comfy, yet lets not look like we rolled outta bed!?! k? Thanks.

So for me this past weekend, I knew I wanted an outfit that would be good for: comfort, cuteness and an outfit that would easily transition! If the temps were warm, if we wanted to grab a drink, or just didn't want to dress super casual!

Here is what I wore:

{Silk Jumpsuit - Walter Baker, Boyfriend Cardigan - Old Navy, Black Gladiators - Old, Watch - Gold Michael Kors, Purse - LV Speedy 35 (not pictured),Cocktail Ring - GILT (not shown, same as last weekends BBQ)}

Don't forget to accessorize ladies!!! Just saying! ;) 

**Giveaway tomorrow!!! :)