Friday, August 27, 2010

S o S - Rain Edition

Splurge OR Save??? So with Fall and Winter approaching quite a few of us reach into the back of our closets and pull out rain boots! Because something they don't teach you in college- cute 'snow' boots do NOT work wading through lakes of melting snow! They don't I swear.... trust!

I spotted these while running errands at lunch, SAVE:
{Via} Payless by Christian Sariano for $49.99

{Via} Jimmy Choo for Hunter, $425.00

I am tempted to just get the Payless version just cuz. (Just cuz in a mere motnhs I will be wearing these for about 4-6 months straight!) I do not normally like knock-offs - call me a snob call me what ever, but I like to save for nice items that will last. However I am thinking to tromp through mounds of snow these might be a fun alternative to my other regular Hunter boots. 

Thoughts? Save or Splurge??? 


  1. I vote save. I actually like the look of the Payless ones better. I know the quality is not the same, but you are tromping through rain, sleet, and snow in them :)

  2. definitely save!
    they're going to get dirty, muddy, and all that :)

  3. While I would probably pay the price for wellies, I am impressed by the knockoffs - they look very similar.

    I too live in my yellow Hunter boots for a handful of months and I LOVE them!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. these are SO cute. Why not save? Think of all the cute things you could buy with the left over money. :]

  5. hi Taylor, thanks so much for all of your thoughtful comments on my blog! :)
    i think personally, the 'save' option would be so worth it! you can't wear rainboots every day, so to me it wouldn't make sense to splurge on those! i love the design, it's very sleek!

  6. yikes I would get the payless ones. I love hunter boots but that price tag is crazy!!


  7. I love the hunter boots, but the Payless version is so right on.

  8. I just saw the Christian Sirano collection at the Emmy's and want like every piece including these boots! So awesome!

  9. I love my Hunters but if I knew the cheaper version existed I would have bought those instead. Love the blog by the way!

  10. Love those payless ones! I am a new follower from the bonbon rose girls!

  11. I have the Jimmy choo for hunter and I looooove them! They are so comfy and they brought down the house at the ever-so-classy steeple chase I wore them to in October. I wore them with Burberry mini skirt there. I bought mine last march/April and wear them in rain mud etc. They are expensive but they are holding up great!
    Either way both pairs are fun
    Btw, I found you via bonbons rose


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