Friday, August 27, 2010


Nothing big on the agenda for the weekend over here! Which is kinda exciting...just want to spend sometime outdoors!!!

The Hubs and I are doing the whole 'get your rickety old eyes checked' thing - which will lead to new glasses. Dang who said getting old was fun! 

Last time I had this done was when I still lived in California....le sigh! So obvs I am in the market for cool news frames (if I am really feeling it maybe new sunglasses! but doubt it!) Last time I went the more adult, not jump out you glasses, wired frames. I love them don't get me wrong! But I am feeling if I am going to rock'em I kinda want them to jump out at you and be like glasses! ya know?! 

These are almost identical to what I have now: 

And this is the direction I am leaning: 


This is the direction go...I wanna look like this....girl can dream! :) 


Any thoughts? Big weekend plans? 


  1. I love the ones you have picked out! Especially the tortouise shell frames!

    Have a great weekend!!


  2. I have the first pair of channels and I love them !!! happy weekend doll

  3. sometimes i wish i needed glasses just so i could rock some of the amazing styles out there! i love those black D&G ones. good luck with your eye exam! xo

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