Thursday, August 5, 2010

ooooh YES!

Keeping on the transitional piece trend (here), I found this and I couldn't wait to share! I am not even thinking about this purchase twice.... OH YESS!!! I will be going to the store and buying ASAP!!! Consider it done.

I am in love. 'Nuff Said! Perfect end of summer-to-fall dress.....So many shoe options would work perfectly with this dress (Wedge/Booties with tights in fall, glamed flats, patent pumps, red or yellow for a pop of color!)


Oh and it is machine washable....what is NOT to love about this dress!!!! I know right?! 


  1. Love it! I never get tired of stripes!

  2. I LOVE stripes. I have a feeling if we go shopping you're going to get me into trouble :)

    I won't be much help either.

  3. stripes are my absolute staple item. they always look adorbs! love this dress.


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