Monday, August 9, 2010

weekend recap - 8/6-8/8

This weekend was FULL of firsts! And boy was it great!

Lets see....Friday after work was an impromptu road trip with the Hubs (first as a married couple) to Milwaukee! (Whoopie I know!) We were on the hunt for the new iPhone 4's (our ailing 3 year old blackberries just couldn't wait any longer!) Alas it was a let down by the time we made the trek in rush hour traffic they were out.... so how do you turn lemons into lemonade???

Well you ask- you drive down the freeway on the way home - make an erratic move off the freeway, excuse me expressway (So I have been informed here in the midwest they are expressways!) and end up above 3rd base at a Brewers game!!!!

These spur of the moment events and impromptu happenings make me love this man an million times over!!! He totally gets me!! (I even got a souvenir to commemorate the night a new baseball hat- I love it because of the giant 'M' - still loving all things to do with my new married name!!!)

There were two new eateries tested out - which both passed with flying colors! Saturday was a late al-fresco lunch at Charlie's Ale House in Andersonville with the Hubs and Mom! My two of my best friends!!! And Sunday was spent noshing at Orange and shopping with new-to-Chicago-California-Girl (YIPPEE!) Miss Danielle!

All in all - an absolutely wonderful, perfect summer weekend! Ample time outside, great food, lovely cocktails and happiness!!!! (The only thing missing was that time spent sun bathing on a beach - though not sure where I would have squeezed it in!)


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