Tuesday, August 3, 2010

winner winner!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

I can't deny that I am blog-addict! I read so many and can get lost for hours! I often enter the giveaways, bc what they hay. They are giveaways of AWESOME stuff! I never imagine ever winning but just entering is a little sunshine in my day.

Well. ah-hem (clears my throat!) I FREAKIN-FANTABULOS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (all those exclamation points are/were totally necessary, bc ladies I was just that freaking excited)

Not only did I win, I won a pair of JEFFERY CAMPBELL CLOGS! I know right!! (Go ahead, feel free to jump up and down with me!)

The wonderfully dry, sarcastic, funny and fashionable Bridgette over at Fashion Like Heroin hosted this amazing giveaway and whoopie-te-do I AM A WINNER!!!!!!!!!

Check out my totally fall/winter worthy JC clogs!!!!

Purchase & Images {Via}

Now the faux-fur admittedly scares me, but WTF what is fashion if you aren't willing to take a risk and put yourself out there! And if you read about these Dana clogs anywhere - they are on track to be a 'Hottie' this fall/winter season! So now I will be an official cloggity owner, and the Hubs can't complain about the price! :)

I will be sure to post how I wear them when the season is right! YEAH for giveaways!!!!!


  1. wow those shoes are hot! You'll look like a little snow bunny wearing these in the fall!


  2. omg, congrats! perfect for a chilly chicago fall.

    anna jane

  3. jc boots are hot!! come follow me http://www.fashioniceice.blogspot.com xoxo

  4. WOW a pair of JC clogs! Greta win girl! Congrats!

  5. Congrats! That's so awesome! Can't wait to see how you style them!


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